66 Hours

Can you hold onto hope, when you can't run nor hide from the inevitable?
Can you stay sane through it all?
What will you find at the end of the tunnel?
Who is to blame for all this suffering?

Kobayashi Hideki's ordinary life gets turned upside down, when suddenly, he finds himself trapped inside his school, by an invisible, but sinister force. Thankfully, the new transfer student, his childhood friend, the beautiful student council president, and a group of other students and personnel alike all share the same fate as him. What awaits them in this distorted copy of their school, is rooms full of deadly traps, living automatons, and ominous presences, whose existence runs deep through the school's history.
Will this group of unfortunate souls escape… or will they become history themselves?
The clock is ticking down, and only the strong can live on.

Time for some spooks! 👻
I'll be updating ocassionaly, either once or twice a week. You'll get an update on the next upload, at the end of every chapter.
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I hope you enjoy reading!

P.S. Please note that, in my books, Japanese names go like this: Finaly name first, Given name second.
For example:
Kobayashi (family name) Hideki (given name)

Time for some spooks! 👻
I'll be updating ocassionaly, either once or twice a week. You'll get an update on the next upload, at the end of every chapter.
Do check out the trailer for this story, linked on the home icon in my profile!
I hope you enjoy reading!


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Aug 01, 2022icon-views 878icon-reaction-119
Chapter 1: Fear Of The Dark
Aug 04, 2022icon-views 399icon-reaction-119
Chapter 2: Darkest Hour
Aug 07, 2022icon-views 427icon-reaction-117
Chapter 3: Fade To Black
Aug 09, 2022icon-views 225icon-reaction-115
Chapter 4: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Aug 20, 2022icon-views 274icon-reaction-111
Chapter 5: Thunderstruck
Aug 28, 2022icon-views 328icon-reaction-110
Chapter 6: Lost In A Lost World
Sep 02, 2022icon-views 425icon-reaction-110
Chapter 7: Pictures Of Home
Sep 06, 2022icon-views 307icon-reaction-111
Chapter 8: We're Not Alone
Sep 09, 2022icon-views 331icon-reaction-110
Chapter 9: Killing Yourself To Live
Sep 11, 2022icon-views 200icon-reaction-19
Chapter 10: House Of The Rising Sun
Sep 14, 2022icon-views 190icon-reaction-19
Chapter 11: Send Me An Angel
Sep 14, 2022icon-views 234icon-reaction-18
Chapter 12: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Sep 16, 2022icon-views 211icon-reaction-19
Chapter 13: Don't Tread On Me
Sep 19, 2022icon-views 213icon-reaction-18
Chapter 14: Witch's Spell
Sep 22, 2022icon-views 208icon-reaction-17
Chapter 15: Shot In The Dark
Sep 25, 2022icon-views 150icon-reaction-18
Chapter 16: Look For The Truth
Sep 27, 2022icon-views 118icon-reaction-17
Chapter 17: Mr. Brightside
Sep 30, 2022icon-views 85icon-reaction-17
Chapter 18: One More Light
Oct 01, 2022icon-views 81icon-reaction-17
Chapter 19: Interlude: Lycoris
Oct 04, 2022icon-views 93icon-reaction-17
Chapter 20: Born To Run
Oct 06, 2022icon-views 56icon-reaction-16
Chapter 21: Time Of Dying
Oct 09, 2022icon-views 76icon-reaction-16
Chapter 22: The Memory Remains
Oct 12, 2022icon-views 89icon-reaction-15
Chapter 23: Come Together
Oct 14, 2022icon-views 106icon-reaction-16
Chapter 24: Saturday Night's Alright
Oct 17, 2022icon-views 86icon-reaction-16
Chapter 25: Amidst Nocturnal Silence
Oct 20, 2022icon-views 88icon-reaction-15
Chapter 26: Highway To Hell
Oct 24, 2022icon-views 54icon-reaction-16
Chapter 27: I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Oct 27, 2022icon-views 51icon-reaction-14
Chapter 28: Undisclosed Desires
Oct 30, 2022icon-views 86icon-reaction-14
Chapter 29: Dear Agony
Nov 02, 2022icon-views 71icon-reaction-14
Chapter 30: Behind Blue Eyes
Nov 07, 2022icon-views 64icon-reaction-14
Chapter 31: Open Up Your Eyes
Nov 10, 2022icon-views 71icon-reaction-14
Chapter 32: Sympathy For The Devil
Nov 13, 2022icon-views 63icon-reaction-14
Chapter 33: Hallowed Be Thy Name
Nov 17, 2022icon-views 63icon-reaction-14
Chapter 34: Harvester Of Sorrow
Nov 20, 2022icon-views 72icon-reaction-14
Chapter 35: Bitter Sweet Symphony
Nov 23, 2022icon-views 74icon-reaction-14
Chapter 36: Stormbringer
Nov 26, 2022icon-views 54icon-reaction-15
Chapter 37: The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
Nov 29, 2022icon-views 68icon-reaction-14
Chapter 38: Don't Fear The Reaper
Dec 04, 2022icon-views 102icon-reaction-14
Chapter 39: Baptism By Fire
Dec 07, 2022icon-views 86icon-reaction-14
Chapter 40: Holy Diver
Dec 09, 2022icon-views 61icon-reaction-14
Chapter 41: Over And Under
Dec 11, 2022icon-views 60icon-reaction-14
Chapter 42: Thought I'd Died And Gone To Hell
Dec 13, 2022icon-views 59icon-reaction-14
Chapter 43: Sunday Bloody Sunday
Dec 15, 2022icon-views 52icon-reaction-14
Chapter 44: Imploding The Mirage
Dec 16, 2022icon-views 38icon-reaction-14
Chapter 45: Interlude: Promise
Dec 20, 2022icon-views 56icon-reaction-14
Chapter 46: 2 Minutes To Midnight
Dec 21, 2022icon-views 33icon-reaction-13
Chapter 47: Interlude: Firefly
Dec 22, 2022icon-views 52icon-reaction-14
Chapter 48: Carry On Wayward Son
Dec 25, 2022icon-views 79icon-reaction-14
Chapter 49: Finale: Hell's Not A Bad Place To Be
Dec 25, 2022icon-views 51icon-reaction-15
Chapter 50: Epilogue: School’s Out
Dec 25, 2022icon-views 46icon-reaction-14
Chapter 51: Letter From The Author
UpdatedMar 15, 2023
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count113,137
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