Chapter 5:

Chapter 5: Returning to Xenopolis-Part 3

Theoterra: Emuna's Summer Story

While the bus drove on over time, Emuna remained silent while she looked out the window. She stood up straight when her heart beated and her breaths breathed slower as she was sweating less. Emuna became content with people not disrupting her quiet time. They instead chatted with one another.
-Oh, thank Elohim I'm finally able to relax without any disturbances. Better than being on the train earlier.
Her brown eyes spotted the same sandy wilderness, with few animals roaming around and few plants bravely stood still against the sun's heat. The sand was still carried away by the wind, and those red-orangish canyons and rocks watched the buses drive past them. Emuna smiled.
-But still…this place remains one of Elohim's excellent creations despite its hot ass weather. I miss this region so much. I can't wait to return to Xenopolis to reunite with my grandparents and friends to do the ministry work there. 
When her stomach growled below her, she sadly looked down at her stomach. She placed her hand on it, rubbing it a little.
"Ugh…stomach…you're gonna have to wait until we return to Xenopolis, okay?" she whispered.
A while later as Emuna returned to watching Elohim's cosmos, her stomach impatiently grumbled again. She became annoyed when she looked down at her stomach. "Um, can you be patient, stomach?! We're gonna be in Xenopolis any minute now. Geesh," she whispered.
As time went on, her stomach roared at her for a third time. Emuna sighed and looked up at the sky.
-Dear Elohim. Please help me focus on Your creation, and not allow hunger to distract me. Not only do I want to be able to overcome hunger, but also become spiritually trained just like Yeshua and His followers in the Gospels. In Yeshua's name, Amen.
Emuna continued to watch Elohim's creation without paying attention to her stomach's grumbles. She allowed her memory of being stuck in the unknown desert area with her parents to distract her. She leaned back and sighed while she looked out the window.
After Emuna's parents finished pushing the car forward, they began to enter back into it. Emuna's stomach growled and Emuna looked down at it with her angry face.
"That's enough, stomach!" she roared. "I'm trying to be spiritually trained like Yeshua in the Gospels."
Once her parents reentered the car, they breathed faster and sighed, feeling a bit burnt and sweaty from the sun's heat after shutting the doors. Her father turned around for Emuna's attention. "Hey, Emuna. We're going to take a break out here for a while now, okay?"
"Okay, daddy," Emuna replied.
"Although me and daddy are not supposed to drink water today, daddy forgot to put gas in the car and we had to push the car to the gas station. So today is going to be an exception for us, alright?" Her mother stated. "We have to drink water to cool off from this hot weather right now."
"Okay, mommy," she answered.
"And we'll make up one day of not drinking water tomorrow instead, does that sound fair?" Her father asked.
"Alright, daddy. I understand," she said, as she gave her parents her determined look on her face. "And I'm going to keep fasting for the Lord."
"Now that's a good girl!" her father exclaimed. "You make Elohim, Yeshua, me and mommy proud. Keep doing what you're doing, baby girl. You're doing a great job on your spiritual training."
"Yeah," her mother happily agreed. "And if you continue to fast all day and night, you get to drink water and any other drink you want tomorrow."
Emuna widened her eyes and smiled at her mother with her mouth opened. "Okay, mommy! I will!"
"Now that's a good girl, Emuna!" her mother said, smiling at her daughter. "Now can you hand me two water bottles for me and daddy?"
"Sure, mommy! I will get them for you!" Emuna exclaimed, turning to her left below her. There she saw a thirty-five pack of bottled water near her. She reached down to open it and grabbed two bottles of water for her parents.
"Here, you go!" Emuna said, handing her mother two bottles of water.
"Thank you so much, Emuna!" her mother said.
"You're welcome," Emuna said, smiling while closing her eyes, putting her head down sideways to the left. She showed off her white, crooked teeth.
After her mother handed her husband a bottle of water and she and her husband drank a bit of water, Emuna looked out the window. Her parents chatted with one another. There she saw a sandy land and the red-orangish canyons and rocks staring at her and her family in the car. The wind lifted the sand off the ground and threw it forward. A few plants were radiant well against the sun's heat. Then a greyish-white rabbit hopped out of nowhere, scanning its surroundings with its red eyes, sniffing the air.
Emuna gasped and opened her mouth. "Look, Tseetsa! Did you see that? I saw a rabbit over there!" Emuna whispered to her doll.
"Mommy, daddy, look! I saw a rabbit today!" she exclaimed, pointing her finger at it.
"Oh, you did?" her father asked as he and his wife turned around out of curiosity.
"Yes, of course, I have. See it?" she said, quickly turning her attention to her parents and rabbit back and forth at the same time.
After her parents investigated what their daughter was pointing her finger at, they both smiled once they saw the rabbit.
"Oh, yes, I sure did, Emuna," her mother answered.
"Yeah, me too," her father agreed. "We're going to take a picture of it and put it in the nature scrapbook. What do you say?"
Emuna excitedly gasped when she turned to her father. "Yes, daddy! Let's do it, please!"
"Alright, then. Let's do this!" her father said, pulling his smart phone from his pocket. When he clicked on the camera app, he demanded, "Emuna move back behind me, so I can take a picture of the rabbit."
"Okay!" Emuna exclaimed, moving back to the seat behind her father's seat.
As soon as her father took a picture of it, Emuna excitedly asked, "Did you take a picture of the rabbit, daddy?!"
"Yep, I sure did, baby girl," her father responded, showing his daughter a clear picture of a rabbit eating some desert grass. "See it?"
"Yeah, I see it, daddy!" Emuna responded. "I can't wait to have it in my nature scrapbook when we get home."
"We sure will, Emuna," her mother exclaimed when she examined the same picture her father showed her daughter.
Once her father placed his phone back into his pocket and was about to leaned back in his seat, he examined what was in front of him. "Huh?" he asked as he saw something far away from him, nearly closing his eyes.
"What is it, honey?" her mother asked.
With his vision blurry for what it could look like a small building far away, he said to his wife without even looking at her face, raising his palm hand up. "I think I see something, but I can't see it clearly. Give me the binoculars."
"Sure thing, honey," her mother said, digging through the storage compartment for the binoculars.
Once she handed her husband the green binoculars and closed the storage compartment, he looked through them for the far away small building. He excitedly grinned. "Oh, yeah. Looks like we finally found the gas station!"
"Really, daddy?!" Emuna excitedly smiled, opening her mouth.
"Yep, you bet, Emuna!" her father exclaimed, looking back at his daughter with a smile.
"Well, now let me see," her mother said as her father handed the binoculars to her.
After seeing through them, she leaned back with a grin, looking up at the ceiling. "Oh, give praise to Elohim for leading us to the gas station! Whoo! We can't wait to get there to fill up the gas tank, drop off this water at my parents' house and head on home!"
"Yep!" her father cried.
"Can I see it?!" Emuna excitedly asked.
"Sure thing, baby girl!" her mother responded, handing them over to her daughter.
Looking through them, she saw a white building with red lines on top of it, the fascia hood and a sign. It had a cursive "SGS" letter as its logo and the sign said, "Super Gas Station." Its eight pumps stood there, watching the empty deserted wilderness.
"Do you see it?" Her mother asked, looking back at Emuna.
"Uh-huh, I see it!" Emuna responded, handing the binoculars back to her mother.
"Good," her mother said, putting the binoculars back into the storage compartment. "As soon as we get done resting a bit more, daddy and I will push the car to the gas station. Right now, we're going to pray to Elohim and sing Him a song as our thanks."
"Yeah!" her father exclaimed, looking up at the ceiling.
"Yeahie!" Emuna agreed as she and her mother looked up at the ceiling.
Once Emuna and her parents prayed and sang a thankful song to Elohim and her parents' rest was finished, they pushed the car towards the gas station and returned to Xenopolis without fail.
"Attention, passengers…the bus has officially arrived in Xenopolis…" The male bus driver's voice said through a microphone. "I repeat…the bus has officially arrived in Xenopolis…please prepare to depart once we make it to Xenopolis Bus Station."
-Oh, Emuna. Did you hear that?! We're finally in Xenopolis! Oooh, I can't wait to reunite with my grandparents and friends there, that's for damn sure! Yeah!
Emuna looked up at the sky and smiled while the passengers excitedly chatted with one another.
-Oh, give praise to Elohim for leading me back to my hometown! I couldn't be any more happier than that! Thank You, Elohim for everything. I couldn't have done this thing without You.
When her stomach growled, she ignored it and continued looking out the window, placing her bags onto her shoulders out of preparation as time went on.
"Attention, passengers...the bus has officially arrived at the Xenopolis Bus Station...I repeat: the bus has officially arrived at Xenopolis Bus Station...," The male bus driver's voice announced once the bus finally arrived at the bus station.
-Alright, I'm finally here! I can't believe it! Now all I have to do is to call my grandparents and friends and I should be fine since the bus has no internet access.
While the bus slowed down its speed and was about to make a stop at the bus station, Emuna and the passengers noticed a lot of people waiting at the platform, probably lots of families cheereding after seeing their possible loved ones survived from the train wreck.
-Alright, maybe I can find my loved ones here too with Elohim's help, of course! So let's go, Emuna!
Emuna and the passengers rushed out of the bus in search for their loved ones. Almost all of them managed to find their loved ones. Emuna failed to find her loved ones, expressing her sad face until someone called out her name behind her. That voice sounded familiar to Emuna as she widened her eyes.
-Ah! I recognize that girl's voice! It's Yudia! My grandparents and friends are here after all! 
Turning around, Emuna gasped when she saw her female friend and two male friends around her age as well as her grandparents smiled and waved at her. Emuna joyfully smiled and waved back at her loved ones.
"Yudia, Lazarus, Zaboulon, Grandma, Grandpa!" She exclaimed when she and her loved ones ran to hug one another, crying out of joy. Then she looked up at the ceiling with her continuous, excited grin.
-I thank You again, Elohim, this time for helpin' me find my grandparents and friends! I appreciate what You've done for me and I praise You for that again. In Yeshua's name, Amen.