Chapter 41:

Mera’s Worry

Royal Princess of Blood

I entered the dining room. I stopped my stride for a moment when I saw my parents. I peered around at the… somewhat pitiful atmosphere oozing around the room.

My mother carefully massaged her eyes with her palm, she appeared to be tired. While Father seemed to be in deep thought, appearing to be spacing out.

Are they overworking themselves?

My parents were still terribly occupied with their work that was unbeknownst to me. I understand Father would be having a headache due to being king and all. As for mother, she also seemed to be the same as Father does.

Wait, what could Mother be doing? I had no idea.

Was she covering up for my Father’s kingly work? That seems to be the most plausible.

“Um, is everyone alright?” I asked in a worried manner.

Mother and Father finally turned their attention to me. My pure and wide eyes colored with concern greeted their sight. I was like a small puppy afraid to be chided by the owner…you know, that was a weird comparison.

At the same time, my brother had arrived by my side. He also stared at their current state. He faintly smiled at the sight as though he sympathized with them.

“Hehehe,” he chuckled. “I guess everyone was busier today than usual.”

I blinked several times, then realization struck me as I timidly lowered my head.

“T-Then, I’m the only one… not doing much… I’m such a burden, even though I was…”

Regret filled my face while I avoided everyone’s gaze. I then felt a hand atop my head, it was my brother’s hand. I looked up at him.

“What are you so distraught about? Let us handle everything, okay? Everything will be fine. So don’t think much of it.”

I didn’t reply but merely nodded my head with pursed lips. I quietly walked towards my seat.

“Dear daughter,” my Father called out to me. “Lift up that upper lip, enjoy the delicious food.”

I looked at him, his tender smile graced my eyes. I turned to look at my mother, her fond gaze looking at me. All of them, my family, looked kindly at me. Their gazes lacked any mischief and trickery, they were genuine. It made me wonder why I am only seeing it now. Why was I now only feeling their… true warmth? No...

“We are family, Estelia. It only made sense that we are to give our all for your sake,” she said softly.

After hearing them, I forced a smile, a bit faint, but a smile nonetheless as though I have shown understanding to their words. But I’m sure, by how I looked in their eyes, it seemed I did not understand completely, like I was still remorseful of being unhelpful.

It was at that moment that the food had arrived and the servants placed them on the table.

As we ate, my Father spoke to me.


“Yes, father?”

“Because of the situation, we decided to cancel your weekly lessons for the time being.”

“....... I…. I understand.”

I guess this was an expected outcome. However, I sort of preferred if I could still do my music lessons. That subject was my favorite among others.

What a shame...

Haaah, I guess there’s nothing I can do.

Besides, I think it was for the best. That way, I can focus on the task at hand.


Estelia was returning to her room, along with her were Mera and Vernon. The moment the Princess arrived at the door, she spoke to the two. Her beautiful face was pure and bright as always.

“Well then, goodnight to you two.”

Mera smiled as she bowed her head at the same time as Vernon.

“Goodnight, milady,” she said.

With that, Estelia had disappeared into her room. Mera raised her head the moment her presence vanished.

“I’ll be going then, Mera,” Vernon quietly said.

“Yes, sir.”

Mera watched the old man walk away in the hallway. She then shifted her eyes towards the door of the Princess’ room.

With a quiet sigh, she headed for her room close to the Princess’ room. Mera then pondered.

Princess Estelia was pretty active today.

The princess went around places like the entire day, Mera couldn’t understand the reason. It was an unusual behavior to be coming from the princess. She indeed seems to be starting to change.

In addition, she was more interactive to people than usual, like what happened in the kitchen. Mera imagined it otherwise how it would go when she began talking with the cooks. But the princess actually did better than what she had imagined.

Her impression towards the princess was starting to change. The meek and anti-social one.

She opened the door to her room and entered.

But still, this was odd. Her actions today were very strange. No, it was definitely different. Different from the usual.

Does it have something to do with how tense everything was earlier?

It felt like her proactivity involved what was going on in the palace. Something that Mera had no idea what it would be.

She closed the door, however, she didn’t move another step.

She was thinking.

And her questionings. Does the crown suspect something?

Mera was starting to have an idea what they could be having a problem with.

Are they wary of the staff?

Mera saw the papers and their contents back in the Prince’s office. Information about knights and soldiers. They were checking their backgrounds and gathering information.

It seemed as though they were looking for something… or someone…

Mera lightly bit her lip. She rubbed her thumbs together as she got restless and her mind racing. She truly felt anxious.

I… I need to be more careful.

She must not be seen in a negative light. That was what she decided, in order to be safe from anything bad that will affect her. One wrong move, and everything she had worked for would vanish.

“What are you doing standing around for, Mera?”

She snapped back to reality when one of the other maids called her. This room was turned into a quarter for the maids. There were six total beds, three on each side of the wall. That was why Mera wasn’t alone even though she had the position of personal maid of the princess.

That said, the condition of the room wasn’t terrible at all. In fact, the room was lavish and clean that almost resembled a noble’s personal chamber. Indeed this was a room in the palace, but the servants were also treated very well. Thus their lodgings were in pristine condition. Well, it was not ideal to treat daughters of nobility horribly, so that was one of the reason why.

The one who spoke to Mera was the closest to her, the maid was lying on the bed as she looked at Mera with a somewhat carefree smiling expression.

Mera looked at the others, there were two more here at the moment. It seems the others were not finished yet with their tasks. Furthermore, some that were here were already trying to sleep. Everyone was tired as usual.

“No… it’s nothing,” Mera said as she walked forward.

“Hmmm? Okay, you looked so troubled. That aside, I brought your favorite, orange.”

She pointed towards her drawer. At the top were a few oranges placed upon it.

“I had them from the kitchen, they were generous enough today to give a few for me. So what about you shower me with love and gratitude?”

Upon hearing the words of the maid, Mera chuckled.

“I see. Thank you.”

Mera forced aside the troublesome thought and decided to be more careful tomorrow onwards. Especially in front of the Princess, or the entire royal family in this matter. Perhaps also to Vernon.

Vernon was especially, what she would describe as, cautious. It felt like he was closely watching her even though they were serving the same lady.

That was why she must be careful from now on.

She shouldn’t look bad in any way.

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