Chapter 23:

Chapter 3 - Part 11 (Book 1 - Fantasy World)

Creation: The Path of a God

Queen was silent as she pouted, looking to the side.

Though Queen looked cute, the way she acted, Han knew that she was genuinely feeling sad about how he reacted to her words.

There was a slight glistening in Queen's eyes as they began to tear up.

Letting go of Queen's chin, Han wrapped his arm around her. He gently pulled his cute undead creation closer to him. Her cool skin was enjoyable with how warm the temperature of the bathing area was, like a cool light mist on a hot, humid day.

Han moved his head close to Queen's collar area and gently kissed her.

"I was not yelling at you. There is no way I would be angry at any of you, my beautiful creations that are the light in my world." Han said to her. "You know that, right?" Han asked Queen.

Queen nodded.

Despite how she tried to act, Queen's cheeks became slightly red.

"Let us go inside and see what they have," Han smiled, happy that Queen wasn't sad any longer.

Han brushed aside the cloth curtain that separated the changing and bathing areas. A wave of steam passed his face, immediately making him feel warm.

The bathing area was significantly larger than his room's living and dining areas. On both walls was a row of water faucets. Upon a closer look, it was the kind that allowed the water to flow out like a waterfall.

They were placed on different levels, which made Han wonder how they were supposed to wash before entering the bath. Below the faucets were numerous containers, likely soap, and shampoo.

Since there wasn't plastic in this world, it looked like some type of glass or crystal was used.

Han could see the substance through the material and was curious which one was which, seeing the different colors.

The floor was some kind of polished stone with a slight gap between each one. In addition, stacked on top of one another and placed in intervals were wooden stools for seating while washing. The overall appearance was like a traditional bathing house.

Helania quickly made her way to grab one of the stools and placed it in front of several water faucets.

"Master, let us get you cleaned," Helania said with a smile.

"Yes, Master. We will get you all clean." Brittany breathed into his ear.

Feeling Brittany's words so close to his ear, Han felt energy begin to stir in his groins. Even with the steam, he couldn't help but feel his body begin to warm.

Helania flipped a switch, and soon gentle waterfalls were made as the water flowed out and splashed on the stone floor. The water flowed into the openings between the stones, not leaving even a puddle behind.

"Master, please have a seat, so we may serve you. You have worked so hard, so allow us to use our bodies formed from your hands to bring you comfort." Helania had one of the containers in her hand.

Opening the cap, Helania placed the container just above her bountiful breasts that glistened from the steam. The container was tilted, and the viscous soap spilled slowly to eventually cover her mounds.

Moving away from Han, Brittany moved towards Helania and reached for the container.

Queen moved away to grab another container.

As Brittany poured the soap all over her breasts, covering them in the white milky substance, Helania used both hands to rub the soap on her breasts, bubbles beginning to form. She took in deep breaths, with the occasional moan each time her hands brushed against her hard nipples.

Han sat on the stool, enjoying the show.

Two large mounds soon pressed against his back, the coolness of the breasts letting him know they belonged to Queen.


Queen cupped under her breasts as she moved them slowly against her Master's back. She couldn't help but moan each time her stiff nipples rubbed against the back muscles of her Master.

Though her Master wasn't what humans would consider in shape, having a relatively average body didn't matter in her mind. Even more was how she couldn't help but feel as though his warmth was being sucked into her breasts, entering her body.

Her mouth opened slightly as she began to breathe faster, the air feeling thin as her head slowly felt light. All she could think about was how her Master felt against her skin.

"Master, I love how you feel," Queen moaned as she lowered herself.

The soap lubricated her Master's flesh, becoming soapy and causing her to grasp firmer on her breasts -- adding more stimulation to her mind.

Queen thought of how her Master's hot and thirsty eyes would oggle her body like a ravenous beast.

Without realizing it, Queen lowered a hand slowly from her breasts down to her belly and finally spreading the lips apart to slide her fingers along the walls.

Queen didn't notice the viscous lubricating fluids dripping onto the stone floor, mixing with the water.

Slowly Queen slid her fingers along the outside down before sliding them back up. She'd occasionally stroke the clit as it slowly stiffened, sending pleasant waves throughout her body as she imagined how her Master was enjoying her body.


Queen's body would periodically twitch and slightly jerk, causing her breasts to push into his back as she used his body for support.

Han could hear Queen incoherently whisper as she moaned -- lost in her own world of pleasure.

Helania sat on his leg as she rhythmically slid her groin up and down his thigh.

"Master, you need to take care of yourself more," Helania smiled as she took Han's arm and gently positioned it between her breasts.

With one arm, Helania squeezed her breasts together while she used her free hand -- sliding the hand and forearm up and down, the foam from the bubbles flowing in and out.

Han enjoyed the sensation of Helania's lubricated skin and how it formed around him, encasing his arm in a soft and fleshy enclosure.

Helania's cheeks were red, and her eyes were dilated from the pleasure.

As if unable to hold back, Helania moved her head towards him. Her mouth slowly opened, and her tongue slightly stuck out as she closed her eyes.

Han leaned closer, his mouth connecting with hers.


Helania moaned as her lips connected with her Master's, and she felt her tongue intertwined with his.

A surge of desire bubbled up inside her, making her breathe faster. Her tongue desperately desiring to display how much she loved her Master, her Creator.

Helania could feel her heart beating faster as she felt her Master returning her savage and desperate feelings of passion.

As Helania moved her groin on her Master's thigh, a wave went through her. It only made her move slightly faster as she searched for the ultimate pleasure.

"Master, dominate me. Control me." Helania moaned between her begging.

She could feel her breasts pressed against her Master's chest and shoulder.

Helania barely registered Queen and Brittany in her peripheral, who was also lost in pleasuring themselves.

Helania released her Master's arm, and with her free hand, she touched her Master's chest. With each breath that she felt, Helania felt as though she were breathing at the same time. It wouldn't be strange if they stopped being separate beings but the four of them merged together into a sphere of desire and passion.


Brittany positioned herself on her Master's other leg.

As Brittany stared at her Master, all she could think of was how he showed so much love and care toward someone as insignificant as her.

A flash of annoyance was felt, thinking how she had to share such an intimate moment with the other two.

"My Master needs delicate love directed to him, the kind that only I can provide," Brittany thought to herself.

Though the other two were also created by her Creator, in her mind, they only took up time that she knew her Master would've preferred spending alone with her.

Brittany slowly moved her knees together so she could wrap her thighs around her Master's. She shivered as she felt her clit rub against the only thing that mattered in her entire universe.

"My Creator, use my body to fulfill any of your needs and desires," Brittany moaned.

Though her Master was kissing Helania, Brittany knew he was paying attention to everything she was doing.

Brittany's eyes rolled to the back of her head as she felt her Master grope her breasts, electricity flowing into her mind from the intense happiness she felt.

"My Master desires my body," Brittany breathed heavily, her tongue sticking out as drool slowly spilled out onto the top of her breasts.

Everything went white in her mind, only the sensation of her Master's strong hand pulling on her nipples being felt.

Brittany didn't even realize how fluids sprayed out as she jerkily arched her back while mindlessly begging her Master to squeeze and pull harder.