Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: Returning to Xenopolis-Part 1

Theoterra: Emuna's Summer Story

When the train first entered the Woodlands, Emuna became amazed at how beautiful Elohim's cosmos really was. While looking out the window, she saw a bunch of trees covering up the land with different animal species roaming around in there, among the birds flying above it. A few white clouds slowly moved around in the blue sky, but the sun wasn't present from her window.
-Oh, I've never seen such beauty like this. It's good to see it again. I miss this so much!
Then she heard people talking out loudly. Half of a dozen men and women bickered and physically fought with either one another or the train workers. Little children, toddlers, and babies either crying out loud, running around on the train unsupervised, or flat out acting out. The train workers tried their best to keep the train peaceful and quiet, but a small group of people were a bit too chaotic for them. Emuna sadly looked to her right and sighed as she heard more disturbances from disruptive passengers.
-Oh, man…people are just so annoying…I think they need Elohim's help over their current sins…
She then turned towards the sky and whispered in prayer, "Oh Elohim, please deliver people from their sins and be patient with them, because sin has blinded them. In Yeshua's name, amen."
After her prayer, she looked out the window and stared at the quiet forest. People kept being disruptive on the train, no matter how annoying they may be. Emuna tried her damnedest to ignore them and allowed Elohim to handle the situation out of patience, but her quick anger and impatience with people began to brew inside her heart. She took notice when she closed her eyes, put her head down and turned her palm hands into fists.
-Come on, Emuna. Be patient with Elohim and let Him handle this. You can do this, girl. You just gotta snap out of it, that's all.
She returned her attention to Elohim's cosmos and tried to ignore the increasingly disruptive crowd. However, her quick anger and impatience with people continued to rose more in her heart as time went on. Half an hour later, the train left the Woodlands and entered a desert.
"Attention, passengers…" The female announcer's voice echoed throughout the entire train. "Train D has officially arrived in Midbar...I repeat...Train D has officially arrived in Midbar..."
Emuna saw the yellow sand being blown away in the wind. The land was filled with cactuses and a few animals roamed around; it lacked any water whatsoever. Emuna's skin felt its above average hot temperature, even with the train's cool air temperature, but she ignored it as she was used to Midbar's hot temperature before. The sign displayed a drawing of a desert scenery, saying, "Welcome to Midbar, Theoterra's Southern Desert Region."
Now despite a couple more men and women arguing with the train workers and more unsupervised children running around, playing tag, Emuna ignored it with her widened eyes when she realized she finally made her way back to Midbar.
-Wow, I'm finally here! I'm so glad Elohim had brought me back here! Xenopolis, here I come!
Then throughout the remaining train travel, people constantly interrupted Emuna's quiet time. Emuna sadly looked up at the sky and whispered, "Elohim…why are You doing this to me?"
She kept watching Elohim's beautiful creation, yet her quick anger and impatience with people continued to increase. Once more and more disruptions from people took over Emuna's quiet time, Emuna then sighed, turning around, glaring at the disruptive passengers.
-Oh, my God! People need to give it a rest already! Why can't they just be quiet for once?! I'm tryin' to enjoy my peaceful time with Elohim's creation and this is what I get?! This should be the last thing I need to witness right now! How much worse can people quite possibly get?! Ugh!
"Attention, passengers…" The female announcer's voice echoed the entire train. "The train is about to crash against a car that blocks the train tracks. I repeat…the train is about to crash against a car that blocks the train tracks. Please remain seated in your seats and get out of the restaurant area if you eat there. I repeat…Please remain seated in your seats and get out of the restaurant area if you eat there."
"Wh-What?!" One of the passengers said, "That's terrible!"
"Yeah!" Another passenger agreed.
The remaining passengers began to find their safe seats and parents chased after their unsupervised little children to take them to their safety. The children threw their hissy fit and cried while they were being carried away to their safety. People screamed as they tried to get their safety seats. The train workers calmly comforted the passengers, warning them to remain calm, from the front train car first.
Emuna widened her eyes, watching the panicking crowd find their safety spot while she looked around the train car.
-Aw, shit! This is just great! First, the unruly passengers interrupted my quiet time! Now the train's about to be derailed?! 
Her chocolate eyes twitched sideways out of fear and her mouth was opened. She was lucky she sat in the middle of the train. She recalled what her mother told her about what to do in a train crash.
"Now remember, Emuna," her mother said to eight-year-old Emuna before Emuna boarded the train. "Whenever you encounter a potential train crash, always go to the rear train car and jump out of there. Never ever remain in the car, so you won't bounce all over the train car. Elohim will lead the way and guide you there. Do you understand me?"
"Yes, momma," Emuna responded, "I will."
"Good girl, Emuna!" her mother said, patting on Emuna's head. "You make your momma proud. Now go on and be a good girl on the train."
"I will, momma," Emuna said. "I love you momma."
"I love you too, baby girl," her mother said as she and Emuna waved at one another. "Bye, Emuna."
"Bye, momma!" Emuna said, getting on the train as she and her mother continuously waved at each other until the train began leaving the platform.
-Looks like I better get out of here. I don't wanna be squashed by other passengers nor have my body bounce in the train car during an emergency. Let's go to the rear train car for exit!
Emuna grabbed her bags and rushed through the crowd for the rear train car, before the train workers arrived in her car and stopped her. Her heart beated whenever she ran and her determined, serious face focused on her destination. Once Emuna reached the rear car, she placed her hand onto the door knob.
-Alright! I made it! Bless Elohim for this! Now let's do this!
Opening the door, she only saw the yellow sand covering the sand while the train was moving. The hot air was a lot hotter outside the train than inside it. Other passengers looked at Emuna, wondering what she was doing.
-Whew, it's hot outside! Here goes nothing.
Feeling the bump in the train behind her, Emuna and other passengers looked behind them.
-Looks like the train jus' got derailed! Time to jump off!
Emuna turned around, kneeled down, tightly held onto her bags and jumped off the train. As soon as she landed on the hot, sandy land, she rolled over like a log. Then she quickly got up after she felt the land's temperature and the sand.
"Hot, hot, HOT!" she cried, wiping the sand all over her body and stuff, watching the train cars got derailed on either side of the train tracks.
A certain portion of passengers jumped out of the train from its rear end. Some of the train cars crashed to one side and others crashed on the other side. The front train car was blown up and on fire with Emuna's blurry far away vision. She couldn't even see the car near the front train car.
Emuna looked up at the clear sky and smiled. "Oh, give praise to Elohim who got me and everyone out of there alive! Thank You, Elohim, for keepin' us safe!"
Then she returned her attention and gazed at the derailed train, seeing a portion of passengers get out the train from an emergency window one person at a time. The wind blew at her from behind. She widened her eyes and opened her mouth.
-Ah, shit! I better go call my parents, grandparents and Plionay to let them know my situation with my train!
Digging her phone out, she dialed for her parents. Once she heard no response from them three times, she immediately hung up the phone. She raised her eyebrow.
-Damn, no response from my own parents! Better call my grandparents then!
Experiencing no response from her grandparents, she hung up the phone and saddened her face.
-Dammit, no response from them either?! Plionay, it is!
Once she had similar results, she hung up the phone and frowned at it before putting it back up.
-SHIT! No answer from Plionay?! Great…just great…looks like I'll have to call them back later then, huh?
She returned her focus on the derailed train while the wind blew the sand in front of her from the right. She placed her hand over her face and the shadow protected it from the heat. The sun heated the land as her vision of the front train car became blurrier far away from her. It became abundantly clear that Emuna will remain in a spot out of nowhere, wondering when she'll get out of that place.