Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: School's Out!

Theoterra: Emuna's Summer Story

•Year Twelve Valens-Academic Year Zayin•

"Finally, school's out!" Emuna exclaimed out of relief for a while, when the last school bell echoed throughout the school and her Theoterrean History class was dismissed. Everyone, who wore their school uniforms, chatted with each other while they left the classroom. Her teacher waved at the students leaving the classroom, standing still in silence.

Then after Emuna placed her yellow pencil, a couple of romantic comic books, and her drawn out comic strips inside her bag in a hurry, she left the classroom with her worried face. Sweat came down from her forehead, her eyes widened and her heart beaten a bit faster as she walked faster.

-Okay, I gotta hurry up and meet Plionay fast before she gets hurt. I can't allow that to happen. Ever. Only Elohim knows what people will do to her.

Once Emuna walked downstairs towards the Electives area, she searched everywhere at one particular hallway, until she finally saw Plionay, who was a bit far away from her, walked forward, smiled and waved at her. Some boys' cheeks blushed whenever they gazed at Plionay's big breasts and ass, several girls gave Plionay their disgusted looks and gossiped about her, and the majority of the students just ignored Plionay and minded their own business. Plionay's wavy, deep red hair stood still on her back. Her most beautiful facial beauty and emerald eyes glistened under the ceiling lights. Emuna and Plionay called out one another's names and walked towards each other.

After they hugged one another, Emuna worriedly asked, "Are you alright? Has anybody harassed and hurt you?"

"No, I'm fine," Plionay responded.

Emuna sighed out of relief and grinned at Plionay. "Oh, thank Elohim you're safe. So, are you ready to eat lunch before we head home?"

"Sure, I'm so hungry. Let's go!"

Emuna chuckled. "Right on."

Then Emuna and Plionay entered the cafeteria.


After Emuna and Plionay got their food, they began to look for a place to sit. Certain students behaved the same as those in the hallway did towards Plionay. Plionay sighed out of frustration, putting her head down, closing her eyes. Emuna turned to Plionay with her sad eyes.

-Dear Elohim, please give us strength to overcome people's wicked deeds. In Yeshua's name, Amen.

When the three young women around Emuna and Plionay's age chuckled viciously and looked at Plionay, one of them with curly, blond hair stood in front of the other two, closing her eyes with her hand on her chest.

"I'm gonna miss tearin' down this stinkin' whore this summer. It was so much fun," The curly, blond-haired young lady sneered.

"I know, right?" Another young woman with orange, wavy hair asked.

"Totally," The third one who had straight, dark black hair agreed.

Emuna glared at those young women who walked passed her and Plionay, while Plionay sighed even more.

-Oooh, I can't wait to beat the shit out of those snobby dickheads, 'cause they piss me off one way or another!

"Shut up, you three!" Emuna roared.

The first young woman turned around and frowned at Emuna. "You shut up, Emuna. Nobody's talkin' to you!"

The students around Emuna, Plionay, and those three young ladies curiously watched and took interest in a potential fight between Emuna and the first one, whether they were sitting down to eat and chat, or getting their food. They chatted with one another.

"Anybody, who's gonna talk bad about my best friend, also talks bad about me! You got that?!"

"Oh, yeah?" The first one snobbly asked. "And what? You're gonna fight me then? I would like to see you try."

Emuna grips her hand on her blue tray hard, frowning at the first one even more with her mouth opened.

-I'm ready to go kick her ass!

"Oooh, let's do this thing!" Emuna agreed as the crowd excitedly gasped and chattered even more.

Plionay widened her eyes and turned to Emuna. "Ugh, Emuna! Don't!"

As Emuna was going to place her tray at one of the brown, long tables nearby and pick a fight with the first one, Plionay quickly walked towards Emuna and called Emuna's name, adding, "Don't do this. You don't have to participate in this drama, especially on the last day of school. It's not worth it, y'know."

Emuna sadly turned attention to Plionay. "But, Plionay-"

"Think about it. Matthew 7:12 says don't do to others that you don't want them to do to you. Would you like it if she also physically hurt you?"

"Okay, so don't do this. It displeases Elohim, Yeshua, and your parents once you've done this sorta thing. Besides, I don't want you to get in trouble again, like you did last time."

"But, Plionay-"

"Please, please. Do this for Elohim, not me."

After Emuna sighed and looked down below for a moment, she turned to Plionay and whispered, "Alright, I'm gonna do it."

"Yay!" Plionay exclaimed in a whisper, putting her tray down and clapped.

Turning to the first one, Emuna said, "Alright, I'm totally not gonna fight you on the last day of school."

The first one turned snobbly turned her head to the left with her eyes closed. "Hm, that's what I thought, loser! Let's go, girls!"

"Mmn!" The other two shook their heads in agreement and followed after the first one.

Plionay said to Emuna, "Okay, we gotta go find our seats."

"Mmn," Emuna agreed, shaking her head a little. "I'm gonna be right beside you."

"Mmn," Plionay agreed, also shaking her head with her eyes closed and a smile.

Then Emuna and Plionay began to find their seats. They looked everywhere until they found their seats. There they saw the empty seats at the corner near the hallway that led to the courtyard. They moved in while the three young men stared at Plionay's attractive face and body with their scarlet cheeks, chattering with one another. As Emuna and Plionay sat in their seats on opposite sides, they ate a bit and looked at one another.

"So, Emuna," Plionay said. "How were your exams? Did you do good on them?"

"Yea, and Elohim helped me confront my fears of failing my exams and repeating Year Zayin next year as well as going through these damn tests as correctly as possible. I'm glad they're over. That's for sure," Emuna responded.

"And you took my advice as well, right?"

"Of course, I did. I just hope I pass them all."

"Let's hope so."

Emuna looked down at the table with her sad face. "But still...I can't believe I failed those School Exit Exams though. "

Plionay frowned at Emuna. "Don't worry about it! You're gonna be fine on those exams and the School Exit Exams remakes next, trust me. Elohim is using me as your guidance. You should be grateful for that."

Emuna then grinned at Plionay with one of her guilty eyes closed. "Yeah, you're right, Plionay. I'm sorry I'm allowing my failures to take over my heart. Please forgive me."

"Mhn," Plionay agreed with a happy smile. "I forgive you."

Emuna looked up at the ceiling. "Dear Lord. Please forgive me of not believing in You. In Yeshua's name, Amen."


Emuna turned back to Plionay's attention. "And you? Did you do well on your Elective Exam?"

Plionay grinned with her eyes closed. "Yep, Elohim lead me through this. And I'm thankful for that."

Emuna smiled. "That's good to hear, Plionay. I hope you do well on all your spring semester exams."

"Thanks. I will."

"So, you're gonna do your summer ministry work in Aigialo with your grandparents as usual, right?"

Plionay closed her eyes and shook her head in agreement. "Mmm-hmm. Of course, I will. What about you? You'll do your summer ministry work with your grandparents in Xenopolis, right?"

"You bet. I just can't wait to leave school and perform my ministry work there. I prefer to perform my ministry work over going to school any day now. Just one more academic year and we're both done with compulsory education. Like for real."

"I know, right?" Plionay reshook her head in agreement with her eyes closed. "Let's just hurry up and eat, so we can go home already."


After Emuna and Plionay ate their food and put their trays away, they were beginning to leave the cafeteria, walking in haste. The three young men got up from their seats and followed after those young women. One of the young men grabbed onto Plionay's arm and Plionay quickly turned her head towards the young man who grabbed her.

"Hey, there, babe. Don't be scared. What's the rush?" The young man who held onto Plionay's arm said, beginning to touch her ass. "I've heard you're from Aigialo, the beach town in Shefayla. And you're going there, right? Well, my buddies and I wanna go, so take us with you."

"Uh, no thanks, Mr. 'I Can't Control My Attractions.' Now let go me," Plionay responded, turning her body to the side, trying to get his hand off of her.

Noticing Plionay failed to get away from him, Emuna quickly walked towards the young man who grabbed her arm and stumped on his foot.

"Ouch!" The young man said after Emuna pushed him away from Plionay. He touched his stumped on foot while he hopped on the white tiled floor.

Students around them began to chatter with one another, curiously watching Emuna, Plionay and the three guys. The two other young men turned their attention to Emuna, glaring at her.

"Hey, who do you think you are?! Hurting our friend like that?!" The second young man roared.

"Yeah!" The third one agreed with the second.

"Mess with my best friend and I'll mess with you," Emuna growled.

Once the crowd chatted louder when watching Emuna fought with the two other guys, Plionay nervously looked all over the cafeteria with sweat coming down from her forehead. She also saw a couple school administrators curiously looked at them. Those administrators looked like they were ready to walk towards her and the others. So she quickly walked up to Emuna and pulled Emuna away from those guys with a nervous smile, as Emuna was ready to fight them both.

"Heh-heh-heh! Just ignore Emuna. She doesn't really mean what she says! Hah-hah-hah!" Plionay said as she led Emuna to the courtyard in escaping from school.

Emuna angrily kept her focus on those guys and continuously wanted to fight them. But Plionay successfully prevented her from doing so, and those young women finally left the cafeteria.