Chapter 16:

Operation Save Anya and Kill Everyone Else... Just Kidding... Maybe

His Unknown Spawn

‘In the beginning…

The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity.

Until he decided to take a vacation…


Little does he know; he also left his daughter.

Who will stop at nothing to bring him back…’


Author: Previously on 'His Unknown Spawn'

Aradia: “You remember when we caught Rio and he was telling us about the ‘Striker’ and how he has that scar on his right leg?”

Aradia: “Well I saw the same scar on the Lieutenant’s right leg. Detective, I think he’s the ‘Striker’!”

Detective: “Impossible! I refuse to believe that!”

Aradia: “I don’t believe this! Why won’t you believe me?”

Detective: “It’s not the matter about me believing you or not. I just don’t think you should judge someone so quickly, despite having failed judging someone before. You thought Sakura was a good person and she turned out to be like this”

Aradia: “She WAS a GOOD person, Detective. Just ended up making the wrong choices. You can’t tell me you’ve never made a mistake ONCE in your life”

Detective: “I’m not saying I’m perfect! Of course I’ve made a mistake, but my mistake hadn’t cost anyone’s life”

Aradia: “Oh really? Well how about, err let’s see, perhaps, YOUR WIFE!”

Detective: “That was different. I wasn’t involved in some gang which killed my wife. I’m the guy trying to keep the world safe, trying to make it a better place. But there are other people who are obviously influenced by the Devil!”

Aradia: “How dare you!”

*After the argument, Aradia tells the detective to leave and she goes to pack her things to move out, while rethinking her life choices. A few hours later the Detective arrives at her doorstep again, looking bloody and bruised*

Detective: “They got Anya”

Aradia: “Who got Anya?”

*Aradia calls Maze who helps her find the location and by the time they’re waiting for some news, Aradia, and the Detective sort everything out between themselves and apologise for what they said before Aradia gets a location*

Aradia: “Found them. Let’s go!”

Blank Screen

I parked a block away as the place where they had taken Anya hostage was apparently an abandoned Warehouse in the outskirts of the City. The Detective and I creep up to the entrance.

He had his gun out and I had my daggers out ready in my fingers as we looked at each other. We stood on either side of the door and gave each other a small nod before I kicked the door and we walked inside, weapons stretched out.

It was really dark and the only noise that could be heard was the dull thud of our shoes against the floor, other than that it was quiet. Too quiet.

Okay bad guys, I know you’re here somewhere, might as well come out!

“Anya” I whispered a little loudly.

We heard shuffling and turned around; both of our backs were touching as we walked in a small circle.

“Detective, I’m gonna go look for Anya. Cover me” I whispered.

“Okay. But please be careful” he told me.

Ha! No promises.

“Okay” I nod.

I walk a little forward and somersault until I’m behind a what looks like a blue bin. I carry on going forward, making sure to keep both quiet and low. It wasn’t until I heard the cries of a small child. MY Raindrop. That I stood up.

“Stop crying!” one of the guys yelled making her cry even more.

Fucking bitch!

“Uff. Looks like you boys don’t know anything about childcare. I mean, if you yell at the child she’s obviously gonna cry more” I chuckle getting their attention from where I’m sitting on top of some steps.

“Aradia-san” Anya cheers making me smile.

Don’t worry, Raindrop. I’m gonna make sure these wankers suffer for what they did.

I jump down and look at them all, one of the guys charges up to me and I don’t waste any time before roundhouse kicking him in the face.

“Attacking the person whose trying to teach you a valuable lesson? That’s not very nice” I say in an amused tone.

Another one of the guys tried to attack me from behind with a wooden stick, but as soon as it comes in contact with my body it breaks. I turn around slowly, a murderous look on my face as I brush my arm, it’s the same guy who was yelling at Anya.

I take my dagger out without the guy knowing and pull him towards me before plunging it in his chest. I make sure to twist it a little, really making him scream.

Ahh music to my ears. I missed this.

“This will teach you to treat kids with a little more care. But where you’re going you’re not gonna be treating anything, instead you’re gonna be treated the way you should be!” with each sentence I was pushing the dagger even further in.

I take it out with a yell and watch him fall at my feet. Blood was dripping from my hand and my white t-shirt had stained red. But did I care ladies and gentlemen? Absolutely not!

I turn around and move my neck so it makes a clicking noise.

“So, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. Gentlemen, this is no way to treat a child” I say nodding towards Anya.

One of the guys, I’m gonna name him Red. Since he’s wearing a red jacket. Nods towards Blue who comes charging towards me. I roll my eyes and change my stance a little before grabbing his arm before he punched me, turning around and releasing him so he fell on a couple of his mates.

A guy wearing a black jacket comes up to me holding a Gourmet Chef Knife round abouts 6.5 inches. He waves it in my face.

“Really?” I sigh shaking my head.

“Okay, go ahead” I say standing there with my hands stretched out.

He goes to stab me in the chest but it gets stuck, when he realises I felt no pain and he caused no damage, he backed away shocked. The knife still sticking out of me.

“Oh thank you very much. So kind of you to let me do the honours” I say and pull it out, the only damage caused was to my t-shirt which now had a slit right in the middle.

“Now my turn” I say and feel my eyes burn as they turn red. He cowers back and make sure that my back is towards Anya, so she doesn’t witness any of this. I go to stab him when I decide against it just before it touches him.

“You know what I changed my mind” I say, standing up. He’s lying on his back on the floor and I’m towering over him, I take a step back and drop the gun just between his legs.

Don’t worry I didn’t get him! Just made him pass out. But then I kicked him in the face for good measure so yeah.

I was about to move when I heard two guns on either side of me.

“Guns? Oh no! Whatever will I do?” I say, sarcastically.

I heard them shoot and before the bullets made any contact with me I ducked so the guys both shot each other.

“Well done, idiots!” I clap looking at both men with blood pouring out of their chests.

I looked around and realised everyone else probably fled so I ran to Anya to check her. She was sitting on a chair with ropes tying her in place. Once she was untied I hugged her tight and she clung onto me like a Koala bear.

“Are you okay? Did they hurt you?” I ask checking her once over making sure she didn’t have any cuts or bruises or anything. She didn’t she was clean from the harm just a little traumatised.

“N-no! I want to go home, I w-want, Papa” she whimpered making my heart break. Her face was red as well as her eyes from all the crying and she was hiccupping.

My heart shattered at her state, I wanted to burn this whole place and everyone inside it for what they put this innocent girl through.

Mark my words I will.

I kiss her forehead and wipe her tears.

“Listen to me, Raindrop. I need you to be very quiet, okay? I’m gonna take you to your Dad now” I tell her.

I take her down from the chair as she’s standing up and grab her little hand in mine, I walk quickly meaning she has to run. I feel bad but the quicker we get out the better. The sight I see is not pretty as the detective is surrounded. I make sure Anya is behind me so she won’t see her Dad going through that.

I turn around and face her, brushing her hair out of her face, which is sticking because of her sweat.

“Anya, Raindrop. I need you to listen to me carefully. We’re gonna play hide and seek, okay? I want you to hide somewhere, hide good. Okay? I’m gonna come and find you after” I tell her.

Anya grips onto my arm clinging her entire body to it.

“No. I don’t want to” she cries.

I crouch down and wipe her tears, kiss her forehead, and pull her in my embrace.

“Please listen to me, Raindrop. If you win I’ll do whatever you want” I say to her.

“Promise?” she sniffs, looking at me with her doe eyes.

I kiss her small hand and wrap my pinkie around hers.

“I promise, now go” I tell her.

I watch her run somewhere and hide, I wipe my own tears I hadn’t realised I shed, and go to the guys.

“Wow. I thought seeing a few of your men brutally stabbed will teach you a lesson. I guess I was wrong. You guys want round two? I’m all in for it” I smirked.

I didn’t hesitate before running, jumping, turning a full somersault in the air and landing on my feet in front of the Detective right in the middle of the Gang surrounding us.

“Miss me, Detective?” I smirk making him give me a look.

I shrug and kick the guy about to hit him from behind, the detective then stops the guy about to stab me and punches him in the face. One by one the gang is going down like a sack of potatoes.

Just then more of them come, either holding guns or knives.

“Oh you’ve got to be shitting me” I huff.

We hear clapping and watch as another guy comes, but he’s wearing a mask covering just half of his face. I guess this is the ‘Striker’

“So you’re the ‘Striker’?” I ask.

He looks at me, not talking, not moving, just staring into my soul.

“I would have to say, you’re a real coward. You’re getting your men killed one by one while you’re hiding behind all of them? What kind of a leader are you?” I ask laughing.

“Aradia-san! What are you doing? Are you trying to get killed? And weren’t you supposed to get Anya?” I hear the detective whisper.

“Don’t worry Anya is safe. And about him then he can’t do anything” I whisper back.

“Enough talking! Finish them! I want to see them suffer” he finally speaks and I recognise that voice from anywhere.

In your face, Detective!

“Come on, boys. Let’s finish these two quickly and go back to the girl. We could take her somewhere” one of the guys say making my blood boil.

“HOW. DARE. YOU” I yell.

I feel the wind change around me as it picks up, everything swirls and I feel myself grow twice my size. My skin turned a red colour and my wings are no longer white and feather but darker and more sinister. I let out a roar and watch them all cower back. As I walk they’re all trembling.

They want to see the devil in her full form? They’re gonna get her!