Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 -- Part 1 (Book 1 - Fantasy World)

Creation: The Path of a God

Not knowing what he would do about his present circumstances, Han walked into his room, hoping to gain a moment of peace while he gathered his thoughts.

His eyes looked at the posters decorating his walls, reflecting on the memories of how he attained them. From his memories, he could hear the voices from those moments from long ago -- never to be experienced again. Han then looked at his table with his computer resting on top of the stained wood, a thin layer of dust covering everything. Next to the computer were several books stacked on top of one another, their spines damaged, a loose page slightly sticking out of one of the books.

Han sighed as he crossed the room before reaching his computer chair, the seat fabric tattered with the yellow foam seen in places.

Taking a seat, Han looked at the dusty monitor -- seeing his disheveled hair and half-open eyes. His body felt heavy as he reached for the mouse.

Soon, the sound of the fan shattered the silence.

A few moments passed as the monitor slowly lit up, and he could see all his programs. The background image made him smile slightly upon seeing the picture of something he had made in the past.

Pulling up one of the browsers, Han typed in the words to bring up the video.

His mind slowly drifted back to that moment.


Taking a breath, Han rested his head against the door to his apartment. His mind filled with images that tore away at his soul, draining him of his strength. Closing his eyes, he tried to gather himself together, not wanting to allow the pain to show.

The last thing he wanted was to show the pain and weakness he felt.

Though his home was a place he felt welcomed and loved, he just needed the time to digest the day's events before letting them filter out. The idea of dumping all his emotions wasn't an idea he enjoyed.

Her words echoed in his mind.

"The least I can do is actually be more of a man," Han whispered to himself as he clenched his fist -- pressing it against the door.

A dull pain slowly grew as he pressed his fist harder into the door, gritting his teeth to prevent the tears from flowing out of him like a monsoon.

But despite the pain, the feelings of loneliness didn't leave him.

After a minute had passed, Han took a deep shuddering breath before slowly letting it out. His mind regained some semblance of sanity.

With his head still resting on the cold wooden white door, he reached into his pocket, pulling out his keys. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw the picture dangling from a chain. Seeing her smile, Han couldn't help but remember that day. The feelings of joy and knowledge that someone in the world aside from his family cherished him -- despite his inadequacies -- helped to soothe his heart which felt crushed and trampled on.

The keys clinked as Han fumbled with them before finding his apartment key. Like thousands of times before, becoming muscle memory, the key slid into the lock. Unlocking it, he turned to doorhandle before pushing to open it.

He raised an eyebrow when the door failed to open, signaling the deadbolt had been used. Though it was unusual since they rarely used it, Han merely shrugged his shoulders before finding the key to the lock. Using the deadbolt was weird, but he imagined her not realizing that she had locked it.

Compared to what happened, finding that the deadbolt had been used wasn't something that even registered. Han took a breath to hold the emotions back before fumbling with his key again.

Han chuckled to himself, thinking how he would use the moment to tease her. The image of her sticking her tongue out cutely before laughing as he tickled her came to mind.

It only took a moment before he heard the bolt slide back and the audible click as he turned the key -- the sound echoing due to how little they used it.

Slowly opening the door, Han prepared to enter but stopped due to something being off about his home, his sanctuary.

He didn't know what caused him to pause or feel unease, but it was as if the home made him feel unwelcomed -- a strangeness that permeated through the air and clung to the walls. None of the usual warmth felt in the past upon arriving home was felt.

For the first time, Han felt like a stranger.

While trying to grasp the illusive thought, Han's eyes caught sight of something he didn't expect. Near the door, where they usually placed their footwear before entering, Han furrowed his brow upon noticing an extra pair of leather dress shoes haphazardly tossed near the entrance next to red stilettos.

They were the same red stilettos he purchased as an anniversary gift. He remembered how she claimed they made her legs look longer and her backside curvier. And laughing about how guys likely thought she was a high-end escort when she had them on -- teasing him if he'd feel jealous about her being lustfully stared at by other men.

The way the stilettos lay on the wooden floor without care gave the impression of her being in a hurry.

He stared at the pair of shoes, knowing how much she treasured them, having even gone so far as to find someone to freshen them up to look new just last week. She had spent hours on her phone, searching for someone with great reviews, worried the cobbler would mess them up.

Following the stilettos, his eyes landed on the red dress -- another gift from him.

Han got her the dress due to the plunging neckline and thought it complimented the shape of her voluptuous body. It was a gift he had saved far earlier than the special occasion it would be presented on due to a sale he took advantage of at her favorite clothing store.

The discarded red dress was next to a dark blue designer jacket with a luxury blue tie resting on top, subconsciously sparking memories and causing his stomach to sink in response to them.

Closer to his bedroom were a dress shirt, belt, trousers, and socks.

Han's mind felt like it was in a fog as he tried to piece together what he was seeing in front of him. Though he would consider himself to be intelligent, his mind felt as though it was clumsy. Instead, it presented him with mundane scenarios to explain what happened.

Instead of taking off his shoes, something his mother would have yelled at him for on top of the cultural reflex developed over his childhood years, Han stepped on the wooden floor without care of dirtying it.

Han reflexively was careful to not make any sound as he made his way through his home -- a place that now felt alien to him.

He felt like a zombie, numbly following each article of clothing as if he had found himself in a nightmare, unable to stop until he woke up. Outside his bedroom was the red designer lingerie that was only worn to mark special days due to how it made him grin.

A memory floated to the surface, candles lit and casting their defused light on the walls. She leaned against one of the hallway walls leading to their bedroom, her large breasts lifted by the red-laced bra. It was matched with a red-laced thong. On her face was a seductive smile as she used one hand to lift up her long blonde hair.

Han remembered tracing her body with his eyes, enjoying every part of her, and being eager to see what would come next. He couldn't help but imagine himself being in an adult video with how she oozed sexuality.

Brought back to the present, the world felt cold and devoid of life as he desperately fought through the fog in his mind. Like a man frantically grabbing at anything as he slid toward a cliff, his brain offered irrational scenarios.

Han could feel his heart pounding in his chest slightly faster as his world felt like it was crumbling apart. His heart had already reached a conclusion before his brain did.

The closer Han approached his bedroom, he felt a sharp pain as cracks began to form in his heart.

Penetrating through the fog were the moans and squeaking of the bed.

Han gritted his teeth as he heard a familiar voice repeatedly beg to be taken. The same voice that told reassuring words when he first received the horrific news. The same voice that told him how much he was cherished and loved.

He could now hear that voice telling someone else how much of a loser she thought he was, how he never would amount to anything in life, how she deserved someone better.

It wasn't long until he could see inside the bedroom, the door wide open -- displaying his worst nightmares.

As Han stood at the entrance to a room where so many precious memories and plans for the future were made, his heart shattered upon seeing the love of his life mindlessly ride on top of his best friend like some beast in carnal heat as though nothing else in the world matter at that moment.

Noticing the shadow pass over the two of them, his best friend moved his head to see past Han’s girlfriend — startled to witness Han’s lone figure.

“Oh crap!” Sam called out.

Curious about what Sam was reacting to, Han's soon-to-be ex-girlfriend nonchalantly glanced behind her — her body only slightly slowing as she repeatedly plunged Sam inside of her as though unable to deny herself the desperately needed pleasure.

Her eyes slowly look to see Han standing in the doorway. Unable to recognize who she was looking at, her brows became furrowed. They then gradually raised as recognition slowly dawned on her, replayed with confusion. Her eyes soon widened in panic and alarm. Finally, her expression was replaced with guilt and horror upon realizing what was happening.

Standing at the doorway to his own room, Han didn’t know what he was supposed to do. Though he had watched such scenes in various TV shows, movies, and adult content — his mind became blank and devoid of thought.

Everything felt empty, hollow, and devoid of any meaning.

“Now, this is how those people felt,” Han remembered some hentai with a similar storyline.

Han would've felt his situation ironic if it was any other time. But at that moment, it didn't feel as though he was dealing with reality -- his body felt numb.

Han mutely watched his ex-girlfriend frantically put on clothes. It was as though she were attempting to erase reality. Her hands ripped open the drawers of the nearby dresser, whipping out a t-shirt without a thought about whether it was appropriate or not.

She desperately threaded her arm through the sleeves and pushed her head through the top. Her emotional state was shown by how she didn't even bother lifting her hair from under the shirt.

“The funeral was well done.” Han felt as though he were giving an update to his superiors at the company he worked at, the type no one bothered to read. As though on autopilot, Han continued, “I’m glad that my older brother could put everything together. I don’t think I could have arranged my parent’s funeral.”

Beth raised her hands to cover her mouth as she listened to the robotic voice as Han talked about his parent's funeral. Tears began trailing down her face. Her eyes were unable to tear themselves away.

With a weary smile, “I’m glad you’re feeling better and don’t have a stomachache.” Han casually mentioned.

Surprisingly, a portion of Han was happy to learn that Beth was okay. Despite the death of his parents, a part of his thoughts was on Beth -- hoping that she was getting better. He had even sent a few texts to check up on her but assumed that Beth was asleep when she didn't respond.

“Han… I — I can explain this.” Beth stammered, walking towards him as she waved an arm towards the bed where Sam lay -- denying the reality of the situation, desperate to fix her mistake.

Seeing her walking towards him and glancing at Sam, Han said, “I’m going out to get some food.” He looked to Beth and then to Sam. “If you could, I would greatly appreciate it if both of you were gone before I get back.” Slowly glancing to where Beth stood, “You can take as much of your stuff as possible but make sure to leave your keys behind. Since your name isn’t on the lease, you don’t need to worry about this month’s rent. I hope you can be happy with Sam." Han stood in the doorway for a few minutes, not caring what the two thought before saying, "Don’t try to contact me.”

After saying his piece, Han made his way toward the door and left the apartment, not bothering to close the apartment door.

In the background, Beth sobbed while Sam tried to reassure her, telling her everything was for the better.


Han stared at his food.

He sat in a booth at his favorite local Asian restaurant.

The establishment had great food for a low cost. A simple beef dish with vegetables and fried rice cost $7.50, and just a dollar extra for fountain drinks. The workers knew him by name, considering how often he would stop by, either by himself or sometimes with Beth.

Thinking about how many sweet memories he made with her, talking about various nerdy things as they enjoyed the affordable meals, made him numb.

The usual “what could I have done?” and “was this my own fault?” went cascaded through his mind.

Considering that finding out his girlfriend was cheating on him was par for the course, he sighed. He mentally congratulated himself on how he reacted — better than before.

Han thought it ironic — all of it happening on the same day.

The image of his parents lying in their coffins still felt surreal, making him feel detached. It all felt like a bad dream.

Han pondered whether the dazed emotions helped contribute to his mild reaction — watching his ex going to town on top of his former best friend.

As he chewed on the food, savoring the flavors. He was glad that at least one thing was going right.

Han winced and raised a hand to his temple — a ringing noise overwhelming his mind.

As it got louder, his head felt as though it was being squeezed by a vice. He groaned in pain. He dropped the fork in his hand, not hearing it clatter on the floor.

Slowly the pain receded, and Han looked up to see a screen in front of him.



Based on your miserable life and being able to stack so many horrible memories in one day while keeping a cool head, you have been selected to gain the Creation ability.

This ability allows you to enjoy a wide range of experiences.

With it, you’ll be able to manipulate anything and everything — gaining credentials to areas no being has had access to.

You are free to do whatever you wish. In fact, we encourage such actions. So do not feel chained to common sense and other silly burdens.

There are no requirements or strings attached to this gift.

We just ask you to try out new things and have fun.

To access the Creation ability, just imagine a menu.


Feeling confused, Han swiped a hand at the screen to dismiss it.

He thought it all silly and just his brain deciding to break.

“This has to be a dream,” Han shook his head.

Curious, Han chose to see what would happen. At the very least, Han would feel ridiculous and request the waitress bring him a new fork.

Han closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on opening a menu.

Immediately, something felt different.

He sensed something had changed.

Han opened his eyes to see a menu — hovering in front of him.


MenuUser: Han YiTitle: CreatorPlease Select:Title: CreatorPlease Select:

Create | Modify | Translate


The menu was similar to games and anime.

Looking at the first two (Create and Modify), they sounded self-explanatory.

However, Han didn’t know about the last one, Translate. It had multiple meanings.

Deciding to see what it meant, Han pushed on “Translate.”

A new menu appeared.


Destination | Object

Just by guessing, Han determined that the word “Translate” was similar to the mathematical concept, not the linguist form.



Select Destination:

Within Current Area | Alternate Area | Advanced Selection


Pressing “Advanced Selection,” Han was presented with a wide range of choices — shortened by specific criteria. The criteria were fantasy, science fiction, magic, and others. Also, a list of names with additional details next to each with a brief description of the world.

Han perused through the various descriptions. Some were of Earth but slightly changed.

There were options such as America losing the revolution, China sailing past the tip of Africa, and Alexander the Great developing his empire after gaining an heir.

It was tempting to imagine what it would be like to visit those alternate realities. After consideration, Han decided to go someplace he had never been.

Selecting “Fantasy,” “Magic,” and “Early Development,” the list of names changed drastically.

Of the names listed, Han glanced at the world called, Eletran.


World Name: Eletran

Eletran is a world similar to what many consider a “fantasy” world, with ogres, elves, humans, beastman, and other creatures.

In addition, Eletran has a strong flow of mana, allowing magic to be widely used and practiced. All main creatures can use magic, while many animals aren’t able to use it.

There are many similarities to Earth — especially the animals and civilizations. Still, there are enough differences to make this world a good choice for those searching for something new and different. Many civilizations are still in their infancy, so there are no issues with overpopulation.

Several continents exist on the planet. Similar to Earth, there is an abundance of both fresh and saltwater.

Suppose you’re the type who enjoys watching and reading fantasy-related entertainment. In that case, Eletran is the one for you!


The description was entertaining.

It was like shopping at a store, only to have the salesperson frequently try to convince you to purchase the store items.

Feeling like this would be a great first world to visit, Han pressed on Eletran and confirmed his decision.

Immediately, he felt slightly woozy. The room morphed and changed around him.

Everything faded to black.

It felt like he was floating.

After a couple of moments, everything around him changed again.

Various colors came into focus, and slowly Han realized he was standing in a grassy area under a clear blue sky.

Turning his head back and forth, he couldn’t see anything aside from the field.

Wishing he had a map, Han brought up the menu to see if he could figure out his location.

After materializing it, Han noticed a new option, “Map.” He couldn’t help but think it was convenient, considering how he had just wished he had one.

Han pressed “Map.”


User: Han Yi

Title: Creator



Create | Modify | Translate | Map


It looked like something out of a video game. There were continents and various countries. Some called kingdoms or empires. He even noticed free states — though he didn’t know what it meant.

Seeing a blinking red dot, he assumed it indicated his present location.

Han was currently inside the Helios Kingdom.

Focusing on the Helios Kingdom made the map zoom to fit the screen. Various villages, towns, and cities were scattered across the kingdom.

One of the names was larger than the others.

“I suppose this is the capital?” Han talked to himself.

What looked like the capital city far away, in the approximate center.

The dot indicated that he was near the edge, somewhat close to a village.

Part of him wanted to head over there, but considering the amount of walking, he decided to look at the menu more.

Now that he had confirmed that it wasn’t a hallucination, Han decided to check what other abilities he had.

The menu was adaptive to his wants and needs, so he thought about what else he could do.

Bringing up the menu again, he selected “Create” and presented several options. There were several he could choose — one being “Shelter.”

This brought up various structures he could create.

Han noticed “Stronghold” as one of them. He tapped on it. Multiple strongholds appeared on the screen.

Considering how he wanted someplace where he could feel safe, he looked at the selection and thought about one that was impenetrable. Han wanted something that would never let armies be able to invade it, regardless of ability.

Slowly, many vanished, leaving behind a handful.

Comparing each picture, Han chose one that looked like a large vertical rectangular block. Basically a skyscraper without windows.

A massive vertical solid block of stone appeared near him. The displaced wind and shaking ground made him step back.

Based on his requirement, it didn’t look like something that could be invaded — lacking openings.

Judging that there must be some way for him to enter, he headed towards the building.

As he reached the structure, Han imagined an entrance for him to use. Stone steps slid towards him. The grinding of stone was heard as an entrance was revealed.

“This is pretty unbelievable,” he thought to himself.

Walking up the steps and entering the structure, Han saw a long corridor with marble columns on either side spanning the entire length. It was lit by light from opulent globes hanging from the columns.

Han saw that the ground was smooth, the appearance of polished marble with gray veins throughout the Floor.

There didn’t appear to be any spacing — normally seen on floors. It was as if the entire floor was created from one massive slab. The walls and ceiling appeared obsidian. They contrasted perfectly with the floor and columns.

Thinking about it, Han wondered if he needed to bring up the menu if he wanted to change anything.

When he approached the building and thought about an entrance, the building modified itself to his thoughts. Han imagined it wouldn’t be far-fetched to try changing parts of this structure.

Han focused on the idea of hanging golden bowls filled with fire. The material flowed, and soon the orbs conformed to his thoughts. The golden bowls of fire made the corridor appear mythical.

Walking down the hall, he casually wondered what else he could change.

At the end of the hallway, a staircase flowed out of the floor and split to either side.

Reaching the second Floor, Han saw various supporting columns throughout. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much else besides the columns. Just the columns gave a dull appearance.

Each of the columns had a similar golden bowl on each face.

Feeling it looked relatively empty with just him, Han wondered if he could create something to help him.

The more Han thought about the idea, the more he thought it would be valuable to have an assistant. He thought back to the message in the Asian restaurant — suggesting how he needed to abandon common sense.

Han imagined a hand floating in front of him to test his ability.

He imagined that they would belong to a beautiful woman. With long slender fingers, the hand would be as smooth and white as porcelain.

As his mind imagined the hand, one began to take shape soon out of the void. His eyes widened upon seeing an actual one beginning to form.

He sighed at what he created. Just as he pictured it, the hand looked stunning. It wouldn’t be strange to say they belonged to a hand model — the ones that appeared on commercials but several times better.

It floated in the air in front of him — lifeless.

Han imagined it alive.

It slowly started twitching and moving its fingers.

The hand moved like someone that came out of deep sleep — uncertain at first but slowly gaining control.

Seeing that he was successful, Han imagined the hand to have a decent amount of intelligence. After a few minutes, he said, “shake my hand.” Han reached out towards it.

The hand floated to his outstretched hand and shook it.

Han was surprised by the realism — especially how he could envision a woman being the owner. The way the muscles moved beneath the skin gave a clear sensation. The gentleness of it just added to the feel of who it would belong to. Between a guy’s and a woman’s, the hand felt like it came from a woman.

Releasing his grip, the hand returned to floating in front of him. The fingers would occasionally move slightly as the hand awaited orders from Han.

Then, imagining it being erased, Han made it vanish from existence.

After testing out that he could give life to his creations and seeing how difficult it was, Han decided to create someone to help him.