Chapter 22:

Part 2- Chapter 12

Snowflake and Butterknife

The plan was set, Sadie was given a tracking device that was placed on her thigh. Apparently the 7th division leader Turi had the ability to create a glue-like substance that kept anything he chose attached. Using this the device was impossible to remove unless Turi chose to release it. After that Sadie just had to make sure to keep it covered with her abilities while she was searched.

Once the trap was set up, the Kalahons were released. Edwin watched them leave with a glare, he still didn't like the idea of returning Sadie to those people. Gema was awoken and began monitoring the device, after clearing off the marker on her face. Turi left to gather his men and agreed to meet once signaled.

Edwin finally had a moment to catch his breath and sat at his desk across from Nova. Nova had begun working on a new puzzle box he had picked up. Loric laid his head on his desk, closing his eyes for a few moments.

“You should rest.” Nova said, eyes focused on the puzzle box as he turned it in his hand. “We figure that the auction will be tonight, it may even be late.”

“I'm fine.” Edwin said, looking around his bare desk for some sort of distraction.

“You should listen to Nova.” Met said, emerging from the break room with a tray of mugs. “No reason to waste your energy when you don't need to.” He placed a mug next to Edwin, a green tea filled the mug. He placed a coffee infront of Nova, and a Tea next to Loric who opened his eyes to thank Met.

Edwin eyed the tea. “I don't know, I just don't want to risk missing anything.”

The door to Reynard’s office opened fully, having been left half open. “You won't miss anything, you will be integral to this operation.” Renyard said, stepping out and grabbing a cup of coffee from Met’s tray. “7th Division does not have too many people with abilities like yours, we need you to help seal areas.”

“Something tells me Edwin joining was the best thing to happen to us huh boss?” Loric said, taking down a gulp of tea like it was shot.

“Point is, get some rest now while you can. Nova can drive you home till its time if you want.” Reynard said.

“No, that's okay, I'll just call Harper and ill be good.” Edwin said, getting up to excuse himself.

Edwin moved to the break room and closed the door behind him, hitting Harper’s contact on his phone list. The phone rang for a while before she picked up.

“Edwin?” Harper said, the sound of blowing wind forced her to yell. “Hey how is it going?”

Edwin explained what was happening quickly and without revealing too much, a fact he told to Harper in case someone was watching the phone calls. He didn't mention Reynard’s theory about the Council for that specific reason.

“What's going on with you?” Edwin asked. “Sounds like you're outside.”

“Oh I went out to run some errands, didn't go too well, sadly.” Harper said. “I'm heading home now, let me know how everything goes okay? And if you want ill come over tomorrow after you get off work, if you get off at a good time.”

“They call us the Closers for a reason.” Edwin said. “Though assuming nothing goes wrong I should be off at a good time tomorrow.”

“Great! We can get some food or something.” Harper said.

“Also, Reynard said he found me a place, showed me the info earlier. It's not far from your place so Ill actually be closer to you and work.” Edwin said. “Apparently Sim will be my neighbor.”

“That's great! Let me know when you are moving i'll get my dad to help.” Harper said.

“I'll take the help, but it seems like Reynard and the others will help too.” Edwin said.

They talked on for several minutes, hashing out details of the move for the next week. Once Edwin got off the phone he returned to his desk and laid his head down. He felt a sense of calm after talking to Harper. He liked the way she made him feel, he drifted for a minute with a dumb smile on his face.

Gema had alerted them about Sadie’s movement close to ten oclock. The sun had set hours ago and dark had overtaken the night. The snow had calmed to a steady light stream by this point, with a thick blanket overlaying the ground. The Peacekeepers gathered in the Undercover van that Nova had hidden from general sight. Apparently this van was mostly just used for times when they didn't want to be noticed. Because of that it looked very similar to a grandma van. There was even a screen in the middle that pulled down to play DVD’s.

They met up with the 7th Division, Turi got into their van and separated from the others to not draw attention. Sadie’s transmitter showed that she was in an old theater building in the middle of the city. The House of Reveal was its title. It served as part restaurant, part theater that was used during the weekends for larger stage performances. Reynard and the team all watched the entrance as people in suits piled in with masquerade masks on.

“No events are scheduled for tonight.” Turi said, looking over his tablet. “Place is owned by a Jason Henderson, friends with Jessie Kalahon. Also a friend of a lot of big names.”

“Loric, you got the cameras.” Reynard said, holding up a picture camera with a long scope. The sound of the shutter closing every few seconds.

Loric pulled up a suitcase, pulling free wired video cameras that easily attached to their jackets. Loric handed one to everyone but Turi who had his own. Edwin attached the camera to the zipper of the jacket in a way where the camera was faced out in front of him.

“I want all of you wearing those and getting visuals of everyone’s faces.” Reynard said.

“Tear off those masks as soon as you can.” Turi said. “If we give them an inch of deniability they will take it and get out of this. I got a guy who will be reading out their rights over a megaphone so they can't get off on that.”

“Smart move.” Reynard said.

“I won't let these bastards get out of here. We dont let one slip got that Reynard?” Turi said, turning to Reynard.

“Channel 7.” Reynard said, tapping the earpiece in his ear.

Turi tapped his finger to his own and informed his men of the channel change.

“Alright, Gema, we got info on the layout of the building?” Renyard asked into the ear piece, echoing in Edwin’s ear.

“Yep, sent it to you and Turi.” Gema said. “Looks like we got the back entrance with a double door and shutter for trucks, a side fire escape, and the main entrance.”

“Good, looks like they did us a favor.” Reynard said, holding up the screen of his computer for everyone to see the blueprints. “Edwin, Loric, Nova, you all take point on the back. That is where the people will be held. I want you guys locking that down. Edwin, seal the doors behind you. Turi, can you get that side escape sealed before we move in? We will take the front and sweep through quickly.”

“Works for me.” Turi said, looking over the files. “The theature has balconies, I can send the larger part of my crew up there. Most of them dont know combat well enough but can hold that small area well enough. I'm guessing Me, You, and Met will be leading the charge?” Turi said, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it, lowering the window to suck out the smell.

“Yep, we'll be the big players here.” Reynard said, looking at Met who sat in the back. “We can expect Mageye bodyguards, Gema you see any in there?”

“Only one.” Gema responded.

“Great, more that got around the system.” Nova said. He had taken over camera duties while Reynard showed everyone the blueprints. “People are starting to thin out, the party is going to be starting soon.”

“Well give them a few minutes to settle in, then make our move.” Turi said. “Edwin is it? You got the ice powers right?”

“Yes.” Edwin said casually.

“Good, I am counting on you, don't let any of them escape.” Turi said, a slight warmth to his cold tone. Edwin almost gasped at the words, they were so little yet the way Turi said it made it hold a large weight.

“I won't let you down.” Edwin said.

Turi smiled at Edwin. “Reynard I want this one transferred over to 7th when this is done, he seems like a good kid.”

“Not happening Turi.” Reynard said. He didn't elaborate, but Edwin could feel the protectiveness coming off him, like a father protecting his children.

“Right, i'll report back to my men and we can get ready, ill seal up that door to.” Turi said. “Lets get em bois.”
With that, a resolution filled everyone in that van. They all were of one mind, bringing down these sickos who believed they were above not only the law but human decency. 

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