Chapter 1:

Interrogations Are For Squares

Mutatis Mutandis

A brute in a slim fitting, black suit slams my head against the table. Blood begins to trickle out of my nose. "Are you to cooperate or am I going to have to beat answers out of you?" The brute still groping my ponytail in his dangly fingers. "And don't go thinking that you and your friends are going to be able to escape because talk or not, you're all ending up dead". The brute smiled as he slammed my head into the steel table one last time for good measures. He released my hair with a limp flick of his wrist. This sadistic brute is going to be the first on my kill list, a prick like him doesn't deserve to live. I keep my head rested against the cool, steel table, looking at my dark red blood ripple underneath my deep-breathing.

I begin to mutter underneath my breath, "going by the looks of you, the last woman you touched was your mother". I begin sneering at this comment. The sadistic brute turns around and glares at me. "What a hot head, you might want to cool yourself down a bit", I chuckle to myself. "No wonder why you held my ponytail so contently!" I can almost see his blood boiling, this is way too fun! I hope this distraction is giving the others time to do their thing.

I try to taunt the brute again, but before I can speak he shoots my left-hand point blank with his 9mm pistol. Blood spurts out of my hand and speckles splatter on his grinning face. Holy Moses, this hurts all I want to do right now is hold my bleeding hand, but these cuffs are preventing me from doing anything. I feel another sharp pain in my right shoulder, this brute has just shot me again! I'm gasping in pain now, he's beginning to enjoy himself I see. He's now pressing his pistol up against my left thigh, pain seething through me I exclaim. "Hey you brute, your pistol is getting rather close to my no-no square," even in immense pain, I can still crack a joke. My mind is fading a bit, another bullet might kill me.

The brute starts to explain, unamused by my joke, "as along as you don't die, I can abuse you all I want until you answer our questions". The brute starts to grin menacingly, "and besides our file for you suggests you can take a fair share of pain. He's going to pull the trigger I can tell by the way his muscles are tensing up. His radio goes off, startling him a bit.

A voice comes on the radio, "golf to tango come in, over!" Boy do these guys need a radio upgrade, but that doesn't matter it sounds like my team is causing some panic.

The brute grabs his radio and answers in a panic, "This is tango, what's your status, over!"
The radio is staticky, but the brute gets a response immediately.

"We got a 10-34 in progress, require back-up, over".

"10-4 will assist immediately, over". The turns off his radio and turns towards me, "I'll be back". He turns to the door and marches out into the hallway. He'll probably meet his timely demise.

I'm now left in this room left alone with only my thoughts, and of course my bleeding hand that hurts like hell. I do really hope that the team leaves him for me, unlikely he'll be annihilated before I walk into the room. I'm sure as hell that these guys' don't have an agent as evolved as ours, we may be the first generation, but in our case first gen is second to none.

It feels like a few minutes have passed since that brute left me alone, I am losing a lot of blood. My team better hurry I might die from blood loss or boredom. Whatever, I know they're doing good, each one of them is special. I mean getting caught was apart of the plan. I told Tsubaki to give me an obvious sign that they were ready for me. Just then as if they were reading my mind I see the brute crash through the two-way mirror, land on the table and break it in two. Of course, my cuffs were attached to the table making it a little awkward to move. I look over at the shattered mirror to see Thomas standing there with a stupid grin.

"Tsubaki is busy at the moment, so she sent me to help you, darling". They said while they spun the handcuff keys around their index finger. Why did Tsubaki send them? They are pretty unstable after all. I bet they've been like this since they were children. I mean, after all, they are twins that share a body. In their youth, they were conjoined twins by their head. They got a surgery at a young age to give each one heir own life, but certain circumstances stopped that. Surgeons and Doctors decided that the best way to save them was to experiment with Split-Brain Theory. The Doctors decided on the healthiest host body and transferred one hemisphere from each twin into the host body. Doctors used a device that connected the two hemispheres to create fluidity in motor controls. However, the device does not create a stable host controller, so there is a constant fight of who is in control.

"Can you just get me out of these cuffs? And I can't believe that you got to beat up this brute, I wanted to give him a piece of my mind after he had the gall to shoot me multiple times". Thomas unlocks the cuffs and helps me limp out of the room. I may be tough, but even hard asses like myself aren't immune to getting shot and mauled. Thomas helps me out into the porcelain white hallway, that is now splattered with blood and downed security officers. Thomas walks me to the end of the hallway and turns right just in time to see Conor smash a guards head in with his foot.

Conor looks over then smiled and waved. "How are ya, Valdis? Wait, don't tell me, bodyguards were getting frisky with ya?" Conor smiled gleefully.

"Yeah", I grunt trying to get the last word in. "At least I don't attract both males and females like you do. I mean I bet you smashed these guards face in because they started feeling up, mistaking you for a chick right?" I pat Conor on the shoulder as Thomas drags me pass him.

Conor blushes as I do so, "it's not my fault I'm like this! It was those stupid Doctors messing with my physiology, giving a male the ability to increase or decrease certain pheromones!" Conor really doesn't like us talking about this. "Don't even get me started about how they made me look super made me look super feminine. They couldn't even ask me for consent, I was still an embryo when they did this!" I've angered the beast, best I move on.

Thomas drags me along further down the hallway until I tell him to stop. "Just let me rest here Thomas, go and get Tsubaki so that she can patch me up, m'kay?" Thomas nods and skips, yes skips, down the corridor to find Tsubaki. I rest my head against the wall, waiting for Thomas to return with Tsubaki. I think to myself about why I am in this group, is it because my father runs this organization? Is it because I'm actually special? Ha, I totally doubt it. That brute said that he heard I was tough, but that's only partially true. "Why am I here", I think to myself as I wait for our medic.

Mutatis Mutandis

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