Chapter 0:


Till death do us part, My beloved

“A legend of that told where love bound neither to the boundaries of the worldly. Love could lead to lust, sadness, despair, conflict, and greed yet it also brings light, warmth, care, and togetherness including understanding. “

Gaia, a world that has been called by inhabitants of this world that belongs to all living beings, they prayed to the Almighty creator that gave them life and took the life they had. Chandanee is a princess that belongs to the East Kingdom of Sitaara means “Star”. The Kingdom is at constant war with the Kingdom of the Twilight Moon for total dominion of their continent. Greed starts when the Kingdom of Sitaara possesses lush fertile land, and food is available all around. The Kingdom possess knowledge of nature among the dryads and the Elves are their closes allies, They possess magic that could be called miracles of nature. They also possess Geomancers that use nature and animals in helping them in countless ways even to battle. They are known to possess ingredients for cooking that countless nations could not possess. The High King is a mixed breed of man and dryad that possess longevity. The High King is always been called the Sage King due to his contribution towards the Kingdom's prosperity. The Capital is Called Mana and it is the center of the Kingdom its citadel is the Great Tree that towers over the kingdom. To the west, The Kingdom of the Twilight Moon possesses Military might and rich natural resources from the mines such as Mythril, Platinum, Gold, and unworldly jewels and stone that provides unlimited energy to their kingdom. Their capital Lunarseca is the crown jewel of the Kingdom where the technology of Vimanas, automatons, and machines. They were known inventors, Scientists, artisans, and alchemists that contributes to the world. The High Chancellor is the leader of the Kingdom who is a mixed breed of men, dwarves, and fairy of the night that possess countless concubines to sustain the Kingdom's right to rule. They build buildings that reach the clouds, They have also dug deep underground cities and inhabited various people from all over the world. They do not possess powerful magic compared to the Kingdom of Sitaara yet they used tools and technology to supplement what they lack. They also possess fleets of the ship whether on the sky, the ground, and the sea. They take pride in what they create. The Kingdom flourish under its rule.

Yet between the nation. Lies a mountain range that divides them between and the tallest mountain reaches towards the Star, a towering mountain that no being could not survive. Both kingdoms attempted to conquer yet neither could have been as it been ruled by a being which they called “demon lord” and they draw the borders between the mountain that has been called “the forbidden realm” They have also encountered a being that stands on top of the tower. Gleaming silver Long hair and platinum blond, with eyes of emerald, its skin pale and wore a dress they had not seen before. The being possesses supernatural powers that defeat both nations with ease. They called it “The Sky Demon Lord” The demon also quell conflict between the two nations that get close to the border of the mountains. Some inhabitants also lived and worship the Sky Demon as their deity although there isn't a sign that symbolizes the being. Even though they are not on good terms with each other yet trade are permitted between the nation. Marriage is crucial between nations as an act of diplomacy. Currently, the kingdom of Sitaara and Twilight Moon is neutral with each other. Cold War it is called, due to the mountain that divides them apart. For thousands of years, they are at peace with only small conflict that occurs occasionally.