Chapter 0:



Entangled! Is that the name of the story? Ominous, I don't know who I will be entangled with. Don't tell me... this is the beginning of a romance novel?! Do I have to watch as I make a fool of myself in romantic situations. Oh well, I hope at least you enjoy the story.

I forgot, I haven't introduced my majestic self yet. I am Kai, Kai Wendell. I am a photographer.

What, you expected more from my introduction? Don't worry, you will find my secrets soon enough, especially the embarrassing ones.

I am currently returning home after a 3-month deep sea voyage. I had a great time working with marine archaeologists, capturing the beauty of wonderful sea creatures & plant life, learning some pretty useful survival skills from the sailors and what not. The journey was a mood-lifter at a time when all of my friends abandoned me. What I am saying is, it was a nice escape when I needed one. But now, I am ready to go back home, so let's not talk about such depressing things anymore.

Ah, I can't wait to meet my family. I am sure they are eagerly awaiting my arrival, with a big 'Welcome Home, Kai!' sign. Maybe they brought garlands to adorn their prodigal son. 'Oh Kai, my dearest child! Why did you leave us for so long? Everytime I cooked your favourite French Toast, I could only think of you.' -Mother would wail. 'I am proud of you son, spreading the good name of Wendell's around the world.' -Father would beam with tears in his eyes. 'Little Brother, you made me miss you. Don't let our home be hollow again without your mischievous streak' -Sister would say while hugging him. Cue emotional family reunion music when we all hug and it would be the perfect moment. The onlookers would be reduced to tears at the sight of such a loving family, I can't wait.

And I waited... waited. 30 minutes. 1 hour. 2 hours. Still sight of no one at Port Holden. Don't tell me they forgot about me? Nah, they probably mistook the date of arrival or they are stuck in traffic somewhere. Should I call them or just go home?

The dilemma was dissolved when I noticed the suspicious glances the security and navy officials were giving me. It would seem I piqued their dubious interest with my aimless loitering. Any moment now they may point their weapons at me on suspicions of being a terrorist or a drug dealer. Fearful of my life, I rushed to take a taxi and made my way home.

Arriving at Wendell Mansion, I noticed the house looked 'nice'. As in cleaner, the walls newly painted, the garden groomed stylishly with ornamental plants, and the broken fountain repaired. Totally different from the dilapidated house I left behind 3 months ago. Did something big happen to prompt this change?

I rang the doorbell and waited for a family that changed so drastically that it was unrecognizable.

Dani Raevys