Chapter 1:

The start of a new life


"yeahhh I heard you" Blaine replies while yawning. After few minutes he got ready and ran to school. On the way to school he saw something in flame falling from sky right at him. He got scared and runs back then it crashes in front of him. Blaine looks what that thing is and saw a scarf. Blaine got confused and didn't know what to do. Then he thought of taking it because he thought it looked fancy. He took it and put it in the bag and ran to school. When he reached school it was already late. He was put to stand outside his class half the day. He got bored and sat on the floor and slept. After a while he woke he by hearing a cry. Blaine follows the scream and it was coming from the boy bathroom and saw 2 senior students beating up Blaine's childhood friend Ben. Blaine didn't know what to do and suddenly Ben and the 2 seniors started looking at Blaine with disgusted expression
"Why aren't you helping your friend Blaine? Just why?" The 2 seniors started repeating those words
"Why are you letting them beat me?". Ben started repeating these words and stood came near Blaine and suddenly Blaine got shocked and woke up from his sleep just to realize he was dreaming all along. A year ago Ben went missing and before he went missing he was seen bullied by seniors and was known to be their servant. Blaine was helpless and requested his dad who owns a marshal arts school and was an expert at martial arts to teach him fight and defence against others so he won't have to see another Ben who got lost. After class it started to get cold as the winter is gonna begin. Blaine decides to wear the scarf that he got in the morning and he felt warm in it. After school he went to a cafe where he regularly goes so can relax. Not helping Ben is a guilt he still have. It was getting  dark and he heads out of the cafe to his home and on the way he saw the same bullies that bullied Ben. They noticed Blaine and decided to make him their next slave and one bully approached Blaine and grabs his hand and shouts "CONGRAGULATIONS YOU ARE OUR NEXT SLAVE NOW KID". Blaine gets angry and kicks back of his head like how his dad taught him. The bullies got angry and surrounds Blaine and he was manage to take down few bullies but one of the bullies hits him with a wooden baseball bat back of his head. Blaine gets knocked out. The bullies laughs at him and continuous to talk about Ben and Blaine is their slave from tomorrow. Suddenly few threads from the scarf moves on its own and injects at Blaine's cervical spine and Blaine shouts out loud and stands up. The bullies gets scared and suddenly the same bully who hits him with the wooden bat hit him again but the bat breaks. The bullies try to run and Blaine catches them and beats all of them till they cant move. After that Blaine gets exhausted and runs home thinking of what just happened and how he gained that power. At reaching home he took a shower and got cleaned. When his dad asked how his day was Blaine didn't know what to say and replied with "it was okay". His dad didn't bought it but smiled at him and says "Next time try to make it like it was great". Blaine smiles and agrees. Blaine loved his dad the most as his mother passed away when he was very young and don't have any memories or pictures of her. His dad was there whenever he needed. Later that night when Blaine was sleeping he heard a gun shot from outside and when he looked outside he saw his dad was getting shot. Dan took the scarf and runs towards him and the guy who shot him with anger. Few grunts came in between and his scarf injects him and Blaine kicks them all and when he reaches his dad it was already too late and says to Blaine to run away from the city as fast as he can. Blaine was crying loudly that he couldn't hear and suddenly rain starts. After his dad passes away Blaine hears a loud laughter from the sky and a helicopter and saw the guy who killed his dad clearly. 
"I WILL FIND YOU AND DESTROY YOUUU" Blaine shouts out loud



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