Chapter 5:

The Casino #2

St. Clover's Golden Academy [Cancelled, to be reworked]

The commotion erupted again. The crowd that dispersed gathered around the two. The two took notice of the gathering crowd beginning to make bets, drink and be merry.

“Look! Another challenger!”

“Where? Where?”

“Nice crowd.” Arthur hummed, looking at the man. The man just picked up the firearm, after taking a glance at the crowd.


He pressed the gun on his temple. “Really…”

“People love this death sport.” The man huffed, pulling the trigger. He used his palm to spin the cylinder, it clicking repeatedly with each rotation.

“Is it a live round?”

“I think so!”

Arthur picked up the revolver and sighed. “That's the truth, people like watching others suffer, shiver in pain and discomfort.” he pressed it on his chin, aiming up.

His finger pulled the trigger, and the hammer came down, on nothing. Arthur spun the cylinder.


“Hey, let's make it interesting.” Arthur smirked, taking a cigarette from his tin. “Want one?”

The man raised an eyebrow behind his mask. “I'll take one. How will we make it interesting?”

Arthur hummed, lighting their cigarettes with a snap of his finger. “Like this.”

He spun the cylinder with great strength and stopped it short. Arthur pressed the barrel on his chin.

Click! Click! Click!

“Whoa! He pulled the trigger three times!”

“He didn't die!”

The man nearly dropped the lit cigarette on his lap before chuckling. “You really have a death wish, boy.”

Arthur just shrugged. “What can I say? I have nothing to lose.”

The man gaped for a second, as the boy in front of him passed him the gun. Receiving it, he followed what the boy did.

Click! Click! Click!

“Uwoohh! He did it too!”

“So cool!”

“I bet on the old guy!”

Arthur took a puff of his cigarette. “It’s working… he’s getting nervous. The number of people gathering is nerve-wracking but not for me. I was a streamer for twenty years, I know how to please a crowd.”

Arthur received the gun, flicking ash from the cigarette in his mouth, and rolled the cylinder.

Click! Click! Click!

He watched as the contender’s breath slightly hitch.


“Whooahh! He did it four times!”

“This kid is Crazy!”

Arthur set the gun down on the table with a satisfied smirk. The man in the mask stared at the gun, slightly faltering. He reached out for the gun and watched as his challenger receive a drink from one of the spectators.

He sipped on the dark liquid and smiled at the man. “Just a forewarning, it's only going to be riskier from here on out– I suggest you forfeit.”

“Cocky brat! You think I’ll forfeit from something like this?”

“I don't think I will. “

“Suit yourself then old man.”

Click! Click! Click! Click!

He tossed the revolver to his opponent with a triumphant smirk. “I think you should forfeit.”

Arthur just shrugged. “He bit the bait.” Discarding the empty cigarette onto an ashtray. “Someone fetch me another bullet!” He yelled out.

“Whoah! Another bullet?!”

“This has never happened before!”

A man in a suit arrived with five bullets in hand. Arthur spread them out on the center of the table. He ejected the cylinder and put another bullet directly adjacent to the first. The odds were now ⅓ of death.

The contestant gasped. “W-Why?”

Arthur ignored his question and closed the gun. He spun the cylinder.

Click! Click! Click! Click!

“He is so lucky!”

“There are two in the chamber right?”

“This is so nerve-wracking!”

They all whoop and express their nervousness and excitement. Arthur lit another cigarette after passing it on to the next contestant.

The man grits his teeth and get the gun.

Click! Click! Click! Click!

“Lucky dog!”

“It isn't over yet?”

He set the gun down immediately and asked for a drink, the crowd pass him a whole bottle and he drank from it. He finished his sip to see Arthur adding another bullet. “Had a nice drink?”

Click! Click! Click!

He paled. “A-another?”

Arthur grinned at the man as he searched the table for the missing bullet. Inspecting the cylinder, there were indeed three bullets directly one after the other. The odds of death were now ⅔ . He was not given any time to rest.

Arthur hummed, puffing a large cloud with his cigarette. “C’mon! Forfeit! Is dying worth the risk of money?”

The man gulped down his drink. “Screw you! Don't tell me what to do!”

Arthur raised his hands in mock surrender. “ My bad, go ahead then. Pull the trigger!”

He turned to the crowd. “Our friend is having a hard time gathering his courage! Let's help him! You can do it! Pull the trigger!” he started to chant.

The drunken crowd gladly joined in.

“Pull it!”

“Pull it!”

“You’re man enough!”

“You can do it!”

The man teared up slightly. “Alright!”


“He pulled the trigger! Two more times!” Arthur mockily gasped. “Two more times! C’mon!”

Click! Click!

The man was on the verge of tears. “I-Im alive!”

The crowd burst into cheers. Arthur clapped loudly, giving the man praise. “You did it! He did it, everyone!”

The crowd fervently clapped along with him. The man wiped his tears and took another sip. He survived, for now, many were betting and cheering him on. This was the greatest day of his life.

Click! Click!

But two clicking sounds ended his celebration, along with the deafening whoa’s of the crowd.

“Another bullet?!”

“He’s still going!”

Arthur smirked, drinking from another glass. “Four bullets in the chamber! It’s the man’s turn!”

He walked over to his side and put the gun gently in his hands. “It's your turn, don't choke!”

The man paled whiter than snow, and his heart fell into his stomach. Arthur smirked like the devil as he walked around the table. “Let’s cheer him on everyone!”

“I bet Money on you!”

“Don't be a wuss!”

“Pull it! Pull it!”

The man whimpered in fear, the loud noises reverberating in his ears. “Arghh!!”

Click! Click!

“He pulled it!” Arthur jumped up, lifting the room with the sheer noise of the cheers.

He picked the gun and another bullet. Climbing atop the circular table, Arthur got everyone's attention “Who wants another bullet!?” he yelled.

The crowd cheered. “Add another! Add another!”

Arthur cupped his ear, “I couldn't hear you! Say it again!”

“Add another!”

“One more!”

“Do it!”

Arthur grinned at the crowd, and put another bullet into the cylinder. He jumped down to the floor and walked around the circular gathering of people. “Here! check it! Raise your bets!”

They all ogled at the revolver’s cylinder, all chambers except one were filled. “There really are five bullets in!”


“I'll increase my bet!”

Arthur closed the gun and cycled the cylinder. The crowd was deathly silent as they held in their breaths and swallowed their saliva. The odds of dying were ⅚

Arthur dramatically put the barrel to his temple.


The hammer slammed on an empty cylinder and Arthur gasped for air.

“Whoa! He’s alive!”

“That was ⅚ odds!”

“The gods are intervening!”

“There’s no way!”

Arthur panted nervously. “I-It’s your turn… sir.” he gasped, setting the gun on the horrified man’s hands.

The man looked at Arthur, “I- I-” But he was interrupted. Arthur leaned into his ear.

“If you pull the trigger for the last time, I swear that I will put the last bullet in, and shoot myself,” he whispered. “And you win all that money…”

The man was in shock of the proposition, the amount of money from this gamble alone could set him for life.

The man spun the cylinder and pressed it on his forehead. “Hahaha- I win! All that money! I win-


The crowd was aghast the explosion and the splattering of blood. The ones that bet on Arthur, were small in number, but their cheers were louder than the entire gathering. The ones that bet on the man were pale as ghosts.

The men in suits gathered all the bets and shoved them in a sack. The ones that cheered on Arthur carried him off to the lounges.

“You’re one crazy boy!”

“You’re too lucky!”

“How did you do it?”

Arthur took a drink they offered him and shrugged, wiping the sweat on his forehead. “I guess the Gods don't want me dead today.”

Drinks were passed and celebrations erupted and Arthur enjoyed a drink.

Arthur puffed and drank, reminiscing about the game. “The cylinder had a small scratch on one of the cylinders, using that as a marker and my skills as a streamer– I managed to peer pressure him to take a huge gamble.”

He shook his head.“Never underestimate peer pressure and intimidation when paired with underhanded tactics. The phycological pressure of probable death and the loud yelling drove the man to pull that trigger. I drove a man to death and yet-- I feel no remorse.”

“Is it because I experienced death before? Or is it–”

Two men in suits arrived at the lounge. “You.” They pointed at Arthur, who just turned to them.

“Yes sir? How may I help you?”

“Come with us, it's for your safety.”

Arthur got up with his drink in hand and followed the man without looking back. They placed a hat on him and an overcoat. Exiting the private lounge, Arthur could only gasp, nearly spilling his drink. There was a mob, gathered around something.

“They are the sore losers from your show.”

“They are?”

“Yes, they’re desecrating the loser’s body.”


“And if we don't get you out, you might be next.”

Arthur nodded understandingly at the man’s reasoning. “How much money did I win exactly?”

The two guards exchange looks. “Enough money to warrant a mob, now take the money and escape!”

They pushed a large sack of money and pushed him out of the Casino.

“A little rough, but I like your customer service.” Arthur chuckled as he exited the building. “What about the coat?”

“Gift from the boss. Safe travels.” the man said, before shutting the door on him.

Arthur just shrugged as he turned to leave. The streets were very empty and the streetlights were turned off. He walked through the quiet streets contemplating. “What was I thinking about again? Nah, forget it.”