Chapter 6:

Chapter 6: Lunch Break

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

When Zac and others arrived at Big Burger fast food joint, they remained in a long line. The loud chatter and laughter among customers echoed all over the restaurant. Zac annoyedly looked around and sighed.

-Ugh, this is such a long ass line! They better hurry the hell up and not take too long! Or I'm gonna be really pissed as all get out!

Atara walked up to David and smiled, chuckling a little. "Hey, have you thought about what you want to eat yet?"

"Oh, uh, no, not yet," Zac responded, turning his attention to Atara while Hadasa watched them chat with one another, smiling at them. "Let's see..." After Zac looked at the menu in front of him, he said, "I want a big cheeseburger with French fries and a large cup."

"Okay then, Zac," Atara said, "You got it."

When Hadasa and her friends finally ordered and paid for their food, they filled up their drinks and scanned the room to find a place to sit. They found their seats and sat at two tables near each other and the big window. Their tables stood by the corner and watched the busy restaurant. Hadasa, Zac, Shifra and Uriah sat at one table. Lia, Eliezer, Atara and Yosef sat at another one.

"So, Zac..." Hadasa said while she and others patiently waited for their food, sipping her medium-sized drink. "What is your city and country of birth?"

Zac looked at Hadasa and her friends when they gazed at him. "Okay, I was born here in Mishor, I jus' transferred here from Mishor's capital city."

"Whoa! You're from Chryssa?!" Uriah asked. Everyone else gasped out of excitement.

"Yeah!" Zac annoyedly said before sipping his big drink, shaking his head.
Uriah growled at Zac for a moment. His shadow covered his eyes and forehead whenever he expressed his anger. Hadasa and her five other friends however ignored Zac's bad attitude and Uriah's anger.

"That's-that's pretty cool, dude," Yosef exclaimed, also sipping his medium-sized drink. "I wish I was born in Chryssa. I heard that this place is the most famous capital city in the world for its lots more opportunities, unlike anywhere else in either Mishor or elsewhere. Too bad me and my friends were born right here in Teratopolis."

"How old are you?" Shifra asked, sipping her medium-sized drink.

"I jus' turned fourteen yesterday," Zac responded.

"Ah, congratulations, Zac!" Hadasa cried. They gasped and grinned excitedly while clapping her hands quietly.

"Ah, thanks, Hadasa!" Zac said. He closed his eyes and scratched the back of his head with a smile on his face.

"'Cause we're all also fourteen," Eliezer said with his eyes closed and a big grin.

Zac spit the drink out Oh his mouth when he heard that."Wh-What?!" Zac opened and widened his eyes out of confusion. "You guys are seriously fourteen too?!"

"Yep, we sure are," Atara answered, performing the same action as Eliezer.

-How...interesting...very...interesting...Even Hadasa, Uriah, Shifra and Yosef are fourteen, despite lookin' like they're between the ages of eleven and thirteen.

"Do you have any siblings, Zac?" Lia asked, sipping her large drink.

"Nope, I'm the only child in the family," Zac responded, also sipping his large drink.

"Ah, okay. Cool!" Lia exclaimed, closing her eyes, smiling. "Me too!"

"Me three," Eliezer exclaimed, doing the same thing as Lia did.

"Well, Kayleb is my only little brother I have, and he'll start Year Bet in a couple months," Hadasa said. She closed her eyes and pressed her fingers together. "You met him yesterday, right, Zac?"

"Mhn." Zac shook his head, remembering Kayleb at the bus station while he sipped his big drink. "Yeah, of course, I did."

"I have two older siblings," Atara said. "My oldest sister is now a CEO of a fashion company with a huge social media following. My older brother will graduate from Junior College next summer to get a job in the tech industry."

"My older brother has been serving in the Mishorean military since last month," Uriah said.

"My older sister is now journeying to her Junior College campus with her friends," Yosef said, sipping his drink.

"And my youngest sister will begin Upper Elementary in Year Gimel in a couple months," Shifra said, also sipping her drink.

"Oh, okay cool," Zac said.

-I gotta say. Five out of eight people here have some basic to interesting info "bout their siblings. Very nice indeed. I gotta say I'm impressed with this so far.

Lia annoyedly sighed, glaring at the fast food workers at the counters while she sipped her drink. "Damn, what's takin' 'em so long?! We waited for our food for a while now, and we still haven't gotten it yet!"

"Yeah!" Zac agreed, turning to the counters.

"Have patience, you two!" Hadasa said, sipping and swallowing her drink. "You'll get your order in just a few minutes. We got three more orders to go and we should get ours next, alright? Depend on Elohim to become patient like Him, and you'll be fine."

Lia sighed out of guilt, looking at Hadasa in the eye. "You're not wrong about that, Hadasa." She looked up and stared at the ceiling while Zac still angrily gazed at the counters.

-They freakin' better! 'Cause I'll be super pissed off if they don't! I hate people who waste my time like this! Unacceptable!

"So Zac..." Eliezer said, "What are your hobbies?"

"I like to play videogames..." Zac responded.

Hadasa gasped, smilinh and widening her eyes. "Me too, bro! So what kind of games do you play?"

"Mostly online battle royal," Zac responded, "But I also play some retro, action-adventure, action and racing. And you?"

Hadasa gasped. "Oh, my God. I mostly love retro, action and action-adventure. I'm definitely not a fan of online battle royal nor racin' games. You and I gotta go play some games sometime."

Zac closed his eyes and sipped his drink. "Sure, sure. As soon as I get done bein' grounded, I'll be good in no time."

"Excellent!" Hadasa exclaimed. "So when will you get out of bein' grounded?"

"Twenty more days to go, hopefully," Zac responded.

"Ah, I see," Hadasa said. "So what else do you like to do, Zac? I also like to make clothes and create jewelry."

"Well, I also like to work for extra money. That's 'bout all there is to it," Zac responded, sipping his drink.

"That's it?" Shifra asked, raising her eyebrow at Zac.

"Yeah, that's it. Why do you have a problem with that?!" Zac snapped.

"No, I don't! You don't need to be such a bitch 'bout it, bro! Geesh!" Shifra roared, glaring at Zac while sipping her drink. "I like to watch the clouds for its interesting shapes, read comic books, sunbathe sometimes and spread the Gospel with my friends."

"Actually, we all like to spread the Gospel together as a group too," Lia said and everyone else except Zac shook their heads. Zac raised his eyebrow at the group.

-Spreadin' the Gospel, huh? Sounds like a lame ass "hobby," if you ask me.

"Anyway, I also like to take a walk in the park, listen to music and watch the sunset," Lia added.

"I like doin' some sports, compete and do some military stuff," Uriah said, sipping his drink.

"I do some shoppin', read girly magazines and go to the movies as my hobbies," Atara said.

"I like to do some gardenin', cookin' and read books," Yosef said.

"I like to make music, play in the playground set and play board games," Eliezer said, sipping his drink.

"Finally, 'bout damn time," Lia said, sighing out of relief and rolling her eyes when the Big Burger worker finally arrived at Zac and others' tables.

"Lia!" Hadasa said, glaring at Lia.

"Oh, sorry," Lia said when she expressed her guilty face.

Hadasa turned to the Big Burger worker and smiled at that worker with her eyes closed. "Sorry about that. She didn't really mean that, please ignore her."

"Oh, not at all, ma'am." the Big Burger worker closed her eyes and grinned. She wore her red, blue and yellow uniform. Her pale skin and red hair stared at Zac and others. "I'm used to that here. Anyway, here are your orders. Sorry for the wait."

After the Big Burger worker served the food to her customers, she left them alone to allow them to eat their lunch. Once Atara chewed her food and sipped her drink, she turned to Zac and asked, "So, Zac. You mentioned earlier that you work to make extra money. What is your summer job exactly?"

"I work as a dog walker," Zac responded, sipping his drink.

"Ah, I see..." Atara said. "And you also sell stolen products to customers, yes?"

Zac widened his eyes and respat his drink at the floor near the window, turning to Atara out of shock. "Eh?!"

"You also sell-" Atara repeated.

"I know what you're goin' to ask. You don't need to repeat this shit to me twice," Zac snapped. "Why the hell do you even ask that anyway?! Is it about yesterday again?!" He angrily turned to Hadasa.

"Why are you lookin' at me like that?!" Hadasa snapped, "We're not goin' to hurt you, Zac. We're just curious about your other job, and we want to redeem you from your sin yesterday. That's all."

"Yea, jus' calm down, bruh," Uriah agreed. "You don't need to be a dick about it."

"Don't tell me to calm down, bruh!" Zac yelled, "I can talk to y'all like that, whether you like it or not! Got it?!"

Hadasa looked around to see whether customers and Big Burger workers noticed Zac's behavior. She saw a few customers and Big Burger workers watched Zac, whispering with one another. She then quickly turned to Zac and calmly said, "Alright, guys. We gotta leave. People already noticed us, due to Zac's yellin'. Take the food with us. We're goin' back to community service and finish eatin' there instead."

"Eh?!" Zac asked out of shock.

Hadasa's friends agreed to leave the restaurant while Zac quickly looked around and noticed people looking at them, widening his eyes.

-Oh, shit! Hadasa's right! I really outdid myself, big time. We better get the hell out of here now.

Once Zac and others left the restaurant with their foods and drinks, their faces became gloomy while they walked on the sidewalk, putting their heads down to their left. They didn't even bother to say a word nor talk to one another.

-Anyway, man. I hope my next community service isn't as bad as the last one. I mean, how much worse can it be? Otherwise, I hope I get my parents to transfer me to a new community service. I jus' can't stand to be this embarrassed much longer. Ugh!

Hiro Makoto