Chapter 39:

Must be in Control

Royal Princess of Blood

I grabbed a few papers again and began scanning them. What I was focusing on were papers about the knights, they held more significance than the papers of commoners. Nobles were people with power and influence after all.


I got a paper which had information about Alan Welford, as well as his brother. It also contains observations about their character and personality. Did my brother add these? No, Estevan wouldn't do something like this, and certainly not alone, he definitely had some help, and that helper would do most of the paperwork.

I think Oryn was the one who assisted him in this kind of affairs.

After reading the information of some more people, I sighed, I discovered nothing of worth just yet.

But it was still good to attain knowledge.

“Have any plans today, Estel?”

My brother suddenly asked me when he saw me sighing.

“Hm? Ah, not really, I have nothing else to do. All I do is stay in the castle anyway.”

“... If only we could go out again, huh.”

“Yes… But as I have nothing else to do, I ought to help you a little. You should savor my assistance dear brother, I’ll be somewhere else tomorrow.”

“Ah yes, your desire to learn magic, be prepared to read a book with a lot of words, Estel. Hehehe.”

“I’m fine with reading, thank you very much.”

I noticed something strange about Oryn. The moment he heard the mention of me learning magic, he seemed to be surprised, not happily, but it felt something else. Was he just surprised to hear I was about to learn magic? Hm.

“Is it hard?” I asked my brother.

“Not really. We’re royalty, so we have greater affinity to magic and have a greater amount of mana than others or the common people, so you will have an easier time. That’s what I think, that is.”

“Hm. I see. Mother also knows magic, but I never saw her do it in front of me.”

“Well, she stopped practicing magic. She decided to focus on her family, and that was a long time ago. You haven’t even been born that time, dear sister.”

“Oh. Is what I’m about to learn different from the magic used by the knights?”

“That’s right,” he looked at me. “What you’re going to learn is the way of a mage. Not physically demanding like being a knight. Fitting for a lady.”

Oh? Now I’m very interested. As someone who came from a world without such a thing called magic, I couldn’t help but feel excited.

“I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Though I would have preferred to begin now. But, there is nothing I can do.”

“You have my support, Estel. Personally, at this time, it would be best for you to learn magic spells. You would be a little safer.”

“Hihihi, but you would also protect me, right? Dear brother? I mean, you are waaay stronger.”

“Of course, I will be your knight in shining armor,” he said with an intense charm that would make ladies fall in love no doubt.


I averted my eyes away as my cheeks turned red from his teasing. He also chuckled in amusement as he watched me.

“Hmph! You alway try to embarrass me.”

“Yes yes. I alway do it seems. That is because you look very adorable, so I think you’re at your best when you’re embarrassed.”

“I’ll just return to reading the papers.”

I immediately faced the papers in my hands.

“Hahaha! Okay~.”

There was a long moment of focus on our own work. It was then that Oryn spoke.

“Your highness,” he called out to my brother.

“Yes? Have something to ask?”

“Y-Yes. I was just wondering what this is for? Everything has been tense in the palace recently. What could you be searching for?”

My brother and I looked at each other. I tilted my head, then shook my head subtly. My brother trusted this person, I will not let my brother’s attachment to him influence him to do something foolish such as sharing what happened.

Never make the infiltrator realize that he was being searched. Otherwise, he might escape from your grasps. And the infiltrator could be anyone.

I have to be on guard on things such as this. My brother was a brave, strong, and friendly man, but he was still soft inside.

One may say something, or think of something they think they can do, but when it comes to it, humans tend to hesitate. They would do something they otherwise said they would do.

Like how one says they would confront their boss because they were pissed, but in the end, they would stutter and eventually give up. Or how one resolves themselves to speak with someone they find hard to talk to, but when it came to, they ended up being quiet.

Or one that says they would kill someone they cared about for someone else that they cared more. However, ending up hesitating, giving the chance for everything to fall apart.

One must prove themselves by their own will, their own choice. I could let my brother do what he wanted, like leaving the choice to him here. However, I can’t let that happen in this kind of situation. Reason? I was directly involved in this. I can’t take the risk yet.

I want to be in control of the situation. I must be in control.

Thus, for the time being, I will be influencing Estevan’s actions if I need to. Leading him to where I want him to be.

I must tread carefully.

“Well, just some things, something very important.”

Oryn had a delay in speaking after hearing my brother’s words.

“...I see. So it is confidential.”

“Hm, something like that.”

I observed Oryn, his eyes looked like he still wanted to ask. He wanted to poke his nose in. But sorry, Oryn, no matter how long you have been working here and how trusted you are, anyone from outside the family or someone I deem untrustworthy, must never know what was happening.

I commend my family for deciding to keep everything a secret. I guess they were exceedingly cautious when it concerns family.

I met Oryn’s gaze and smiled.

He merely lowered his head and moved on. How cold.

But this was amusing.

You’re an interesting man, Oryn.

I should learn something more about this guy.

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