Chapter 4:

Chapter 1 -- Part 4 (Book 1 - Fantasy World)

Creation: The Path of a God

Considering how many Floors he made this structure have, Han decided that this could be the last level.

The nice thing about his ability was that he could just modify the structure if he ever changed his mind.

He couldn’t imagine intruders being able to go through the three Floors he created.

Though the structure looked decently sized, each level was the size of a large city. The sheer scale of the Floors wasn’t fully absorbed due to them teleporting themselves instead of walking through it.

It felt like something out of a particular timeless-being TV show, where the inside was bigger than the outside.

There could be nearly infinite floors, and the outside would still have the same appearance.

His creations could teleport anywhere within the structure, so he didn’t need to worry about a transportation system. If he did create a transportation system, it would likely detract from the image he was trying to convey.

“For guests, I can always set up some way for them to get through the floor not related to the security of the Stronghold.” Han casually thought to himself.

Arriving on the last Floor, Han imagined a long hallway, similar to something in a royal palace.

On either side of the hallway were statues of beautiful women, some in erotic poses.

Chandeliers repeated down the center of the ceiling, looking like they were created out of diamonds. They glittered and took his breath away by their beauty.

“No one would be able to compete with this place,” Han was satisfied with the knowledge.

Walking down the hallway, he would make minor changes based purely on his mood in order to match his aesthetics.

When he decided that he had walked a decent amount of time, Han imagined a hellish French door opening made of something similar to granite.

Each door had an image of a beautiful woman, one looking like an angel and the other looking like a devil. Both looked like they were in pain, but their facial expression looked like they were experiencing pure ecstasy. Around their necks was a metal collar, a chain running down from the collar to where the door handles were.

The size of the doors was enormous but slightly smaller than the hallway. Han was hoping it would give a sense of awe if someone arrived at this entrance.

Behind these doors would be a grand throne room that would make any medieval throne room appear to be a linen closet.

The doors opened as he walked towards them — revealing its splendor.

“If a god were to have a throne room, then this is what it would look like.”

There was a short hallway that led to an opening. On either side of the hallway were fountains with majestic statues.

A red carpet led to a raised floor, where an opulent throne sat on top.

Listening to the sound of the water made everything feel relaxing.

The throne was made out of a mixture of obsidian and marble — Romanesque. Compared to the Empires of old, none could compete.

Arriving on the throne, Han sat on top of it and made it mold itself to make it comfortable for him to sit on. He could probably sit on this throne for days without feeling uncomfortable. The feeling would be similar to a gelatinous seat that was formed enough but let him lean on either of the armrests.

In front of him, off to the side of the red carpet, Helania was kneeling with her head bowed.

“What do you think about my throne room?” He asked her, curious about her response.

“It is a fitting room for such a powerful and benevolent ruler. Truly fitting for our Creator, who rules us all.” She spoke in reverence without lifting up her head.

“Come to me.” He ordered her.

Han watched as she gracefully rose and walked over to him. She was the embodiment of sensuality.

Helen of Troy may as well have been a peasant girl next to Helania’s beauty.

Han wondered if she would react to sexual stimuli as she stood before him. He placed his hands on either side of her hips, enjoying the sensation. Helania was pulled towards him. With how submissive she was, he felt himself becoming aroused.

Though he wasn’t proud of the feeling, he couldn’t help but become angered and hurt by what Beth had done.

Images of how much she likely enjoyed being pleasured by Sam penetrated his thoughts.

Han clenched his teeth as his eyes teared up.

“How could she cheat on me like that? I didn’t deserve that.” He mentally wailed and snarled.

His face contorted in rage.

There wasn’t even any space to allow him to feel the comforting hands on his head — hoping to heal his suffering.

Leaning back on his throne, he looked at Helania and commanded, “Remove your clothing.”

Helania revealed a dazzling smile as her breathing became faster.

He could see that she was becoming turned on. How she began to remove her outfit made him think nothing was matching on Earth.

Even an adult film was nothing compared to what was in front of him.

Helania’s breasts bounced and jiggled — no longer restrained and confined by the outfit.

As she bit one of the corners of her lips suggestively.

She tilted her hips slightly — letting her outfit fall lazily to the ground around her feet.

Aside from her hair and eyebrows, there wasn’t a single strand on her body. Her body was bare for all to see unimpeded.

Leaning forward, Han had his hands glide down her thighs and move to cup her shapely butt. He could feel the suppleness — a slight firmness beneath the skin.

The muscles slid under his hands as Helania shifted her weight.

Han moved to kiss her belly, which flinched slightly from the touch.

“Master, please. More.” Helania breathed out a moan.

Moving his hands, Han proceeded to cup her breasts and grope them.

He liked how her breasts overflowed from his hands.

Pulling on them to make her lean forward, he placed his mouth on her left nipple and teasingly caressed it with his tongue. He could feel how hardened and became erect.

“Master~~~,” She breathed out — placing her hands on his head. She pulled him closer as if she could envelop him, afraid of him stopping.

Placing his hands on her hips, he heard her whine in displeasure. She didn't enjoy how he was no longer groping her breasts.

Han then forcefully turned her around.

As he leaned back, Han pulled her towards him. He could only imagine how it would feel inside of her.

Time felt as though it had flown by, as Helania and he had been intertwined in a passionate embrace — declaring their sensual desires for the other.

Finally, she came for the final time — Helania's back arching back as she squirted. Collapsing, she panted as she lay on top of him. Her hair stuck to her face due to all the sweat.

The air felt cool on their hot bodies.

“You did such a good job, my beautiful Creation,” Han leaned his head on hers and whispered.

Han buried his face into the nape of her neck.

She giggled and cuddled closer to him — wanting more of him.

They both sat on top of his throne, basking in the afterglow.

From how happy he felt, some of him realized something he didn’t until that moment. Such skinship was necessary therapy to get over what Beth did to him. Even if just a little, the events from earlier didn’t hurt as much.

Some part of him just wanted to sit there forever and enjoy the moment.

Still, another part of him wanted to see what the Kingdom was like, the one they were in.

Deciding to wait until after he rested for a bit, he leaned his head on Helania’s and went to sleep, smiling. Before drifting off, Han gently kissed her neck.

When he woke, he noticed Helania looking at him.

Her smile lit up the room -- adorable.

Gently getting off of him, Helania walked over to where she previously was in front of the throne.

Going to one knee, Helania lowered her head — still nude.

“Master, I don’t know if I am deserving of such love and care. Please, allow me to be by your side forever.” Her voice overflowed with emotions.

Han smiled, feeling equally as emotional.

For the first time in his life, he didn’t need to worry about his loved and cherished ones betraying him.

Instead, Han was thankful for gaining the Creation ability. He felt like he could now be happy.

“Rise, my beloved Creation.” He smiled.

Han watched as she rose and showed him a face resembling fanaticism.

“Did the gods ever feel like this when they left their heavenly lands to be with mortal women?” Han wondered if he could be compared to those gods who created famous demigods.

“Is Helania able to bear my child?” The thought crossed his mind but was dismissed as something better left for a later time.

“Helania, summon all Floor Protectors to appear before me.” He ordered her.

“Your will shall be done, Master.” She bowed.

She opened her own personal menu, alerting each floor Protector to appear in the throne room.

Not much time had passed before the doors to the throne room opened, announcing the arrival of his floor protectors.

With how they positioned themselves, they somehow already ordered themselves, with Queen leading them. Their order was based on Queen being first, Anacolis second, Aracia third, and Minatoria last.

“I wonder if they decided the order based on when they were created,” Han looked at the sisters.

Though Han never specified which one was older, the older sister’s title went to Anacolis.

“The fact that the order was decided without my input…,” Han was more confident that things would work out even if he weren’t in the Stronghold.

Each of the Floor Protectors gracefully approached him. They lined up opposite Helania on the red carpet — kneeling before him.

“My beautiful creations. My Floor Protectors. I wish to impart my desires onto you.” Han took a moment to look at each one of them.

“Your desires are our reason for existing, Master!” They answered.

Nodding his head at their discipline, Han focused on the Floor Protectors.

“You four were created to protect this magnificent stronghold. Each of you will report to Helania, who will be in charge.”

Including Helania, “I shall soon be going out to explore the rest of this world.”

Hearing that he would leave the stronghold, all of them, including Helania, strongly objected.

“Master, please, you must not leave this paradise!” Queen implored, clearly distressed.

“Yes, Master, I agree with Queen!” Helania spoke up, pleading with him.

The rest of the protectors also nodded their heads to signal their agreement.

The way they feared for his safety continued to mend his broken heart.

“Even my best friends didn’t show this much concern,” Han mentally frowned at their memory.

“I will bring with me both Helania and Queen. The remainder of you will stay and guard this stronghold.” Making it clear that his decision wasn’t up for debate.

“You all can communicate with me, regardless of where I am. This includes each of you to one another. Before I leave, I will be eating my meal, and while I am eating, I want each of you to create ten minions that will work for you. If you need additional time, just let me know.”

After making sure they understood his will, he continued, “These minions will be restricted in their power relative to you. At the end of the day, you will lose the ability to create, so I expect you to be completed this assignment well before then.”

Looking at Helania and Queen, Han said, “Since both Helania and Queen will be coming with me, you two will be given additional time once we return.”

Returning his attention to the others, “Also, you will have the ability to entirely alter your floors to whatever you desire. You will be able to create new structures or what you feel is necessary. Unless I decide you do not require these skills, you will permanently have them. That is all.”

He signaled Helania to dismiss them.

The Floor Protectors walked out of the throne room to complete their tasks. Though they were concerned, they loyally carried out his will.

Looking at Helania, “You should also get ready for this journey.”

Thinking briefly, he smiled, “Also, let one of the waitresses know to bring me the dish I had a while ago. I found it to be very delicious. I will be in my chambers. Your chambers will be next to mine.”

He got off his throne and walked to the side of the throne room, where a doorway materialized.

Entering it, a long hallway looked similar to something at the Five Senses.

He imagined a door on the left side wall, picturing the inside to be a luxurious suite. A French door leading to his chambers was at the end of the hallway.

The reference of his chamber was the Ti Warn Penthouse at the Five Senses Hotel in Island City.

The only difference was that he pictured a forest outside the windows instead of the Island City. Entering his chambers, he was amazed at how picturesque it looked.

“This brings back memories,” Han took a deep breath to settle his trembling emotions.

Thanks to a friend, he could experience staying at the location a few times. It was also where he had met Beth. When he saw her, he was hanging out with some friends at a bar. She saw Han looking at her and walked over to greet him.

Their first meeting was what you’d see in a romance story.

It was ideal. They started talking about themselves and the types of nerdy stuff they were into — learning they had similar interests.

As the bar was getting ready to close, she hinted that she wanted to spend more time with him, so he invited her to his penthouse.

When she walked in, Beth was blown away at how amazing everything looked, and she commented on how she felt like a movie star.

He remembered them spending the rest of the night passionately enjoying the other’s company. The exchanging of fluids, panting, and endless moans of carnal desire.

Han raised a hand to his forehead, grimacing at remembering such things.

Seeing the room again did bring back some painful memories, but he remembered how loved he was by his creations, which helped calm him down.

He smiled and went into the central area.

Han sat down on one of the many leather chairs and reclined back — sighing at how comfortable it was compared to other seats he had been in.

As he was thinking about his past, there was a soft knocking sound.

“That must be my meal,” Han smiled.

Lifting a finger, he made the doors into the chambers open by themselves, allowing her to enter.

While listening to footsteps walking into the central area, Han was pleasantly surprised to see the waitress from earlier.

Since he randomly created all the supporting staff, though making sure they were all women, he enjoyed seeing her again.

After placing the noodles in front of him, she stepped back to wait until he was finished so she could collect the bowl.

Han took a moment to enjoy her beauty.

“Though she isn’t as voluptuous as Helania, I feel like there’s a girl next door appeal about her,”

He couldn’t help but enjoy how innocent she appeared as she waited for him to finish. Even if her breasts weren’t as large as the protectors and Helania’s, they were still enjoyable to look at.

“The outfit does well for her figure.”

Han held the bowl and enjoyed the taste once again. Though it wasn’t long since he had eaten, his stomach always welcomed good food.

“Have you named yourself yet?” He casually asked after slurping down some noodles.

“No, Master. Some other servants, waitresses, and chefs have given themselves names. Still…, I decided to wait until I found an appropriate one.” She answered while bowing her head.

Continuing to eat his noodles, he pondered how she looked similar to the waitress at his favorite Asian restaurant.

Pointing at her, “You will be named Brittany.”

Han considered how he enjoyed her company, adding, “Also, you will be my personal maid. Your duties will be to organize other maids to maintain my chambers. You’ll also be responsible for my meals.”

Once again, his eyes made their way back to her perky breasts.

“And fulfill any other needs I require from you. You will answer only to me, no one else.” Han commanded her.

Brittany’s face blossomed with happiness. Then, bowing her head, “I will do all you require! I offer you my body, heart, and soul, Master!”

At the last statement, her cheeks reddened, and she looked away shyly.

He continued to eat the remainder of the food while feeling a warm fuzzy feeling inside his chest.

Being a guy, it was always nice to have a beautiful woman make such a declaration. However, he guessed it might be slightly different, considering that she was created by him instead of being a naturally born human woman.

It made him think of movies where the characters create the perfect lady.

This led to him thinking about how self-awareness was one of the main driving forces of being human. So it didn’t really matter if she was naturally born or created.

Feeling content with the delicious food, he set down the bowl on the table.

Han got up and moved to Brittany.

The closer he got, the more he enjoyed the view. Han also noticed how her nipples were poking out from beneath her uniform.

Brittany’s reaction made him take another step until her breasts touched his chest. Her breathing became slightly faster.

Han leaned in and whispered into her ear. “Inform Helania that she should be waiting for me in the throne room. I will be busy for a moment.”

He cupped her cheek with his hand, feeling her smooth skin and the faint warmth from her blushing.

Placing his hand on the back of her neck, he pulled her towards him and gave her a kiss.

As though hoping for the outcome, Brittany’s tongue entered his mouth and entwined with his. She pressed her body against his.

“My Master,” Brittany passionately breathed out. “I’m yours. I only belong to you.” She moaned and continued, her body already ready for what would happen next.