Chapter 14:

The Solitary Spire

The Writer of Magic

Waking up with a crying captain was not a sight you wanted to see. Like ever.

According to the doctors of Senzakura, I was dead, at the same time, I was alive. Nobody was sure how to explain it, but the doctors did implement Toby's suggestion. They called me a vegetable.

"You were alive and you weren't moving. Kind of like a vegetable right?" I could already hear Toby's lame jokes.

Fortunately, they weren't there. Only the captain, who was trying hard to stop his tears, and I, who was still sore all over, was there.

"Yman! You troublemaking rascal! You're finally awake!!" He said and I groaned when he was hugging me tightly.

"C-captain! I can't breathe!" I complained and he wouldn't stop.

"Oh no, I ain't letting you go until you give me back all the stress and tears you silly goose!" He said. It's bad enough for him to act like a man child, but I guess I could give him the liberty since I did cause all this mental exhaustion to him.

After a few minutes in, He finally stopped and retreated back to his seat. But his eyes were still red and a bit puffy.

"You caused us a lot of trouble." Captain Ventus said with a disappointed but relieved face. But I feel like I will be court martialed for this state of affairs.

"Am I... In trouble?" I asked. Dreading the answer.

"That, and you're waaaay behind now. Tobias, Claire, and Lheon have completed their Cadet Training and are now advancing in the ranks. While you were snoozing around here, they were assigned to other platoons and regions." The captain informed me.

"Ouch... So, they've been taken to other platoons now? And to other regions too? Man I feel left behind already" I asked. In truth, I knew this would happen sooner or later. Toby and the others need to get stronger, plus... The storyline became loose that I can't rely on my memory of it anymore.

"Yeah that's the gist of it. Soraya, Angela and Hanabi too. But Hanabi stayed here in Senzakura for... personal reasons." Captain Ventus coughed when he said 'personal reasons'. But I knew what he meant.

The door slides open and a familiar elderly man comes inside. His white hair was the same as fresh snow, but his eyes were dark gray like thunderclouds.

"Cadet Yman Caliesto, previously in the ranks of the 900's, and now in rank 4. A truly miraculous jump from the rankings." The man said, and I could feel a strong pressure emanating from him.

"Yman... This man is The General of the Senzakura Region, Nagatsugikiri Kamui." Captain Ventus informed me and I stood up straight. But immediately regretted it since I was still attached to a meter and I got tangled on the wiring.

The General of the Senzakura Region, iron hearted and freezingly calculating. That was how I wrote his background before he was reduced to an ailing elderly man with dementia. But I saw him crack a smile, although it was brief, I could feel him to be more human.

"You are as klutzy as your companions describe you are." The General said. And he sits down by the bedside, and his eyes scanning every part of my body, and it made me a bit self-conscious. He sighs and pulls out his communicator. His eyes narrowed when he received something and sighs after the call.

"Well, according to our researchers down at the lab. You're safe now. The Serpent's Venom that has been left to fester inside your body has been successfully neutralized, we don't know how you managed to survive that ordeal, but don't do that again. Though we can't say much about your poor constitution, training can always be an effective way to help that." The General said, but I waited for more. There's always more than just my condition.

But it was hard to focus when Captain Ventus was glaring at me. His face was screaming:

'Why didn't you mention this to me hmm?'

"Is... there anything else sir?" I coughed.

"Your method of magic. You are a Spellcaster no? One who speaks to elemental energy?" He inquires, his stormy eyes looking directly at mine. Telling me to be truthful.

"That's correct. My method of magic is more on manipulating the natural elements around me. Unlike utilizing the mana I have inside. But in order for it to be safely controlled, I need a catalyst. Fortunately, Spellbooks and Grimoires can act as that." I explained, and the General was still asking for more.

"Unfortunately. Only a few spellbooks can be of use to me. One that has endured time and the elements for a long time. Or maybe even created by other species." I said. "That's all I know, sir."

"I see... It has been a long time since the Spellcasters were alive. Well, you are one sight to behold in fact, for five centuries. Arcania was informed and was quick to denounce your existence. Your... unconventional method of utilizing magic was deemed as mere tomfoolery by the Grand Sage, and speculations say that you are using the power inside the books rather than what you claim." General Kamui informed me.

'Wow... I don't even know them yet why are they slandering me so much..." I said internally. But my expression totally gave away that I was wondering what I did to irk their displeasure.

"In their eyes, you are an anomaly in the code of magic. Since your arrival and rising stardom, there were numerous occasions that mages all over the continent trying books out, and see if they have a knack in spellcasting. Most failed, and most even tried speaking what you use before. But none have been successful." The General puts in. "Which brings me to you, Cadet Caliesto."

Why is it always me?

"Is there a situation in Arcania that you know?" I asked.

"That's the problem. Last month, Arcania declared a Lockdown. The Grand Sage ordered it so suddenly that even Calastro's influence was nulled. Ever since then, Mages and are dwindling, and the number of magicians dispatched to other regions have been scarce." Captain Ventus informed me. "As you know, every platoon is required at least one member to be a magic user, since they can safely dismantle magical traps than artificers from Calces. And with the recent lockdown, magicians are now a rare commodity."

What are we? Sugar?

"Which brings us to you. Young man." The General intervenes a bit and I gave him my undivided attention.

"As you know, you are still a Cadet. No matter how much you've achieved it means nothing. Do you understand?" He asked and I nod. It's true, rank before accomplishments as they say.

"And to become a ranking officer in Calastro, you must study under the other regions for a set period of time. Which is why Valkyris has secretly gave you a task should you wake from your deep slumber." The General pauses and gives my captain a look and he sighs.

"According to the President, he wants you to enter Arcadia. And find out what is going on." The captain says with reluctance. And as soon as Captain Ventus stopped talking, the quest appeared in front of me:

-Main Scenario Quest Updated!-

"The Arcane Lockdown"

Investigate the Sudden Lockdown of the Arcadis Region.

Clear Conditions:



Become a Trusted Member of the Arcadis Research Facility

Find the Real Reason of the Lockdown


Title: Spell Weaver

Class: Spell Caster

Talent: Quick Cast

I dismissed the Quest Board, with a flick of my sight. I wasn't interested by the rewards, rather... It means I was already on my way to be a Spellcaster. At the same, I might learn more about the world.

"So, Cadet Yman Caliesto. Are you prepared to accept that mission?" The General asked and I nod.

"I will. Plus... Arcadia was my first choice of destination. I need to improve in my magic. And what better place than the land of scholars and magic." I said confidently, but truthfully I was afraid. I would be thrusting myself to an unfamiliar place alone. And this time... an event I don't know about.

Arcadia, the Magic Capital that sits near the coastal regions of this novel world. The perfect summer getaway. But for some reason that's just a mirage. Because seated there, was the most academically challenging institution in the whole world.

Arcania is divided into different parts; And for all initiates and visitors, we will be screened by a magic sensor, after that, we will be divided and sorted if we're tourists or recruits.

"Arcania is still accepting prospective mages, but... I fear they might reject you, considering you are a spellcaster." Captain Ventus said.

"Unlikely... Even those old sages cannot hide their curiosity regarding young Caliesto's ability to use magic. No, they will still accept you, granted, you will be subjected to numerous forms of scrutiny." The General said and it became a bit difficult for me to swallow. It just shows how badly they'll treat me as a specimen than as a person.

But still... This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Even if the possibility of me returning is remote. I have to do something to this world I created. Even if I go down in a mission, or die in a pit of chaos. At least... I've done something meaningful.

Three weeks have passed since then, and I was standing outside the gates of Senzakura. My hair has grown a bit wild, but still short. And according to the doctors, my eyesight was getting worse, so they gave me glasses. My grimoire was strapped to my left thigh, and I was already wearing the uniform given to me by the General.

'Wear this. And they would know that you are a trainee that had my tacit approval.' He said.

Little did I know, that the uniform that he gave me was that of a Member of the Nagatsugikiri Clan. A navy blue overcoat with no sleeves, with intricate gems that line across my chest and neck.

"I see you have fit in that uniform." General Kamui gave me a fright of the century. He was wearing a violet hakama now. He was also using his sword as a cane.

"Relax boy, I'm not here as the General of Senzakura. Just an old man." He said and I just gave him a look that says: 'Yeah right...'

"Are you here to see me off?" I asked and he smacks my shin with his sword. Even though it was just a love tap, I could feel my bone crack.

"I have three things to say. First off, a Warning. Grand Sage Daban will be the most vocal in disapproving of your method of using magic. The other sages will also back him up. Your only reprieve is the thing you're wearing now." He points me.

"Wait what?" I asked. My expression was enough for the general to laugh in despair.

"And here's my thanks: I am taking you in as a member of the Nagatsugikiri Clan. Consider this as thanks... for saving my grandson and my granddaughter. Reiko has resumed his training and is now pitching in as Protector of the God of the Forest. That boy grew up in a span of two years, and... he left you a message." He hands me a hastily written letter. And when I opened it, it read:

'Hey. If you're reading this. You're dead if I ever see you step in the Kusanagi rainforest. But still... Thanks, for trying to save Lord Arbor. You were reckless. And you caused nothing but more problems for my cousin. So, get stronger. And the next time we meet. Let's spar. And maybe then, I'll allow you date her.'

HE IS MISUNDERSTADING THE WHOLE THING!!! I told myself internally. But I kept my composure.

"I know what he said, it's written in his face when he visited you everyday." The General said. "I wonder... Did you cast a love spell on my Granddaughter?"

What the hell is wrong with you people?

"I didn't sir..." I said, I still value my life. And I wrote that Senzakura folk value family above all else.

"Good, because if I find even a shred of magic on her. I will personally hunt you down." He said, but didn't he make me a member of the Nagatsugikiri clan?

"And... The third one?" I asked weakly.

"A request. I want you to find a fool of mine. When she sees your outfit, she will try and hide from you. So, talk to her for me would you? Oh and... Our code is..."

He told me an elaborate code that he came up with and I turned red. That was embarrassing to say out in public not gonna lie.

"Please tell me she has her head screwed on." I asked and prayed silently.

"That's the best part; She's an Artificer who is mana sensitive. I'm sure you two will go along swimmingly."

An Artificer? In Arcania?! Man... This could not go any worse.