Chapter 0:

Prologue-Part 1

Tifara & David-Season 1

Year Seven Zedekiah: March-Academic Year Hei

"Class is dismissed," Ms. Rosenberg said when the school bell rang, sitting at her desk, surfing through the web. Tifara quickly gathered her stuff at her computer desk, while the majority of her classmates left the computers behind in the classroom. Her nervous eyes stared at her stuff and her poor heart pounded inside.  Alright, Tifara. Time for lunch. I gotta go meet my friends at the cafeteria before I get falsely accused of causin' trouble, y'know, she thought.

Every student wore their school uniform. Various students have already developed adult bodies while others have not yet. With the classroom mostly empty, others remained seated, watching Tifara stand up from her desk. Tifara held her stuff onto her left hand and grabbed onto her gold plated tree branch necklace as fear slowly increased in her heart. Those boys' cheeks blushed, only looking at her curvy body. The girls' eyes looked at her in jealousy and disgust while they remained seated for a moment. Then they quickly rose and walked toward those boys. 

"Yo, Tifara is totally hot, bro," The voice of a boy with tanned skin echoed behind Tifara.

"I know, right?" The other one with black hair said.

"Ouch!" One of those boys cried right after the girl with short, orange-reddish hair pinched his arm. "What the heck was that for?!"

"Don't even bother lookin' at Titsfara, you horny idiot!" The same girl roared, looking at him and her back and forth a couple of times.

Ms. Rosenberg sighed with her disgruntled face, glaring at no one else but Tifara. "Oh, Tifara…Always causing trouble as usual. This school was so peaceful until she showed up. It's no wonder she's not popular at school. I just wish she wasn't here to begin with, since she keeps seeking attention and sleeps around with other boys, I suppose."

While Tifara didn't really appreciate those girls calling her "Titsfara" and Ms. Rosenberg's gossip, she sighed, looked to the right a bit and smiled when she finally left the classroom. Oh, thank Elohim I got outta there, that's for sure, she thought. 
Looking up at the ceiling, she gave Elohim her sad face. I wish people around here would get to know me for me, not just for my attractive body, just like You and Your Son Yeshua has. But I know that's not gonna happen anytime soon, she continuously thought as she then grinned at Him. But I'm so glad to have Them on my side, and help me get through my tough times that I'm goin' through right now. I jus' hope my friends woulda show up. They should be out of class by now. She returned her attention to her destination. 

After she was being bullied and harassed by students and the staff did nothing to help her for months, her parents were going to move to a new neighborhood so they would transfer her to a new secondary school, but they didn't have finances to do so. They even tried to get the school district to address her mistreatment. After the administrative district failed to help her due to her "negative" reputation at school, they sued the school division but lost the lawsuit, even after they appealed. They wanted to homeschool her, but they both worked full time, leaving them less time to teach her subjects at home. So they entrusted her friends to guard her at school from the bullying and harassment from students.

While she continued her fast walk, a few boys ogled and whistled at her as well as commented on her voluptuous body, and not many girls leered at and talked about her with their distasteful faces. A bulk of students just walked past her, minding their own business. She ignored those who mistreated her, holding onto her necklace tighter as fear continued to take over her heart. It wasn't necessary for her to do so. So why would she fight fire with fire? 
Mr. Kontos stood there in the middle of the hallway and watched the crowd passing by in his light grayish professional suit, making sure things were going on smoothly. His white hair and facial wrinkles gawped at Tifara. He had the same height as the fifth year boys. 

"Hey, Tifara," Mr. Kontos said.

Tifara turned her attention to him. "Yes, sir?"

"Don't go causing trouble now, you hear?"

"I won't, Sir," she responded while she returned her focus to her destination and kept walking.

"I'll be keeping my eye on you."  

Her face remained calm and determined, despite being annoyed by Mr. Kontos treating her like a suspect. For a little while, she noticed her friends weren't in the hallway. With sweat coming down from her forehead a little, her frightened, broadened eyes searched for her friends all over the hallway. She had yet to find them. She thought, May…Sam…Dalila, where are you? They shoulda be here by now. What the hell's taking them so long? They usually meet me in the hallway right after my computer class. Come on, you guys. Where are you? I couldn't wait for them to be here for much longer. I'm too damn vulnerable for that, y'know. 

The text sound echoed inside her skirt pocket. She looked over at it with mouth open. Huh? I wonder who texted me all the sudden, she thought with her eyebrow raised. Pulling out her black touch screened dumbphone, she investigated and her shocked eyes expanded and moved a little side to side. There she saw the text message that said:

Tifara, sorry we couldn't come 2 meet you n the cafeteria rite now. Calpurnia literally tripped over a poor girl w/glasses, and she made that girl drop a couple books and broke her glasses, falsely accusing her of being associated w/u. We gotta go help her out. We'll see u there soon. Lates!


Tifara sighed while she looked down at her phone with her sorrowful face, putting up her phone. Then she regained focus of her destination. More sweat came down from her forehead, her heart pounded harder and her eyes widened a bit larger. Oh, great, she thought, Now I'm so vulnerable now. Just great, just great. She gave Elohim her worried look on her face as she tightened her grip onto her necklace. Oh, Elohim. Why are You doin' this to me?!

Then the young man with wavy brown hair walked up to her. "Hey, there, babe. I've heard you're good in bed. What do ya say we have at it after school, huh?"

She pretended he wasn't there and kept moving. Giving her his angry face, he grabbed her arm, pulled her towards him and roared, "Hey, don't you ignore me! Like answer my question, bruh!"

Louring at him for a second, she swung her hand against one of his cheeks and pushed him away from her. "I don't whore around with others like you, alright?! Now go away! Sheesh!"

After some people in the crowd gasped out loud at what they saw, they chatted with one another. Tifara kept moving towards her destination. Frowning at her, the young man placed his hand onto his reddened cheek and sucked his teeth at her. "Oh, whatev…prudy bitch."

"TIFARA!" Mr. Kontos roared, broadening his eyes, walking his way towards her. "Get over here, right now, young lady!"

Tifara turned to her left without even looking at Mr. Kontos. Her eyes were enlarged more. Her nervous sweat came down from her forehead even more than ever before. Her heart pounded harder and faster in her chest. Oh, shit! Better hurry up and get to the cafeteria before Mr. Kontos catches me! she thought, letting go of her necklace and put her arms around her stuff as she ran to her destination.

Mr. Kontos ran after her and shouted, "Hey, get back here, Tifara! You're going to be in so much trouble now!"

After Tifara did all that running for a while, three jealous girls grabbed her arms and viciously chuckled at her. One girl had a purple butterfly birthmark on her right, light brown cheek. Another one wore a ladybug pin on her uniform shirt pocket. And the third one would always tie her jacket around her waist.

"Hey, what are you-?!" Tifara cried, angrily looking at those girls sideways and in front of her, trying to break free. Those girls, however, held her tight and slammed their bodies against her without fail. "Let go of me, you guys!" 

"No way, you slut!" One of them growled, scowling at her. The other two agreed.
"I didn't do anything wrong to you guys, so let me go! Goosh!" Tifara cried.

"Not gonna happen, girlfriend," The third one said, looking daggers at Tifara for a while, then turning to Mr. Kontos once he came closer to them with a beam. "Here, Mr. Kontos. We caught her red handed for you!"

Grabbing onto Tifara's uniform shirt, Mr. Kontos grinned at those three girls while they let go of her. "Why, thank you, girls. I truly appreciate what you've done for me. I'll take it from here."

"No problem, Mr. Kontos," The first one said as she and the other two smiled back at him. "Take care and have a great day, Sir."

"You too," Mr. Kontos said, waving at them.
They waved back at Mr. Kontos while leaving the hallway. Tifara began to look up at the ceiling with her dejected face. Dear Lord, please deliver me from the persecution that I'm currently facin' right now. In Yeshua's name, Amen, she thought.

"Alright, Tifara," Mr. Kontos said, glowering at her. "I'm giving you an office referral for slapping a student."

Tifara quickly turned to Mr. Kontos, scowling at him back. "But what about the boy?! You're not gonna send him an office referral for sexual harassment and grabbing me like that?! I didn't do anything wrong here. I was defending myself."

"Well, that's because of your reputation of getting attention from other boys and getting them to sleep with you. That's why he did what he did. If you hadn't done these things, none of this would've happened."

"But I've never had sex with anybody. You only say that based on my physical appearance, not my personality."

"Now stop lying and arguing with me, and admit you have a bad reputation within the school."

Tifara sucked her teeth at Mr. Kontos. "Why would I admit something that I didn't even do?!"

Mr. Kontos pointed his finger at Tifara. "Hey, don't you dare suck your teeth at me, young lady! Your punishment will be far worse if you keep it up, do you understand me?!"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good," Mr. Kontos said as he sighed and stopped pointing his finger at her with his eyes closed for a while. "Now since this is your lunch period, let's go put your stuff up and get your lunch before we head for the principal's office, yes?"

"Yes, sir." Tifara responded with her annoyed face. As she and Mr. Kontos began to walk into the section of Year Hei, the crowd chattered about Tifara with some laughter and gossip from certain girls and lustful stares of Tifara's busty body from a portion of boys.
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