Chapter 17:

The Azurespines

The World's Savior is a Deviant?!

After Raze Havok and I returned, Komoria seemed to be in a relatively better mood. She kept to herself as we walked, but it seemed some of the tension had been relieved. After about half an hour we had reached the mud-filled plains. Inside of it was a large burrow that led deep into the ground.

As we did, I thought of the monster's status.

[Name: Eskachad the Immortal]—[Class: Demigod Bandit Lord]—[Level: BLOCKED]

[Skills: Skills: Copycat (MAX), Passive Eternal Immortality (MAX), Light Speed (MAX), Twenty-One more abilities Hidden below]

[Status: BLOCKED]—[Attack: BLOCKED]—[Defense: BLOCKED]—[Magic: BLOCKED]

What a true terror. We truly are fortunate…

I was thrown out of my thoughts when I noticed the familiar terrain. My stomach panged with both desire to escape, but also the will to see it through at last.

“We are here.” I led them right into the large burrow where two brown armored scorpion beast-kin stood with gem-encrusted swords.

“Man, look at these dudes.” Raze Havok laughed. “They look just as ridiculous as you.”

Raze Havok’s laughing was cut short when two swords appeared at his throat.

“W-Wah!” Komoria put her hands up in fear.


““Never disrespect the princess!”' they shouted at the top of their lungs.

I let my head droop incredibly low. “Please, you don’t need to call me that. Now, allow my companions to pass. They will be staying the night.”

The two soldiers snapped to attention. “Yes, my Lady. We apologize for our rudeness.” They bowed and retreated.

“Thank you.” I started to walk by, but the two behind me refused to move. I turned my head back to them. “What is it?”

Komoria was at a loss for words while Raze Havok had his arms crossed and looked mad.

“P-P-Princess!?” Komoria looked speechless.

“Eck, princess…” He gagged.

I shrugged. “My mother was technically the princess, but since she's passed on, the role was been thrust on to me. Now, let's get going. I need to make preparations before our departure.”

I walked forward again and into my home of conflicts and strife.


“This place is so fucking bizarre,” Raze Havok commented. He glanced up and down at the long and wide underground city.

“Yeah….what's up with that?” She pointed at one of the earth-stone dwellings.

“What do you mean? It seems normal to me.”

“Yeah, but…..” She trailed off.

“Where's the roof?” Raze Havok asked bluntly.

I tilted my head with curiosity. “'Roof'…..?”

That's when it hit me. “Oh! I see….. Other provinces usually keep something on top of their homes to protect against the weather and the scorching sun. As you can see, since we are underground—we have no need for any of that.”

“I see...” Komoria kept staring out the home as if to sear it directly into her brain.

“Now, allow me to show you where your accommodations are located.” I led them away from the main homes of Azurespine and down a far more narrow path with a large home looming over everything at the very end. Attached to it was a small three-roomed home that appeared unused.

“How is it so bright down here?” Komoria seemed impressed by the view.

“Just look above you. We use artificial sunlight from our constructed solar sphere to grow our crops and keep everyone's spirits up. Most of us are not fortunate enough to bask in the real sun.”

“That’s pretty depressing, but that big ball of light does not seem half bad.”

“Indeed. Furthermore, this will be your lodging for the night. I will have some of my attendants bring you food shortly. There should already be blankets and beds; it's our guest home.”

“Sure. Whatever.”

“B-bed? As in one that is fluffy and not hard and cold or on the floor?” Komoria jumped up and down with excitement.

“Well, it's not the most comfortable, but it is made by our best craftsmen so I believe you will find it adequate enough. Though I do have to wonder why would a bed be hard and cold?”

Komoria stared at Raze Havok but he said nothing. “It's nothing to worry about…” She dropped eye contact with me and walked right by. “I'm going to check out these real beds. If you need anything, I'll be in there.”

After she left I locked eyes with Raze Havok. “She seems to be doing a lot better," I concluded. "What will you do now?”

He scratched his neck while taking in the view of the Azurespines that went about their days around us. “Do you really need that much protection? Seems kinda extra.”

“You tell me—this is all Uncle’s doing. If it wasn't for that stupid Title….” I wanted to punch something just mentioning my plight.

“Yeah... Well, I recall you mentioning that you had something to measure stats just like my scanner. Could you take me to it ?”

“Of course. I will have to deal with Uncle shortly, but I don’t mind showing you around first.


“Hmmmmm. So it’s just a giant fucking circle. Kinda lame if you ask me.” He glared at the large violet magic circle with ancient runes from generations of Azurespines woven inside of it—The Magrothean

We were now at the epicenter of my home. It was placed here so anyone and everyone could see the strength of an individual at any time. The main reason it was used was….

“It's used to determine someone's Title at birth and again in their 15th year.” For some inexplicable reason, I couldn't meet his eyes as I spoke. It seemed this truly was a subject I was not fond of—even after all these years.

"His lips broke into a sly smile. “I see. Well, time to flex.” He jumped right on top of it, the magic circle whirling to life in response to his call. Lighting coiled around him like a helix dragon's tail before disappearing and displaying what he desired above his head.

[Name: Raze Havok]—[Class: Savior/Disruptor]—[Level: 30]—[Potential: To the sky]

[Current Title: Imp Vanquisher]—[Attack: 746]—[Defense: 670]—[Magic: 450]

“Potential? Title? That's new. So you can’t even see the abilities of each other. That’s super lame.”

“Indeed but that is how The Magrothean works. Your Title is rather specific as well.”

“It seems pretty sick, but I can think of a hundred better ones like Lord of Destruction or Death Bringer."

I puffed out my cheeks, jealously working its way through me like a sickness. I wish I had a more specific Title...

“As you know, my title is The Soft….”

“Why is that? Are your breasts super s—”

“No," I cut in. "When I was born, I possessed the attack value of 1. It was the lowest of our kind in the history of our tribe. I was given my Title at first because I seemed too weak to ever hurt anything, but it later stuck because my punches felt so soft that they weren't even noticeable—they were like small puffs of air.”

“Well it was like that for a bit, but then you kinda messed me up—just a bit. I thought I might puke up my guts.” He stepped off from the magic circle and began to walk.

“You don't want to ask me about my unique Skill?” He continued his stride but turned his head back to me.

“It’s none of my business, but you might have some potential in the near future. Then I would be at least a little interested in bringing you with me. Until then, you don’t have to tell me shit. Now, where can I get some food?”

“One moment. Natah, The Quick!” A medium-sized scorpion quickly made its way over here. She transformed to reveal a teenage girl in a long dress with brown curly hair and a six-foot tail.

“Lyra….I mean—Lady Lyra. How can I be of assistance?” She struck a salute with one hand.

I let out an exasperated sigh. “Lyra is fine, you know….. Anyway, please bring my guest, Raze Havok, to the Cryptic House and provide him with whatever he requires to feel at home.”

"You don't have the technological advances to make me feel at home," he mumbled. 

She tilted her head, but her eyes were wild with excitement.” O-Oooooh! A human! What's his Title?! What's his Title?!” She was very interested.

I wanted to sigh but held it in. I needed to look strong for my people. I took in a deep breath instead and exhaled quickly. Uncle hasn't met him yet, but perhaps Elder Lorak can take a look at him. I'm sure he will be interested in such a far-off title. Here is his status display from The Magrothean.” I tossed her a small white-colored coin. It came out of the edge of the circle once the user leaves. It will allow anyone to view it by holding down its centerpiece.

“Wow! An Imp slayer! I'm on it, Lady Lyra!” She seized Raze Havok by his wrist and yanked him along.

“Let's go! Let’s go! Let’s go!” she squealed with glee.

“You're tearing my wrist! Gaaaah!” Raze Havok yelled as she dragged him farther and farther away from where I stood.

“She's a young but promising girl with her speed. Now…'s time to speak with Uncle.


Uncle was most likely overseeing business at the Zigorath. The large shrine sat at the edge of our underground realm and was the one place with a proper roof above it. A statue of our goddess, Talalea, stood above the sphere-shaped building. She was made from earth stone with blue crystals for eyes. In one hand she held a torch and in the other, displayed a tiny scorpion in the center of her palm. Talalea was said to have created the first scorpion and we worshiped this goddess of creation and birth for it.

The door was sealed shut and would only open for someone with the blood of Azurespine royalty flowing within them. Uncle used to be in there with Father and one of my brothers, but now he was all alone. I placed my armored hand against the door but it didn't budge.

“What a pain…” I pulled off one of my gauntlets and touched it again. This time a blue triangle gleamed at the center. It was the crest of the Azurespine. The door receded upwards to reveal a dimly lit room with countless artifacts of worship on earthen pedestals. At the very end stood a medium size statue of Talalea which required constant prayers for two hours, three times a day.

I could see Uncle’s dark blue and grey colored tail dancing around in the air around pedestals like remnants of a flame. He was near the end of the third ritual for the day. Now all I had to do was to wait for him to finish. 

To interrupt him would have been considered heresy of the highest order. Not even royalty was exempt from punishment when it came to the goddess. Time seemed to slow down as I remained at the door, standing tall and strong as I waited for him to finish. I used this lull to go over the topic of discussion in my mind.

I will tell Uncle that I will be going on a journey just like my brothers and Father to bring pride to our tribe. I will depart tomorrow with his blessing or without it. This is a vow I am making to myself and I intend to keep it—no matter what transpires after this.

“Ah, so you have returned, Lyra. Did you save those bat beast-kin like you endlessly begged to assist with?”

Uncle may have been across the room, but I could feel his intense eyes looking down on me—just like always. “U-Uncle...I—” The words seemed to get caught in my throat.

“Ah, so you have failed…. Well, you have proven that you are not worthy time and time again. Will you now stay home and lead your people as your mother did?”

His blue eyes bore into my soul like a spear. I couldn't meet them no matter how hard I tried. I focused on his beard which was a wispy concoction of blue and grey—just like his short hair.

“Uncle, I still have the means to prove my—”

“Look me in the eyes when you are speaking! A princess should have proper manners when addressing both her subject and elders.”

He hurried past all the artifacts and stood at the door, impeding my exit. His patronizing visage sized me up from head to toe. “Your strength is still lower than most children. How can I allow my only niece to run off to her death?!”

“But Father, Jinra, and Ryo all traveled and brought pride and glory to our kind even in death!” I argued.

"Really?" Uncle rolled his eyes before knitting his eyebrows. “This again? I expected far better from you Lyra. You know, your brothers were some of the finest of the Azurespine in both strength and durability. Their deaths in the Underwater Ruins were the first and only of our kind. Don't even get me started on your foolish father.”

“He was killed by an elder dragon during the beast-kin clash! Why can't I be involved in something so spectacular?! So sublime?!”

“Because you are the only royal female left of our tribe! You aren't strong like them! Just how can I make you understand that?! How can I make you not fall into the same bottomless pit as the rest of our family?!”

I ground my teeth and gazed directly into his eyes. When I spoke, tears slowly formed around my lashes. “I have trained, and trained, and trained to forge my body into something strong enough to handle my Skill but you still won't even acknowledge me for something as simple as that! Why is that?! Huh? Why?! The Magrothean is severely flawed because it doesn't show my unique ability.”

“Oh, tears now? I thought we raised you better. I thought you were strong?”

“You didn't raise me—Father did!” I shrieked. I clenched my metal-covered fist, trying to keep my composure.

He raised an eyebrow while regaining his calm demeanor. “And look where that got him.”

I nearly smashed my fist into him, fury flowing through my entire body like flames of retribution. I so wanted to prove him wrong. Show him my potential.

But... I held back.  I couldn't allow my emotions to take the reins any longer. I took a few deep breaths and sighed. I had done it many times today already.

“I didn't come here to bicker with you. I wanted to inform you that I have been chosen by the goddess-appointed Savior to assist subjugate the remaining Lords of Tyranny. I'll have the opportunity to forge my own path and obtain glory and renown for our tribe.”

He scoffed. "And how did you trick him into allowing that? You stung him and forced your win on the pretense of death with the unbinding oath—did you not?”

He got me, but I wasn't going to give up. “It matters not. They have seen my strength and have allowed me to join them because of that. Is that not what you wanted?

“Strength? Is that so? Why don't you show me some of this so-called ‘strength’.”

“Are you challenging me, Uncle? You have never brought this up as an option in the past. I was always your dainty niece. One that had to be protected at all cost.”

He cracked his neck before scowling. “That is because I thought you would learn from your own failures, but now it has come to this.” He rolled up the sleeves from his ritual garb. “We shall fight inside of The Magrothean. The first to either be pushed out or defeated in combat will be the loser.”

“But Uncle, I don't want to fi—”

“No, Lyra—you will. Fight and prove to everyone that all you will be good for is raising a next of kin and leading our kind. It's the only way to cease these senseless ‘adventurer’ delusions of yours that your brothers and father instilled into a weak and pathetic royal like you. Now, let's go!”

He grabbed my wrist and forcefully pulled me forward. “It all ends here!”

“Yes, it will,” I muttered quietly under my breath.