Chapter 18:

What Matters Most

The World's Savior is a Deviant?!

It happened soon after I came to the guest room that the scorpion had set up for us. Komoria and I each had our own little rooms decked out with two wooden chairs, a queen-sized bed, and a small wooden table with two chairs.

“Not bad, scorpion people, not bad.” 

I stripped down to just my shirt and pants and fell gently into the bed. My [Seven Deadly Sins] armor pieces had disappeared the moment I had started to dress down. I gripped my left hand and touched it with my right. It had been some time since I had been able to feel my actual skin. My chest seemed more toned and built than I remembered. It must have had to do with my level, but I sort of had abs now. I touched my chest a little more before I got a buzz from my scanner. The second I touched it, I was flung into a new world.

“Huh? The fuck?” I looked around. I was back in that white void that I had appeared in when I first died in this world.

“Welcome. Endina has told me a lot about you. I am Zeus, Lord of Lightning and King of the Twelve Olympians.”

I groaned internally.

The man that sat across from me was dressed in a pure white toga, sporting a curly grey beard. His eyes were sky blue and brimming vigor, even if his face seemed a little on the older side. I could see his bare arms that sat on his lap and man, that guy was jacked. I felt kind of lackluster about my improved body now that I witnessed the pinnacle of the human form.

“Hey old man—what exactly am I here for?” I raised my arms and rested them behind my head as I spoke. If there was a table around I would have been able to relax my legs as well.

He raised a bush eyebrow and said, “Did Endina not tell you? I was sure she explained about the interviews that have been lined up for you today.” 

He looked at me with kind eyes, but I did not return the favor.

“Listen, gramps, I'm not really interested in your lightning shit or whatever you actually do so, can we get onto the next person already.”

“Oh, well, okay... Endina did warn me that you would be like this.”

“And while you're at it you can cancel the interviews with female goddesses. I can't stand them. You get what I mean”

"I'm not sure I do but..." Zeus momentarily launched into deep thought. After a bit, he came to, seeming rather sad but nodded as if he understood my sentiment. “Well alright then, let's move on.”

He snapped his fingers and phased out in a flash of sparks. In his place was a very handsome and most likely womanizing blond-haired man. He took in my existence with his sky-blue eyes and looked around 20 or so. I couldn't really tell.

“Who the hell are you, Pretty Boy?” I tried to put some imitation into my voice, but the charming man was unfazed.

He just sat with his legs crossed in a modern t-shirt and jeans. After living in this parallel world for so long, it was actually somewhat jarring to look at. He kept his gaze directly on me. “I assume you know who I am. Everyone does, after all.”

“No. I don’t," I said, shaking my head. "That's why I just asked you—dumbass.”

His eyes grew wide in disbelief. “You can’t tell that I’m Apollo, the god of the Sun, music, and Poetry?”

“How the fuck am I supposed to figure that out when you look like some generic movie star.”

“Hmph. It matters not. Now let me tell you why the powers of the sun will benefit you on your journey.”

“Will it help me kill or vaporize my enemies in cool, unique, or even funny ways?”

“Well….no, but there are plenty of other ways you can util—”

I held a hand up as if I was the judge on some talent show on T.V. “Pass. Next.” I looked down and started scratching my chin to pass the time. A minute later, I looked up again. “'re still here? Was I not clear enough or are you one of those dumb blonds??”

The sun god was surely displeased with my attitude but at last—he gave in. “Fine. Stay a Zodiac loser. I hope he makes you wish you accepted my offer. Farewell, rowdy child!”

He poofed away almost like a visible fart. This time replaced with a tall tan man in black glasses, a leather jacket, and ripped pants. Everything about him was dark. He even had spikes sticking out of his shoulders as if he was an 80s rockstar.

“Now who might you be?” I asked, my voice dripping with sarcasm. I had a pretty good guess of who this guy was.

He had his arms behind his neck just like me and even had another chair in front of him to rest his feet on. “Eh? Who the hell are you, Kid? Edge Lord much? Zeus told me I had to show up for some stupid thing, but I didn't expect some white-haired brat to be the reason I had to miss my hockey game.

My patience snapped. “Who the fuck do you think you are?! This is why no one likes you. You're Ares, right?? I remember learning about you in school. You got your dumbass trapped in a jar once, didn't you?! That’s some prime fucking audacity to judge me. Doesn't get more pathetic than that!”

A blood vessel bulged on his head the same way he would flex his arm muscles from time to time. He quickly leaned forward, his aura leaking out into the room and making it feel at least thirty degrees hotter. “You talk a big game for an idiot that's already died not once—but twice! I heard you killed the weakest boss on your continent, but you nearly died for it. Big fucking deal, am I right?”

This time I leaned forward and solely focused on his shades, my reflection was indeed that of a raging beast. “And what the fuck have you done in all these years you have been alive? The fact that you are actually real makes all those stupid wars appear a whole lot worse. You haven't do shit for either side—ever.”

“Now listen here, you little shit. Zues ma—”

“Now, you listen here, Baldy. I'm this close to—”

“Now, you listen he—”

Now, you list—”

Now, yo—”

““Shut the fuck up!”” The rage between the two of us was way more than this room could bare.

We both flopped back into our seats. “You know, you're not that bad of a dude, Ares.”

“I feel the same way, Kid. You got some spunk in that cringey frame of yours. You want my gift?” 

The tension in the room had all but disappeared.

“Can I kill shit with it?”

“You fuckin' bet your mother you can! It’s a big fucking boar that can cover around 80 miles per hour. That baby can stomp or stampede over anything you need.”

“A boar, huh? Now that you mention it, I could use a new form of transportation. This kills two birds with one stone. That weirdo dark god would like it too.”

He thrust out his hand as if for me to shake it. “You in, Kid?”

I didn't even hesitate. “You are a man I can get behind. Hell yeah, I am!” I took his hand and gave it the good ol’ big squeeze.

“Man, you got a nice grip. It's a lot better than that pansy, Apollo.”

“I know right?! That guy was such a baby dick loser. Heh-heh-he.” I cackled to myself at the phrasing of that. Ares joined me.

We were both laughing at his expense. What a great time. “Well, now that our pact has been made, I think it's time to send ya back. It's been nice to talk to a decent person for once. Everyone around here is just a snobby complainer. All bark and no bite. They lack guts.”

“Heh, I feel ya. We got real balls, you know? I’ll catch ya later.” 

We fist-bumped one more time before I was whisked back to my guest room. My ears were filled with a boisterous knock over and over again.

“Who the hell is it!? I was making a lifelong friend!” I screamed. I got up and slowly dressed, making sure to take my time as the knocks continued to berate my ears. “What?!” I opened the door to see Komoria standing there, her tense face full of sweat. She was beyond jolted, her hands slightly shaking at the tips. 

“ Lyra looks like she's about to have a fight with her family. We need to stop them!”

I craned my neck and gazed her directly in the eyes. “And why should we? Sounds like family problems and more importantly—I don't give a shit about that tanky-ass scorpion.”

Komoria grimaced. “Oh, don’t be like that! I know you can be helpful when you want to. We are her guests," she pleaded. It's the least we can do.”


I turned around, ready to flop on my bed and take a long nap. “Guests do what they want, and that’s what I'll do.”

She pouted but didn't try to convince me any longer “Ugh, you're so annoying—you know that? Fine, I'll do it myself.”

"Great movie line, but a poor decision," I dropped in. "But good luck with that."

"...." She rudely left without closing the door, leaving me to my lonesome once more.

“Eh... Fuck it, I shouted, sitting up. "I'm gonna go watch!”


I spotted Komoria in the crowd of onlookers. There were guards stationed at each corner around the large circle thing that I already forgot the name of. The area was nearly deserted earlier, but now it was packed full of these scorpion people, filling me with unease.

 I used the rabbit to get me onto a roofless home. I really could see everything inside. It would be a shame if their valuables went missing… 

Before I could dwell on that any further and possibly be arrested, the scorpion tank and some middle-aged boomer stepped into the circle.

There was for sure some sort of tension between them, but that shit didn't matter; I wanted to see some punches get thrown. Part of me wishes I was down there, especially with my Title from earlier today.

The circle was now brimming with life and displayed both of their stats for all of us to see.

[Name: Lyra]—[Class: Monk/Warrior Beast-kin]—[Level: 101]—[Potential: Too troublesome to make work]

[Current Title: The Soft]—[Attack: 150]—[Defense: 65,000]—[Magic: 0]

[Name: Aldror]—[Class: Arch-Sage Beast-kin]—[Level: 150]—[Potential: Brimming with superior prowess and power]

[Current Title: The Insightful]—[Attack: 15,000]—[Defense: 30,000]—[Magic: 35,000]

While his defense stat was lower, his attack and magic were far superior to our thick scorpion maiden. The old dude's level was really high too. I wonder if the other scorpions here share a similar strength. Then again, this seems like the ancient boss in a game that's leagues above anyone else around him. That seems more like the case. 

With my scanner, I was able to see the faces of both combatants. One appeared indifferent— cool but calculating. The other seemed hesitant—reserved but full of resolve. It was kinda hard to hear from up here, but that didn't really matter now, did it?

The older guy threw the first punch, or more like the first spell from his wide range of Skills. A cloudy brown orb dashed out of his palm and into the ground below them. The ground crackled and rumbled like a storm, putting the weak little scorpion on her guard. Spires jutted out stage, aiming to pierce right through her body like stone javelins. 

Instead of panicking, she calmly crossed her arms and in return, her body became the same shade as emeralds—and was just as sturdy.

I brought a hand to my chin and grinned. “Interesting. She never used that skill against me. “ "oh?" I let out. My eyes widened as I stared at her new defense stat. It nearly breached 80,000, nearly tripling her elders. The stony spikes slammed into her, but they failed to penetrate her gem-like skin.

The old scorpion clicked his tongue and cast a new spell. While he did so, the girl scorpion used the few seconds of time she bought to cancel her Skill and jump him, using her stinger as the main ringleader in the assault. The older scorpion guy seemed to have anticipated this and jabbed her with his own stinger. Now they both had the oath poison coursing through their veins—if it even had any effect on another of their race, that is.

I looked down to the crowd; Komoria was still caught up with the other watchers, unable to do a thing. She seemed like she really wanted to help, but it would be better this way.

The scorpion girl now sent a flurry of blows at her uncle, her body both loose and rigid at the same time. However, the old man had prepared for this, his body was already strengthened in earthen armor and easily blocked each and every punch. 

Despite his thick defense, she didn't relent. Instead, she attacked faster and faster, striking at precise points on his heavily armored chest. He tried to swipe back with his large earth-covered fist, but she somehow gracefully sidestepped them each time before resuming her close combat slugs. 

That wasn't all. Her attack value kept rising and rising like an infinite tide unbound by rules or logic. 


She was using this scorpion man as her personal punching bag!

I enhanced her face, peering in on her furious visage. Her eyes had become large and puffy. Was this blockheaded ground feeder more feminine than I first thought?

 Slowly but steadily she whittled down his armor before piercing it with well-timed blows. The old man was never hurt, however, instead reapplying his armor after it shattered despite her slicing through it faster and faster each time. 

I could hear her breathing getting more and more ragged as time went on. The victor was clear.

With a swift final punch, she moved him out of the ring after breaking his armor for maybe the 90th time. Yup, you heard me right. She had intentionally been pushing his unmovable body back with every attack. The boomer had callously planned to wait it out, arrogantly trusting his magic to wear her out, but using the few brain cells she possessed—ended it with her victory.

“Lyra the Weak is victorious!” Someone shouted. Applause followed.

“ARRRRRRHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA!” she howled in response. 

She wiped her eyes with her metal hands after brushing off the crumbs of earth that caked her body after that surprisingly impressive display. 

The scorpion maiden made her way over to her defeated uncle. He didn't even look at her as he shambled away, clearly salty. He muttered something to her as he left, but I couldn't pick it I from the distance nor really wanted to know. Her head sunk in gloom, but her mood slightly improved when Komoria came and gave her a big hug. It was a little gross to watch from up here, so I took my leave and headed back to the home, leaping over the roofless houses one by one like a game character.

“That fight seemed a little easy if all she had to do was push him out of the ring. Still, a win is a win and I bet she's gonna be with us tomorrow.” I couldn't help but smile. I may have been slightly off with my assessment of her. She had the potential to be a great meat shield and late-game powerhouse to a boss that we couldn't slay by normal means.

Looks like there was an official new party member and yet again—they are a woman.


“The Basilisk Queen is on the other side of the continent!?” I couldn't believe our luck. 

“That's what Lady Endina just said to me. It sounds like it’s gonna be a real pain.”

It was morning now and Komoria had just dropped some rather unfortunate news. While I told her we acquired a permanent source of transportation via large pig, it would still take us a week to get to where we needed to be. And none of us had the resilience or supplies for something like that. 

As I stewed in a mire of my thoughts, a knock hit my door.

“May I come in?” It was the scorpion, probably still high off her win. 

Before I could say anything, Komoira happily opened the door and explained the situation to her. They both seemed in better spirits than yesterday...

Scorp put an armored hand to her chin. “I see. That is a problem, though we may be in luck.”

“How so?” Komoria asked, tilting her head with a small smile.

“When I left home recently, I caught wind of a massive creation that the wealthy of any race can use to move around the continent or even to others. The owners are special mediators that are sided with neither us nor the races under the Lords of Tyranny.”

I stuck my pinky out of my ear. “'Mediate'? That sounds like a load of shit.”

She crossed her arms after returning my gaze. “You will have to see for yourself.” She walked out right after, beckoning us to follow. Komoria just shrugged and left soon after. I stood in front of my bed, once again all alone.


“You made the best choice Lyra, and you saved your uncle because of it.” Komoria’s back was against the front of the guest house.

“Yeah….I know that, but the Azurespine aren't very accepting of the alternate path to victory, but….” She was extremely despondent even after appearing so lively earlier in the day. 

“You would have killed him eventually if you kept going, right? I would have done the same thing.” The scorpion blushed slightly, focusing her gaze on me.

“So you have finally come out? I have made the preparations for our travels with my enchanted sack.”

“Have you said your goodbyes?” Komoria asked softly.

She nodded. “Only to the people that mattered. I have tied up my loose ends as of now and am ready to truly begin my independent life.” She pumped her fist up into the air, her dazzling eyes displaying the same warmth as the artificial sun.

“Just don’t weigh us down, or you'll be on a one-way trip back to this shithole.”

“Raze!” Komoria scowled.

“No, he's right. I will do my best to surpass your expectations. Thank you for taking me along.” She placed her hands together and bowed while showing us her long tail.

“Whatever. Now once we reach the surface I can test out our new ride.”

““Ride??” They said in unison. Were they not listening or just unfamiliar with the term? Dumbasses.

I rubbed a finger under my nose and grinned. “Heh. Lemme show you the power of an actually useful god.”