Chapter 24:

Saturday Night's Alright

66 Hours

*This is a filler chapter, if you're short on time, or believe it will ruin the horror mood, feel free to skip up to the last 3-4 paragraphs.

P.S. This is one is for the boys...*

“Let me explain first…” I somehow manage to fend off the insulting comments hurled my way, before I clear my throat. 

Why did Kazuya push this on me anyway?

“The floor is yours…” Mayu backs down, before offering a cough “…pervert…” 

Thanks, Mayu...

After I have been granted permission to preach my case albeit begrudgingly, I inform the others of our findings, as well as what Mei herself told us about the key. At last, I voice my proposal for a small break in the showers. I think it goes without saying, that I mean gender-separated.

“Hmmm….” Mayu ponders, tapping her chin, while the girls think for a moment.

After a brief silence, Noriko, steps up and voices her opinion, clear for all to hear. Quite the rare sight indeed.

“I think it’s a good idea.” She nods, probably proud at herself for mustering the courage needed.

Then it’s Mayu’s turn to speak…

“Truth be told, I could certainly use a shower, but…”

“We know.”

Time stops for a moment, as Mayu’s fiery glare falls on me.

“Whadya say ya punk?!”

Oh wow, she got so mad, she switched into Ayase mode!

“I mean in the relaxing kind of way!” I throw my hands up, in order to guard against a potential, lethal Mayu punch to the jaw. Those things hurt, and I’m not joking around here. They probably generate more power than her small frame allows to. If I didn’t know better I’d say she’s Akaba Suzume’s younger cousin or something…

Sorry Tomo.

“Hmph!” Thankfully, my fiery childhood friend turns away in a huff, deciding against striking me in the face. “As I was saying…”

She straightens her posture, clears her throat and continues. ”I know a shower sounds nice, and the key may not work YET but can we really goof around now? Shouldn’t we find something else to do in the meantime..?”

She makes a valid point. Never thought I’d hear something like that coming from Mayu though. Sounds like Yoko-senpai’s death forced her to look at things more objectively. Mayu would probably have agreed to something like that yesterday, saying how “vital it is to not exhaust ourselves.”

A point that still stands now, too. Maybe she doesn’t want to be alone with her thoughts just yet?

Despite me being her childhood friend, I may need more time to further understand her current state.

And thus, I decide to play Mayu’s role for her.

“We can’t overwork ourselves. Exhaustion leads to mistakes, and in this school, mistakes can prove fatal.”

“That’s true…” Mayu furrows her brows in return.

“I think that if we’re quick, it will be okay.” Ayase nods as well, while we all look over to Hotaru. Right now she’s the one holding the final vote.

“I think it would be nice if we could…” Hotaru nods timidly, while Mayu sighs.

“You’re right, I’m probably overthinking this. Let’s roll guys!”

And with that peppy, and Mayu-like announcement, we grab our essentials as me and Kazuya lead the girls to the showers.

Just so you know, this is the closest to a beach episode you will get.

“Wow… refreshing!” Kazuya sighs in bliss, as the water hits the back of his neck and rushes along his back. Or at least I assume it is. I’m not really looking at him, otherwise it would be hella weird.

But, despite that I have an objection. And a very reasonable one at that.

“Refreshing my ass! The water is fucking cold!” I hiss at him, feeling the chill overwhelm by body. Not only is the water close to freezing temperatures, but the bruise that’s forming around my neck also stings like hell. And here I thought we would have a moment to relax…

Why did I think there would actually be hot water for us to shower in a haunted school in the first place?! Now that I think about it, even the fact that the shower head itself doesn’t spew out swarms of insects instead of water is a miracle in and of itself!

“Come on man, lukewarm showers are the real deal.” Kazuya doesn’t really seem to be fazed though.

“Lukewarm? That shit is straight up ice!”

“Nah, it’s lukewarm, check.” He beckons me over.

Hell nah, I’m not standing underneath the same showerhead as a naked guy.

“I’ll pass. Ice is nice.” I politely decline. And I also rhymed with that.


Apparently, Kazuya found that amusing.

“Say Hideki.”


Suddenly, there’s a hint of change in his tone.

“I want to make it out of here… no matter what.” His expression stiffens up, and his face darkens. Seems like he’s dead-set on escaping, but why the long face?

Determination is certainly a good thing, if you ask me. But something about that statement bothers me…

“Wow, someone turned serious all of a sudden.” I tried to play it off, basking in the coldness of my shower. It sure did wonders in waking me up at least…

“Sorry, just wanted to get it off my chest.” His friendly demeanor slowly reappeared, as the weight was apparently lifted from his shoulders.

“We will escape, Kazuya. We’ve come this far, after all.” These words were probably used in order to reassure myself more than anything else, yet I said them all the same.

“Hey man…”


“Don’t say stuff like that while your crotch is just dangling about…” Kazuya suddenly looks mortified at my lower half.

“What?! What am I supposed to do?! And why were you looking anyway?!”


“What does Kyah mean?! AAAH!”

As I’m slowly losing sight of my sanity, a rush of hot water comes crashing down the showerhead making me jump up like a spring.

“Oh no! It’s attacking mee!” Kazuya on the other hand, finds it funny to scream in response.

“What do you mean by IT?!”


“Ah the water’s nice…” Mayu let out a breath full of bliss, as the hot shower water traveled down her moist skin. Her figure was small, yet her back looked somewhat like a painting from this angle.

“I’m surprised the water isn’t cold though….” I said, cupping a handful of it in my palms, as I leaned on a short wall behind me, not higher than my waist. My leg wasn’t hurting, yet I still didn’t want to strain it any more than I should.

“Indeed. It was a pleasant surprise…” Noriko replied back, with a face flushed from the temperature and steam forming about the room. Her frame was the thinnest of all of us, and her pale skin contrasted greatly against her black hair, that flowed freely like a waterfall down her back. Despite lacking in curves in contrast to Mayu, her figure was quite beautiful to look at.

If Hideki was here, he’d probably faint just from the view alone.

Wait, why did I just think of that idiot again?

“I never thought we’d shower in this school…” Hotaru, the last one to speak up, was the one less comfortable to bare her body to us, despite us all being of the same gender. I guess it wasn’t easy to open up to people so easily. Even I did have some reservations at first, and I’m sure it’s the same for the other two. After all we’ve been through together, it’s hard to believe we’ve only known each other for 2 days. And Hotaru was acquainted with us for even less than that. Time sure dragged on far slower than it did before.

Was that a trick of the mind, or was it intentional? Like a mechanism of this haunted version of our school…

“You okay, senpai?” Hotaru, the one closest to me, asked as she turned to give me a look. She was clearly the shortest of us all, yet she was a little plump on the legs and certainly on the chest area. For some reason that made me quite envious…

Did boys like them big or…?

Nevermind. Men are simple creatures. They would probably worship breasts of any size.

What am I even thinking?

I internally sigh, before smiling at my concerned underclassman.

“Yep, I’m okay. Just don’t want to strain my leg.”

It certainly did feel good to be under the hot water right now. And the atmosphere in here wasn’t bad either. Thankfully, the bar of soap we found in here had a nice, fruity smell to it that added to the warmth and relaxation this part of the school provided.

“Oh, okay then.” Hotaru nodded timidly.

It was rather weird to think we were in a haunted school at a time like this.

And as if on cue with my thoughts, a mighty roar rung out.

“Woaah! Gotcha!”

And as you can guess, Mayu was the one who roared like the seasoned predator she is.

“Hota-chan! You’re so soft!”

“Mayu-saann…” Hotaru, completely caught off guard, was assaulted by Mayu from behind, and was now weeping in defeat under her touch.

“Wow look at those things!”

I think we don’t need any explanation as to what Mayu is referring to.

I can’t help but sigh at the scene before me. How did the author even manage to sneak in a scene like that?

As Mayu was toying with the girl before her as if she was a dakimakura, her eyes suddenly landed on me.


I could somehow feel the smirk in her eyes, as those hazel beads were the only parts sticking out from behind Hotaru’s back.

Safe to say I don’t plan on indulging her games, so I prepare to fight back…

I never thought I’d kick Mayu, but the day has come to show my skills, huh?

“Senpaii….” Her eyes twinkled like stars, and her voice seeped with lust. “…You’re well-endowed too…”

Letting go, of Hotaru, she slowly makes for me. The small girl in her arms instantly falls to her knees covering her chest. Having lost her purity at the hands of this monster called Nakajima Mayu, all she can do is weep.



As I prepare myself, I’m reminded of a very important detail I had somehow overlooked up until now.

My leg is injured… I can’t fight back.

“Senpai… you’re all mine!”

She finally lunges at me, and I swear I see the words game over flash through my vision moments before impact.


Mayu the molester. I swear that’s what I’m gonna call her from now on…

“Noriko, come see! She’s defenseless now!”


“Mayu-san, senpai doesn’t like what—“

While Noriko trots over to us grappling each other, her hand slips and somehow lands… on my chest.

What’s with all these clichés you fucking perverted AUTHOR?!

“Wow, it’s actually so soft…” Noriko mutter lowly.

“Don’t be amazed! Help me!”

“See? I told you! Ayase-senpai is a work of art!”

“Stop molesting meee!!!”

And right as I’m fighting for my life…


A small giggle rings out. The owner of that cute little laugh is none other than Hotaru, who hasn’t only recovered, but has find it in her to laugh at this time and place.

Wow, she’s actually gone crazy!

“Mayu this is your fault.”

I blatantly accuse her. The sexual harassment has fried every last one of her brain cells.

“My fault? How?”

Soon, her giggle turns into a full-blown laugh, as we’re all left staring bewildered at this development.

“Hotaru-san?” “Hota… chan?”

Noriko and Mayu are completely baffled.

Soon, the short girl stands up, and wipes a tear away.

“This is so fun! Thank you for letting me join in on this!” Suddenly, a sincere smile forms on her lips, as the timid Hotaru looks on warmly at us.

“Letting you…” “Join?”

Now Noriko and Mayu are completing each other’s sentences. Sexually harassing someone together seems to have formed somewhat of a deep connection between the two.

“At first I thought I would be the odd one out, since you were a group before I met all of you… but I’m glad that’s not the case!”

The short girl’s beaming smiles blasts on in full force, as Mayu almost tears up at her sweet words.

“Hota-chaaaaaan!” In a flash, she lets go of me, and dives right on top of her, as she nuzzles her face against her,,, chest.

Wow, Mayu really is a pervert.


Hotaru seems to have realized that fact, as well, as she looks on in disappointment.

“Mayu-san sure is weird.” Noriko smiles to herself, watching the scene unfold from beside me. But she’s also forgetting one thing.

“Uhm, Noriko?”

“Yes, senpai?”

“Your hand…”

“Oh, I’m so sorry!”

Safe to say our shower was a weird experience. while also… quite fun.

But yeah, mostly weird.


“…Ayase-senpai is a work of art!!”

With the buildings being next to each other, I can hear that sentence ring loud and clear throughout our own shower room.

I reflexively gulp.

“What the hell is happening over there…?” I mutter, just loud enough for the dude beside me to catch on.

“I don’t know… I thought I heard Hotaru earlier too…” He closes his eyes, probably in an attempt to stay sane.

“You don’t think they’re…”

“Don’t say it…”

Despite Kazuya cutting me off, we both know what’s going on. The two of us have probably seen more anime than we can count, so we already have knowledge of what’s going on behind those walls by sound alone. By the nature of those voices, there’s only one explanation…

“It’s the legendary bath scene!”

Kazuya looks at me with a hearty nod.

Then the both of us bow down low, and clasp our hands.

“Thank you, God!”


We gulp again.

This. Is. The. Best!

Just as me and Kazuya are off to heaven, a peculiar sound, like that of a bell clinking, halts our fantasies.


“You hear that?” Kazuya looks at me, and I nod, before making my way to the source of the sound.

It appears to be coming from my clothes, so I search through my pants pockets to reveal the small key we got from the automaton earlier today.

But something is clearly off about it…

The crescent shape on the head of the key gives off a dim, blue light, like a slow pulse, and with every new light of that very shape, the soft sound of a bell can be heard.

Now that I can see it all lit up, the shape appears to resemble that of the moon, and specifically, that of tonight, which is visible through the small window on the wall across from the door.

Night has come… and the key is lighting up, signaling us to spring into action.

10 p.m.

44 Hours left…

Lucid Levia