Chapter 37:

For his Sister in Peril

Royal Princess of Blood

On his desk, Estevan sighed as he leaned his back on his chair. Piles of paper on his table separated from done and not. They were the list of normal palace soldiers, names, backgrounds, age, and so on. Basically commoners. There were a lot of them and he needed to study each and every one of them.

It was still early in the morning, and his head had already begun to ache a little. He never liked working on the desk, it was more fitting for his older brother, that was why he was solely focused on being a knight. However, his older brother was not currently here at the moment.


He massaged his temples as he heaved another sigh.

Whether he liked it or not, he had to do this. His dear sister was in peril, he couldn’t just stand idly by and refuse to work on something he didn’t like.

At the moment, his full focus was on commoner workers in the palace. He lacked knowledge more about commoners than the nobles in the knights. He had less people to trust there.

As for the knights, he trusted them. From his experience with them, they were loyal to the crown and eager to fulfill their responsibilities.

However, whether there were truly traitors or not among everyone in the palace, he needed to make sure. Better safe than sorry. And as his sister lives in the palace, all the more reason to suspect those who were always in the palace to be infiltrators.

They might even try to kill her at any point. Estevan couldn’t let that happen.

As for his father the king, he seemed to be more focused on matters outside the palace. Working closely with the church.

The church, huh…

The Church of Serenity and Compassion. The main religion of the Wisteria Kingdom. He didn’t know a lot about the Church Order’s inner workings. However, Estevan knew the local church’s alliance with the Church of the Six Gods from the Holy Kingdom of Valaies. And they were not to be underestimated either.

They will be helpful allies to have. The crown kept a close touch with the Churches, therefore, they definitely possess some strength and definitely have a great influence. The crown wouldn’t waste time on those who were useless and unhelpful.

Then there was a knock on the door.

“Your highness, I’m coming in.”

Estevan knew whose voice this was, and he immediately gave his reply.

“Yes! Come.”

The door opened and entered a man in a servant’s outfit. He was tall and slender, light brown skin and green eyes. He had long blonde hair which reached his shoulder, loose and covered his ears. This may seem pretty normal at first glance, but once you get to observe him more, he tended to cover his ears, away from everyone’s sight.

Estevan knew the reason why this servant wanted to cover his ears like that.

“Oryn, it seems you are done.”

The servant, Oryn, was holding a pile of papers in his hands.

“Indeed, I’ve compiled information within our records regarding half of the members of the knights.”

Estevan gave the order yesterday to gather all information they had about the knights in their ranks. Although personally, he already knew them all, but it was best to study written information. Like family situations, financial states, and so on, all about the family of the knights.

Some sort of motive, a reason to suspect them. And noble families wouldn’t surprisingly be traitorous and mischievous. That said, for Estevan, nobles that reside in the capital were less suspicious than those from the outside.

“You kept it a secret, right?”

“Yes, as per order.”


“That said, this would indeed cause some tension if they discovered that his highness is investigating them.”

That was why Estevan told Oryn that his task would be confidential, it wouldn’t be good if the nobles realized that the crown was doubting their allegiance. It might cause hostilities, tension among noble families, some families which already had unfriendly relationships might cause some turmoil if they learn of the crown’s actions. Some may even take advantage of the situation. Thus, it would be best to keep everything a secret.

The crown may have the highest power, but so do the other aristocrats, they have any form of power.

There must be order in the hierarchy and noble society. And Estevan preferred not to bring any disorder no matter how small they would be.

Oryn was Estevan’s trusted aide and attendant, that was why he left the task to him. He was sure he would abide by his order.

“How long until you compile the rest?”

“Adding our recent information and findings, I will try to make it tomorrow.”

“As reliable as always.”

Oryn quietly placed the papers on the table, he also seemed to want to ask a question. Thus, he began to speak.

“... Your highness, w—”

Suddenly, there were three knocks on the door. Quite gentle knocks.

“B-Brother! It’s me!”

The moment Estevan heard that muffled voice from the other side of the door, his face lit up with joy. He had been stressed enough, but this visit from her was already relieving him of that.


He stood from his seat and rushed to the door. He instantly opened it and what greeted him was the adorable face of a beautiful girl. Her crimson innocent eyes were treasures to be treasured. Her long platinum hair was shiny and valuable as countless piles of gemstones.

His dearest sister.

He extended his hand forward and sandwiched both her cheeks, causing a surprised expression from his sister. Her cheeks began to fluster ever so slightly.

“B-Brother! What—”

“Esteeel! I’m dreading, this despair, this stress. Seeing you makes me happy, unlike those piles of papers!” he said forcefully as he pointed at the stacks of paper with scorn.

Estelia glanced at his table.

“W-Why are you even scouring such a horrendous amount?” Her puzzled face was adorable as always. She was cuter than any puppy, or perhaps any creature or being at that.

“Just some information about some people.”

“Oh, I see. And please stop squeezing my cheeks.”

“No way.”

Estelia frowned, but still looked so amusing that Estevan couldn’t help but smile in her cuteness.

“Brother, it’s embarrassing, think of who is around.”

Estevan looked around him, there was the maid who Estelia selected, Mera, and the other was an old man, Vernon. Well, there was also Oryn, his attendant.

He realized that this was a bit awkward.

He stepped away and cleared his throat.

“Ahem! Yes, hehe, good to see you here, dear sister. Come inside,” following his words as they followed him, Estelia and her servants entered. “So, to what do I owe the pleasure of your delightful visit?”

“Owe? Am I not allowed to visit you anytime, dear brother?”

Her eyes were full of concern as though the thought of her being forbidden from visiting him brought her troubles and dread, and it might make her utterly upset. That was how Estevan understood it, and this only made him all frantic.

“N-No! Of course not, you are free to visit me anytime. Actually! Visit me all the time!” he smiled widely at his own suggestion.

“Really? But if I constantly visit, I would disturb your work.”

“That’s… fine…”

It was fine, truly fine. There was no harm to it.

Estelia turned to face the other servant in Estevan’s office.

“Oh, it’s you.”

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