Chapter 1:

Why... I have be the better...


*HimWalking around, I realized that something was missing in my life, knowing this I went out to find out why I felt this way. On a normal day an idea pops into my head and that idea was the following- and if I eliminate everything and everyone then this "lack" simply disappears.

*Police-Street, sanq, number 17, fire occurring, three injured and 1 dead...

*Heah... they call me a hero but humanity is not the same anymore, they celebrate people's death, they are scum because I should help them, before they judged the heroes the most, THEY WANTED TO CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER, but I don't know it seems they don't try to be "good".*♪ arriving on the scene ♪

* Police officers - oh he's here... on the third floor!! there's 3 kids

* Him- Oh man, why, CHILDREN? You know children first. PQP*inside the house I thought it would be easy but it was that night, yes that night... where my hatred for creatures different from me increased, I don't know why but after saving those children I mean trying to save those children, I saw something that shocked me a lot it was something kind of like "IQ"...

oh that's right I have to go back to the scene... where we were... oruu remember inside the house, ok going back

*♪ Kids, kids, where are you, tell me we gotta get outta here as fast as we canDaydreamThe children were between 7 and 9 but looked much older to me.

Child 1-ahhhhhh, why,? how,? what have we done,? how could you do this to me,?uhahahaahhahaha, why, why, why I need them, why, why?
Child 2- Hey we found you, who are you? What are you doing?*he- What do you mean what am I doing, I'm here to help you, but why do you look so calm?

Child 2 - Where's the pietra?!?!?!?!?!?

*he- We don't have time for this, I'm taking you outside!*I grabbed her and took them outside *But on the way back, that's where I got lost, in the room, where the 3rd child was, I never thought I'd see that. Is that what being a hero is all about?

*hein the room there I saw her hanging by her neck from the closet on fire with bruises on her face and the rest of her body and that's where I saw for the first time the acronym "iQ" back in the scene.
- My holy GOD! what have they done to you, how am I going to report this, how do I do it, I have never seen this, my focking god how how how how.

Here ends the first story of how I would run to my goal and how it was broken into racks, and how I went from a bitter being to something that can be loved.But just as everything in life can simply be an unknown, is it really this story I failed to make my goal, mankind has always needed and will always need a god to supply their needs by making that small part of them believe in something, or rather devote themselves to something , meaning I am the superior, guns, tanks, manipulation, exercise anything can't be against me.I am and always will be....

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