Chapter 11:

The Classroom #5

St. Clover's Golden Academy [Cancelled, to be reworked]

Ellis was just speechless. His thug-like demeanor and appearance were shed like a layer, revealing a serious professional persona.

His speech and execution of the subject were concise and understandable. He answered all the questions willingly and made sure to clarify all aspects of the topic.

His take on the lesson was shorter and less complicated than the professors. It was quick and snappy, rather than wordy"

He shut his book and put the pencil down. "for my last question! Are there any more questions you all would have?"

Ellis raised her hand.

"Yes, Miss Ellis."

"Where did you learn all this?"

Arthur an eyebrow, slouching and frowning. "As I said, a sweet lady named Amy taught me."

"Okay, any real questions this time?" he joked."

The class laughed.

"He's not all bad."

"Perhaps violent, but it was well founded in my opinion."

"He has dreamy blue eyes too!"

"He's quite frank, and I really like that."

Arthur packed his book and returned to his seat.

"Until the bell rings, class is over, and enjoy your free time."

"Thank you, professor!" Evangeline giggled.

Arthur cringed, earning another laugh from the class.

"This is definitely a one-time thing. Hell, I think I am in trouble." He said pointing at the professor on the floor.

Evangeline gave him an apathetic nod. "Perhaps you are."

Arriving at his seat, he set the book down and sat down. "So, Milady! How did I perform?"

Ellis flinched, forgetting her deal. His gaze was on her, along with the whole classroom. "I-It was satisfactory."

"I'll take it!" He laughed, packing his things, unaware that he was being monitored by magic.

The principal was chuffed and impressed with his performance.

Watching from her office, she hummed, taping on her long smoking pipe. In her hand was a magic artifact, the viewing orb.

"Perhaps it wouldn't be a one-time only." She said, impressed by his execution.

She briefly glanced at her office with walls and columns filled to the brim with books, with a few cases even floating about.

"As a teacher, it would be easier for both of us."

"He is crafty enough to blackmail Victoria, I wonder… how much more entertainment will he provide me."

Ding! Dong!

The Academy's giant bells chimed with a beautiful melody in Arthur's ears, even though it was still the same sound.

"And that is the end of the day!" He rejoiced.

Arthur lets out a long happy sigh. "Finally this day is over!"

His surrounding classmates giggled while giving him agreeing with glances. After the bell's last chime, he sprinted out of the classroom and sped past students.

The hallway was full of students streamed out of classrooms. Most were either orderly or excitedly like dogs freed from leashes, and he had to maneuver around them.

"Second-year students are flocking to our classroom in hopes of recruiting more members for their club. . "

Arthur sprinted through the halls, his leather shoes creasing.

"And there are clubs that I need to join!"

His leather shoes started to hurt his toes. " Every student can only join three clubs at most, and balance three days a week for all three."

"One club for my personal enjoyment and the other two for my future development."

Students that were in his path had to dodge his path.

"What the hell!?"

"Watch where you are going!!"

"I have about ten minutes to sign up for all three." Arthur huffed.

"I have done this course a thousand times, and each time, I had only a few seconds to spare."

Arthur saw the corner quickly approaching in the distance. It was an open balcony directly overhead a small garden.

"I made it through the whole route with only a seven-speed and strength six, now imagine how fast I can finish with speed and strength double that."

Without stopping, he lunged out of the window and landed on a tree. The tree branch bends under his momentum and he jumps down from it, letting it spring.

"Okay Magi-Alchemy club! We need to recruit at least one student a day for a week–"

"Hello!" Arthur greeted the second year from behind, as he dangled from the tree.

She was talking to two other members when he appeared.

She snapped in his direction and screamed her lungs out. "Kyaaa– where did you come from!?"

Her hair was disheveled and her glasses were made of one-way glass, just like David's.

She was presentable but unlike most ladies in the academy, she was not fabulously dressed.

"HI, my name is Arthur Haile– I want to be part of your club, please write my name on the form for me and I will give you my signature later –but for now I need to run, so meet you here tomorrow."

"Magi-Alchemy, the practical, production, and application of magic and Alchemy to create potions."

"W-what!?" She asked, looking at the running first year.

"He wanted to join our club?" She gasped, her brain finally digesting the information.

"One down, two more to go."

Sprinting out of the garden, through a crowded lounge, speeding up the stairs, and jumping around a crowded hallway later– Arthur finds himself sprinting on a metal rooftop.

Spotting an open skylight, Arthur smoothly slid on the roof with the momentum he accumulated.

Dropping into an empty section of the Academy library as silently as possible, Arthur momentarily admired walls filled with books leaves, floating magic lanterns, floating books, and aisle upon aisle of books.

He stopped in front of a pretty third-year behind a desk, labeled with a sign.

"Good afternoon miss."

She looks up and notices Arthur. "Well hello, how may I help you?"

"I have come to register for the Book reading library club."

She blinked once before smiling. She passed Arthur Haile a form and he received it. "Well please sign this form and–"

"Done!" He said, with a smirk.

She was amused by his eagerness and she took the neatly filled form with gladness.

With an outstretched hand, she offered to shake his hand. "Welcome to the Book reading Library club– eh? Where did he go?"

Arthur breezed through the hallways and slid around corners, his legs stretching out his last bit of energy.

Arriving at a tower built with the sole purpose of housing a spacious spiral staircase.

Arthur jumped and turned his body sideways, landing on the outer railing and riding it all the way down.

Before he could crash into the post at the end, he jumped and landed on His leather shoes, skidding across the tile ground in front of a fourth year.

Who was in the middle of a group meeting? "Okay! We're going to recruit more marksmen club members this year from the new scholarship students!

He had brown hair, sit short, and styled into a messy quiff. "for years, we've fallen behind the Archery club and have been forced to share the same training grounds as them!"

"Boo!" his club members jeered, totaling just seven.

"And we need one more member to keep this club alive–"

"I'm interested." Arthur jumped in, interrupting the speaker, scaring him in the process.

"Ah! What the hell man! Don't do that!"

Arthur raised his hand in surrender at the man's gaze. "My bad, I just got excited to say I wanted to join after I heard it exists."

"Three minutes to spare. I think I broke an Earth world record."

"So where do I sign up?" He beamed, almost childlike.

His pen flew through the waiver and the agreement. Before the elder could shake his hand in welcome, he fled the scene.

"Hmph, interesting guy," Patricia remarked, observing him discreetly from a distance.

"I will inform Ellis of this development. "