Chapter 17:

You Wanted the Devil? You're Gonna Get the Devil!

His Unknown Spawn

‘In the beginning…

The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity.

Until he decided to take a vacation…


Little does he know; he also left his daughter.

Who will stop at nothing to bring him back…’


Author: Previously on ‘His Unknown Spawn’

*Aradia and the detective arrive at the warehouse*

Aradia: “Detective, I’m gonna go look for Anya. Cover me”

Detective: “Okay. But please be careful”

Aradia: “Okay”

*She finds her tied to chair crying as she’s surrounded by a bunch of guys*

Aradia: “Uff. Looks like you boys don’t know anything about childcare. I mean if you yell at the child she’s obviously gonna cry more”

*Aradia beats the guys and kills a few of them, but makes sure that Anya didn’t witness the killing, before going to her*

Aradia: “Are you okay? Did they hurt you?”

Anya: “N-no! I want to go home, I w-want, Papa”

*Aradia takes Anya but sees that the Detective is surrounded and tell Anya to find a really good place to hide until she comes to find her, Anya agrees eventually and leaves. Once Anya goes Aradia jumps in to help the Detective*

Aradia: “Wow. I thought seeing a few of your men brutally stabbed will teach you a lesson. I guess I was wrong. You guys want round two? I’m all in for it”

Aradia: “Miss me, Detective?”

*The two of them fight off as many guys as they could before more come, along with the ‘Striker*

Aradia: “So you’re the ‘Striker’?”

Aradia: “I would have to say, you’re a real coward. You’re getting your men killed one by one while you’re hiding behind all of them? What kind of a leader are you?”

*One of the guys says something that makes Aradia really, really angry resulting in her showing everyone her true face. Her devil face*

Blank Screen

I look towards the Detective who is in a daze. It’s obvious he can’t believe his eyes but here we are.

I turn to look back at all those other guys and flap my wings once sending a shock of wind towards them, hurtling them to all sorts of places around us. I’m lifted off the ground as I continue flapping my wings. I can feel pure rage towards these idiots.

“You will all be punished for what you’ve done!” I say.

My voice is a lot hoarser. It’s deeper and more… scarier, would be the right word. I let out another roar before I’m tossing everyone like rag dolls, no one is being spared as I’m letting everything out.

I hear a gunshot and look towards the person who almost shot me. It’s the ‘Striker’ I fly towards him and he shoots me again but this time instead of missing me gets me in my wing. I roar in pain and fall down as one ‘functioning’ wing cannot handle my weight.

I see the detective lunge towards the ‘Striker’ and soon they’re in a brawl. I can’t heal my wing, not like this, so I change back. I close my eyes and think of something that would calm me down.

Instantly I see the faces of the Detective and my little Raindrop. I feel myself calming as I see their smiling faces and some of the fun we’ve had over the past few weeks after I’ve been formally introduced to her.


I open my eyes and my hands are back to the golden-beige colour they were. I look back and my wings are not there anymore. I’m just a regular girl once again.

Right folks, back to where we were before. Oh and the transformation healed me in more ways than one, which makes this all the more fun!

I rip the Detective off of the ‘Striker’ and turn to him.

“Detective, call for backup.” I tell him and he goes as I finish my little job I have planned.

I drag him to where Anya was and tie him to the same chair, the same way his bitches had tied my little girl. I lay punch after punch on him as he starts spitting his own blood.

“Don’t take away all the fun” I hear and turn around to see the Detective smirking as he walks towards us slowly.

One hand in his pocket the other holding a metal rod. He tosses the rod towards me and I catch it with one hand, stepping back to give him some room to get his revenge.

“For 3 years I’ve been hunting you guys down. For 3 years I’ve been wanting revenge. Finally the day has come when I can get my revenge!” he grins.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but the Detective’s anger is scaring me. I don’t want him to end up doing something in that anger that could ruin the rest of his life.

He rips the mask off of his face and when I say we were both shocked I would be lying.

Damn I should’ve bet the Detective £10… well actually since we’re in Tokyo round abouts… 1,668 yen. Talk about missed opportunity.

“Why, Lieutenant? I idolised you. Why would you do this?” he asks.

“Drugs. Money. Mostly drugs. I can get triple the amount I earn without getting my hands dirty. I simply pin the blame on some innocent person. Or one of my Men and can get away Scott free, I am the lieutenant after all” he laughs.

Oh for the love of…

I pull the Detective out of the way and grab the ‘Striker’s’ collar.

“You have some nerve for someone whose about to die soon. You’ve just seen the Devil in her real form and you’re still not fazed. I haven’t seen a bigger fucker than you” I spat.

“Ooh yeah the Devil” he laughs making me question this man’s sanity.

“Aradia-san” I hear and step out of the way for the detective to do his thing.

“How dare you kidnap my daughter!” he punches him.

“How dare you make her cry!” he punches her again.

“Because of YOU she’s been deprived of her mother’s love” he says punching him again.

He’s breathing heavily and holds his hand out towards me, an indication for me to pass him the metal rod. It was only when I looked carefully at the rod that I realised it was actually a frickin crowbar.

“No” I tell him.

“What?” he turned around to face me, a murderous look in his eyes.

“No, Detective. Let me do it. You’ll feel less guilty” I tell him.

“No! I have to! He took the love of my life from me! He tried to hurt my daughter! He hurt you numerous times! No, Aradia-san, if anyone’s going to kill him it’s going to be me” he says.

I take a step back, moving the crowbar behind me.

“No, Detective. Imagine the look on Anya when you get arrested for murdering this man. Imagine her 10 years from now being scared because her Dad would be called a murderer. Think about Anya, she needs you more than ever” I say.

The detective backs away which gives me a leeway to grab the dagger from behind me and hurtling it towards the Lieutenant so it hits him in the chest. He lets out a groan in pain before his head falls back. I killed him on the spot.

I hear a gasp from the Detective as he realised what I did, I slowly walk up to the ‘Striker’ and pull the dagger out.

If I return only one of these daggers back to Aunt Maze, let’s just say that would be the end of Aradia Morningstar.

“Congratulations, Detective. You made the right choice” I say placing a hand on his shoulder with a small smile.

He finally comes out of his trance before giving me a small smile. He nods placing his hand on top of mine. We both gaze into each other’s eyes, happy knowing we won!

We finally won this battle and we’re both fine! The sound of squad cars and radios made us step back. A bunch of officers in uniform enter the room, looking us shocked as they see the dead Lieutenant.

“We found him like this. Turns out one of those gang members was the one to kill him. He was like this when we got here. Inform his family” the detective told one of the officers.

They go after taking the statement, leaving us alone.

“Why did you lie?” I asked.

“Well. Because you couldn’t. You can’t” he says shrugging making me chuckle.

We both leave the room to see the officers arrest every one of the gang members. Once they leave I cup my hands around my mouth and call out for Anya.

A few seconds later we hear little footsteps and see Anya walking towards us.

“Papa” she says with her hands stretched out in front of her.

“Oh, my baby” the detective says and quickly goes towards her picking her up and kissing her face.

“Do I win, Aradia-san?” Anya asks smiling at me.

“Yes, Raindrop you win” I smile, nodding.

Anya clings onto him like a Koala and they both have tears in their eyes. I can tell they were both really worried, especially the Detective. Anya is only a baby and she had to witness so much. I look down at my hands and remember something.

“Raindrop, look at me” I say.

Once she’s turned to look at me, I place my hand on her head and close my eyes, I can visualise myself taking away those bad memories away from her, when I open my eyes she’s fallen asleep on the Detective’s shoulder.

“What did you do? Anya!” the detective yells trying to wake her up.

“Detective, please relax. She’s just in deep sleep, I just took away this memory, when she wakes up tomorrow, she’ll have no recollection of the events that happened today, instead she’ll just think of today as one of her normal days” I explain.

One of the gifts from, God. I may be the Devil’s Unknown Spawn but I’m still God’s favourite Granddaughter… well more like ONLY Granddaughter.

I go to touch her when the Detective moves to the side, as if shielding her away form me, he places a protective hand on her back.

“Detective” I say surprised.

“Aradia-san, I would appreciate it if you stayed away from Anya for a bit. Just until I’ve come to term with the whole… Devil thing” he says to me all of a sudden.

What the hell?

“B-but I would… you know I would NEVER hurt my little Raindrop! Please let me ju..” I want to hold her, give her a hug but he’s moving away. He holds out a hand as if to stop me from reaching out to her.

“Detective, please.” I say.

Why? Why is this happening?

He starts to walk away and I’m left there, standing in shock as to what just happened. I helped this man and this is how he repays me? Hell no!

“Detective!” I say a little firm this time.

By the time I get outside the detective has already strapped Anya in her booster seat and has shut the door.

“Detective” I say grabbing his arm and turning him so he faces me.

“Stop it, Aradia-san! I already said no! Enough now! I don’t want you seeing Anya now!” he yells in my face.

He opens the car door of the driver’s seat and drives off. I’m left standing there in the now pouring rain. My tears are mixed with the water making it hard to distinguish which is which. My chest is hurting as I feel the sobs build up.

I fall on my knees and let out a yell, I’m a crying mess as I just sit there in the rain. Soon enough I manage to calm myself down and pick myself up. I jerk my shoulders and my wings appear; I use them to fly myself home.

Once I’m there I go to the bathroom and stand under the shower. The hot water makes my skin burn but it’s worth it. I’m not crying anymore but I can still feel the pain, the Detective’s words are still echoing in my ears.

I get out of the shower and get dressed into some jeans and t-shirt. I grab my phone and ring Aunt Maze, two minutes later she picks up.

“Hey sweetheart.” She says.

I try to contain my emotions but hearing her voice makes me cry a little.

“Aradia? Aradia, what’s wrong?” she asks, somewhat angrily.

“Aunt Maze, can you please look up the location of my Dad and tell me where he is please. I want to find him quickly and leave this place. I don’t want to stay here anymore. Please, Aunt Maze” I beg her as I fall on the sofa.

“Yeah. Yeah sure I will. I’ll call up some of my guys and tell them to. Just don’t worry, okay?”

I nod, “Okay”

I cut the call and look around; I don’t want to stay here anymore. I grab my suitcase and put it in the back seats of my car and all the boxes I had filled with my stuff I then put in the boot. I was ready to leave this place as soon as I found Dad and return back home.

At least I’m wanted in Hell. At least no one treats me like this there.