Chapter 42:

Allie Jelimis

Royal Princess of Blood

Allie Jelimis, one of the cooks in the palace kitchen, a girl who no longer had a home. She was young back then, her family lived in a small ranch, away from civilization. In fact, their family was the only one there.

No other villagers, no neighbors, it was only them and their ranch. On their small field planted kinds of plants for their food, fruits and vegetables alike. They took care of cows and goats as well as some pigs captured from the wilderness.

It was a quiet and peaceful place. She was around seven years old that time. Her two young twin sisters played under the shade of the trees. Her older brother helped their father with the field and animals. Her loud mother calling them to have their meals as usual.

It was an ideal life for her. The young Allie loved her family, she wanted to spend everyday with them, make them proud. That was why she always helped her mother in cooking whenever she had the time or when she was allowed to.

Her mother was quite strict during cooking, therefore, whenever her mother was so keen on cooking, Allie could only watch and learn. How happy she would be when she would cook and her family complimenting her that it was delicious.

Then, the peaceful life she had collapsed completely when a stray monster came into their home. Normally, monsters rarely come to this region. If they do come, her father would handle it and occasionally helped by her older brother who was in his mid teens.

However, the monster they faced was by no means weak. How could they imagine such a creature would come? It was a horrendous and strong monster.

It was sunset that time, and that tall dark monster came. It stood around four meters tall, its body was covered in furless abysmal dark skin. Its two arms were long, its big long legs left big marks on the soil.

It had slender and somewhat elongated hands, but in place of fingers were long and thin claws. They were so sharp that it could cleave through big logs of wood with ease. It had four red eyes and numerous needle-like teeth in its mouth.

Allie could still remember how terrifying that monster was. Never in her life did she ever think of ever seeing such a thing, nor did she ever imagine how things would happen to her family.

In the sudden appearance of the fearsome monster, her father and brother weren't prepared for battle at the moment’s notice.

They quickly prepared their sword and spear, however, another out of their expectations occured.

Two more of the same creature emerged from the forest from different directions. It didn’t take long for her father and brother to perish in the claws of the monster.

The ones who still lived tried to run, Allie, her mother, and her younger sisters, but one of the monsters caught her little sisters. Allie saw it with her own two eyes how her two beloved young sisters were torn apart, cleaved into many pieces. Their innards and blood flying into the air.

Then, her mother decided to catch the monsters’ attention as a distraction to let Allie escape.

A necessary sacrifice.

Following her mother’s wishes, she ran away, leaving her mother, her home, her family behind.

She didn’t know how long she was running, but the moon had already lit up the world from the sky. With that her only source of illumination, she kept on running.

Then, she reached upon an unpaved path. It was there she saw a group of people taking camp. Some were asleep, while some were keeping watch.

The strangers were on guard and jolted up instantly the moment they sensed the presence of the girl. Allie asked for their help, and before she knew it, she had collapsed to the ground in exhaustion.

How fortunate she was that the strangers were kind enough to help her. It was the time that she would meet the friends she would be with for years to come.

They were a peculiar bunch.

They went and checked on Allie’s home, but there was nothing left but only her broken home. Even the corpses of her family were nowhere to be found. She didn’t realize it back then, but now she knew that the monsters had devoured them.

After that, the strangers, now her friends, decided to bring her along.

Then, they reached Serene, the capital of the kingdom of Wisteria.

She stayed there for years as her friends seemed to be working.

Then as time went on, it was finally time to go their separate ways. She would miss them.

It was in a tavern that time that a man was bragging about being a chef in the palace. His name was Ceruos Vutio. He was drunk that time.

Then one of her friends approached Cerous and asked him to take Allie as an apprentice. He then went on to explain her circumstance. How she has no home and no family. And how she needed a job.

She was good at cooking, so she wouldn’t be a burden that much.

Cerous went on thinking about it, but in the end he agreed.

Then shortly after that, Allie would have to say her goodbyes to her friends, and greet each other once they meet again.

It was then that her life as an apprentice cook began.

Cerous taught her a lot, and as time went on, her skills in the culinary arts had significantly improved.

Which then came this moment.

Allie was looking forward to the cake they were baking. She had been the most impatient of the three cooks. Their hard work must be repaid. They were trying to achieve a more delicious cake than before, and it took a lot of changes and adjustments just to get to this stage.

It was then someone she didn’t expect at all came. She had immense beauty that Allie herself was a bit jealous. Her long hair of white sparkled in the light in the air. Her innocent and pure eyes peered around.

The Princess.

She was the last person she expected to come in such a place like this.

The other two cooks were panicking, however, she kept her composure. She didn’t need to panic in such a situation. That said, she was surprised though, but she tried her best to hide it.

“Bow you two,” Allie said to the noisy two as she bowed first.

I shouldn’t be rude to the Princess.

Cerous spoke to her first, stuttering a little. Then the princess replied in a somewhat childish manner.

“I was curious as to what you are cooking.”

“R-Really? I mean, we are honored to receive your interest.”

“So, what are you cooking?”

“We were trying a kind of cake, we have been experimenting it for a few days… and we expect it will be… great and final this time.”

“Is that so… Do you mind if I try?”

Allie’s eyes twitched when she heard what the princess said. It was due to a personal reason.

She didn’t expect she would ask something like that. Allie didn’t always see the princess, only on rare occasions, therefore, she didn’t know much about her. However, the princess was royalty, and her wanting to try eating an experimental cake was shocking enough.

Of course, later everyone agreed. Allie kept glancing often at the princess. She was a bit restless.

She then heard the words of the princess which conveys that watching the process was interesting. Then later, the princess suggested that they would dine together, Allie was hesitant at first to dine with the princess.

But with the reason she gave, she couldn’t find a way to refuse.

Allie ate the cake first, a faint smile of satisfaction emerged on her face, it was better compared to last time.

“Hmmm, this is delicious!”

Allie heard the princess’ joyful voice. Her heart jumped for a moment.

She watched the bright smile on the princess’ face, so sweet and beautiful. How vexing to know that someone possessed such appearance, such beauty.

But, no negative emotions lingered for long.

Then a short while later, the princess left.

Allie had some strange feeling in her heart. Perhaps bitterness, or was she elated?

But even so, a thought came to mind above it all.

If I had known the princess would come and eat the food prepared by us here, I could have done something more, something incredibly more.

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