Chapter 1:

Nonsense Story (1) Part 1

I Like To Write Nonsense.

The man walked down the street. He was not wearing a pilot's uniform, he was a civilian. When he reached the equator, all of the blue turned red in a circle large enough for him to walk through without any issue. 

Pew - pew! 

The man had lost nearly a foot; he was now in a gorilla suit. The bullets flew past him at breakneck speed, one found the gas tank and exploded.

 "Ah, so then I'm a Kayandla, because... of a confession," Experiment 0922 stated. 

This revelation came from Experiment 0923, formerly Preston, who had just been blasted by another dozen bullets. 

"I was the John Doe pilot who piloted the Kayandla, after they ditched ship. It was against orders, of course. I only did it because they told me my Kimberly was dead. Do you know what that's like, John Doe? It's like getting comfortable in a bed that's supposed to be yours, only to wake up ten years later to find your adopted sister's friend in the same bed with you and be forced to sever all ties, put on an embarrassing shirt, and shove your adopted sister's friend in a trash bag before sending her off the outer rim." 

"That... That's... I've never been alone! You're my family, and I've never had a family before, "... Penny was about to tell him that he wasn't human. 

Try as she might, though, the words remained an unsaid mystery. No one saw Experiment 0923, even though the hole in the space - time continuum was large enough for a snail to fit through.

 "John, so I guess you've had quite a bit of experience with people saying things they think they shouldn't, huh?" 

"As I was saying... So, Granting. I was going to hit him with the rifle, but I noticed no bullets were coming out. Must mean the vaccine works. I was just going to drop him down next to the liberation center where I was told that they were keeping Kimberly, until... Well, I guess I wasn't. But then, I wasn't really in favor of just letting him escape, am I?"

 "First off, I am worthy of that name." Ex XL 2322 gestured to his hybrid arm.

 As usual, it was naked, with little pieces of flesh replaced on it. 

"I began to design and modge - greenskins in 1968, and they have proven to be very effective. My goal is to become a bounty hunter to me." 

"Oh, no, you'll find that I let people go. The one Answer, the one who has this and that virus, I've let him go."

 "I understand that you might think you're too good for this, and you're right. And you're also right about one more thing: most of these soldiers and citizens at your post here hate everything about themselves. After all, you're costing lives, and most of them aren't yours. Save your questions. I'll be gone in a minute." 

"Before we get to that, I want you to look me in the eye. When I called you, my voice seemed to come from a hundred miles away, it sounded like I was in a tunnel. I saw you, but I didn't know where I was. I'm... I'm sorry."

 "Why don't you get to explaining what's going to happen. You're brand new. When there's a whole bunch of people like you, they're the missing links, the ones who are supposed to help everybody else get better. I need you to help create that link, that human link."

 "Why? Because I'm a Kayandla, and I'm a Kayandla. If she's not around, I'll just step in."

 "Good. Now, we've identified Four City seventy - one, which is quite a distance away from good ole 'Compton. According to context clues, it's much closer to where you are. You're to gather a group of people there, fifty strong, and head for there. If you bring anyone back, it's fine. All I ask is that you bring absolutely everyone back, at least one. This is important, more important than the ABB or the plague. That's the only thing standing between me and an eternity of blissful solitude."

 "There, there, now. Don't fret, John Doe. Your sisters won't be responsible for anything that might go wrong on this trip. I'm going to talk to my second and fly the new test ship, now, so be on your way. Oh, and Cube, too. I'll call her on the way to make sure she's ready to go. That ought to be in about four hours' time."

 "Look, Cube," Jacob cursed under his breath, "Don't say it." After a brief pause, he continued, "I mean that I'm surprised that you're so easily able to see through me. This is the sixt - thousandth investigation you've made into my motivations, and yet you still see them. Half the time, it doesn't even cross your mind that all I actually do is try to help you."

 "Allow me to explain. This is Sarah Maketa, that picture is her." Her short - lord gestured behind her to the poster, with the missing human facepost.

 "As you can see, she's missing. That alone caused several men to die in that field. Fortunately, the death toll wasn't as harsh as it could have been, but neither are we finished. We are looking for a way, a microbe... a virus... within the host's bloodline in order to cure Last Corruption. And we have found one."