Chapter 1:

Cereal Killers

I Paid My Succubi Servants Handsomely to be Impressed by Every Thing I Do

Athena shifted her glasses upwards in admiration as I poured my bowl of Count Chocula.Bookmark here

"Truly this is responsible for your noble girth, your humble majest-AAAAAAHHHHHH"
I shocked my oldest and least attractive succubus servant for making a joke at my expense that was blatant enough for me to get.Bookmark here

The younger Succubi, Brenda and Claire, on the other hand, applauded me magnificently for my most glorious deed.Bookmark here

"When is she going to pour the mil-" Claire was interrupted by Brenda.Bookmark here

"Shh! She likes it when you don't try to predict what will happen" Brenda gave me an illustrious smile. I tossed a gold coin at her boobies.Bookmark here

But yes indeed, I proceeded to pour my milk into the bowl of Count Chocula, and all three succubi servants cheered me on.Bookmark here

"Enjoy your mea-AAAAAAAAAHHHH"Bookmark here

Athena rolled over writhing in mock pain. I had a special contract for her to be just a bit troublesome to liven things up a bit.Bookmark here

"How dare you opine whether I will enjoy this meal or not? Lest you have the audacity to predict whether chocolate pieces with marshmallow bits will satisfy my mouth, hold your peace and let my taste buds do the talking."Bookmark here

I took a bite. It was pretty good.Bookmark here

"Does the smile mean she likes it?" asked Claire.Bookmark here

"Yes, yes it does. Go ahead and cheer." said Brenda.Bookmark here

I tossed two small bags of silver at their bags while they cheered.Bookmark here

And thus marked the beginning of a marvelous breakfast. But you're probably wondering how I reincarnated into a wealthy family where I can afford to pay succubi servants to cheer me on for pouring a bowl of cereal. Well I don't know. It just happened.
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