Chapter 33:

Chapter 3 - Part 21 (Book 1 - Fantasy World)

Creation: The Path of a God

“I am Viscount Dennan Lionhouse the Third, and we belong to the great Lunar Empire. This land now belongs to the Empire! Any resistance will be met with the cold harsh unstoppable power of my men -- beyond anything you could comprehend with your feeble minds. With your meager force, let alone any hope of success, your fate is to simply become a sacrifice on my righteous blade. So I suggest you lay down your weapons and grovel for my mercy." The Viscount ordered.

There was a roar of enthusiastic cheer as the empire soldiers raised their weapons and shook them threateningly at the knights summoned by Queen.

Hearing the raucous behind him, the Viscount grinned, arrogantly brushing back his black hair. "Though you may look imposing, riding on those horses, they mean nothing in front of our platoon of Imperial Mages. We shall obliterate your forces if you are foolish enough to stand in our way."

The Viscount paused to allow his men to cheer. As the noble threw insults at Queen -- belittling a person they believed to be weaker than them -- the Viscount's men began to grow confident about their position.

As Han watched, it was apparent that the Helios Kingdom wasn't a military powerhouse in the region compared to the Empire.


Instead of responding to the provocations, Queen calmly stood in the middle of her summoned minions. Her eyes slowly scanned the hostile forces.

"Compared to the humans we encountered after leaving The Stronghold, I believe that these humans are significantly stronger. If it was not for my Master's desire to be entertained, summoning my people would have been a waste of time. Even alone, I would have no difficulty." Queen stared at her opponent, fighting back a yawn of boredom as she let the insignificant creature yell at her.

Though she was bored of the human, Queen did enjoy how her Master was focusing on her. Her Master was the only reason she dragged out the summoning process and allowed the human to continue talking.

Knowing that her knights would be more than sufficient, Queen hadn't bothered to summon her sword. If there was a need for her to get involved, it would likely be far more entertaining to use her whip.

Seeing how arrogant the human behaved, Queen toyed with various ideas about how she'd torture the insect.


"To show that the Empire is merciful, we give you five minutes to decide. Surrender, and your lives will be spared. But if you refuse our mercy, you will be captured and enslaved.” Viscount Dennan Lionhouse spoke in a condescending tone.

The Viscount ogled Queen while licking his lips.

Laughing at the foolish individual, Han said, “I think it is amazing to be able to stand in front of such a sinister aura and still behave so insolently. It makes me ponder whether that man is brave or an idiot. The Lunar Empire must be a powerful nation to be able to act with such audacity.”

But Han admitted that the pathetic noble behaving in such a manner was why he was eager to see what would transpire. He imagined that Queen was already contemplating how to make the noble pay for such incivility.

“Yes, Master. These humans should be grateful that we give them a fighting chance instead of just clearing them immediately from the field.” Helania agreed, covering her mouth with the back of her hand as she laughed -- the sound like an ethereal strumming of a harp gently carried by the wind on a sunny day in the middle of a luxuriant grassy field.

Han took a bite of some ham that Brittany offered before changing the view to project Queen's face. As he looked at Queen, he appreciated her cool and confident demeanor -- unfazed by the noble's words.

Han heard her respond. “Do not worry about providing us with the time to consider. In front of my Master, I, Queen of Death, commander of his divine forces, will allow you the opportunity to become his stepping stone and entertainment. Do not have feelings of regret, considering you were no match for him, who stands above all. Instead, you should feel honored to be worthy enough to serve as entertainment as he dines.”

“You, insolent slut! How dare you speak to me, a noble of the great Imperial Empire! I will make sure to kill all of your comrades and then take you as my prisoner for me to use!" The Viscount yelled, his face red with rage at the disrespect he felt.

Clenching his fists, spittle sprayed from his mouth as he screamed in rage, "Once I have used you and passed you to my men and citizen of the great Empire, turning you into something less than cattle, I will happily have you flayed and doused in boiling oil! Your screams will become my lullaby for when I require rest!"

The Viscount turned to his men, "The first one to bring me that whore will be allowed to use her foul mouth!"

Hearing the reward, there was a loud cheer from the empire soldiers.

Viscount Dennan Lionhouse the Third waved an arm forward, unleashing the rage of his forces -- directing it at Queen.

Numerous balls of fire lit up the night as they flew toward Queen's mounted knights. Each of the fireballs roared as though alive and screaming for the deaths of their enemy.


Arrogantly sitting on his horse, Viscount Dennan Lionhouse the Third maliciously grinned as he thought about enjoying the body of the scantily clad woman.

Even with his experience ordering women to sleep with him, leveraging the power of his father's position, Dennan couldn't imagine any other woman worthier than her.

He soaked in the sight of the woman's milky white skin that appeared to glimmer under the light of the moon. Dennan felt mesmerized by her eldritch beauty. His pants tightened as his member grew erect -- fantasizing about the events later that night.

Dennan imagined that the woman would be a fighter, her fists beating against his muscular chest. She would scream and beg for Dennan to release her, but he knew that those pleas of terror would slowly transform into moans of pleasure.

"They always start off fighting but not long until they beg me to not throw them away," Dennan grinned.

Though he didn't expect to use it so soon, Dennan was eager to try out his new custom tools.


As the fireballs streaked through the air and slowly arced toward the knights, each of the black armor-clad mounted knights smoothly raised their shields -- as though the motion was something they had completed thousands of times in the past.

Several of the knights expertly guided their mounts to move into position between Queen and their magical attacks in addition to raising their shields to protect their mistress.

The surrounding grassy fields became an inferno as the balls of fire crashed into the shields, splashing fire and swamping the knights under an ocean of flames. Oily smoke billowed as corrupted grass burned. Several feet surrounding where the summoned dead calmly stood, only charred dirt remained once the mana from the spell gradually faded into the night.

Loud cheers were heard from the men as they watched the fireballs drown their enemy. Though they didn't get to take direct action, aside from the mages, they still appreciated the spectacle which they had witnessed numerous times in the past.

As the flames died down, the Viscount laughed loudly. He viciously grinned, “A pity that slut died. I was looking forward to seeing how great her skills were. She would have made a fine prize after I properly trained her to be a loyal dog for me to parade through my halls and gardens. I will have to apologize to my friends for turning such beauty into a cinder.”