Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: The Order Arrives

Scarlet Dawn

*Pant....Pant.... Pant* 
"Got..... to get away" 
The girl said as she fled through the cluttered deserted alleyways as fast as her legs could carry her, all the while the sound of running footsteps behind her got louder and louder and louder. The light from the end of the alleyway beckoned to her almost as a beacon of hope, summoning her will she rushed through the narrow alley and into the street, To her horror the street was deserted not a soul in sight. 

"Giving up already girly" A voice called from the alleyway behind her
The girl quickly spun her head around to face the source of the voice in the darkness of the alleyway she could see a pair of piercing white eyes in the shadows. She froze in fear, choking back the urge to cry. 

A tall man stepped out of the dark his white eyes sizing up the girl like a shark eyeing its prey. "we got ourselves a snack boys and a pretty one at that" he said in a menacing voice. 

"Finally ive been starving all day" A voice called out 

"she is a pretty one, i bet her blood tastes fantastic" another voice called out

The girl knew she was surrounded on all sides by these demons she knew as the Depraved, part vampire part machine these were creatures she knew all to well but she could do nothing a mere human cannot stand against the Depraved. 

despite the overwhelming circumstances she found herself in fight or flight overcame her, in a split second she charged the Depraved man standing in front of her.


The Depraved man was taken a back by the girls sudden outrage but this was of course just a mere human, he lifted his right leg up and effortlessly kicked the charging girl back, her body flew along the street hitting the wall of a building on the other side of the street. 

the girl groaned and strained her body racked with pain, she could no longer move, all she could do was watch as the three depraved closed in on her. 

"no, i cant die not like this!" the girl said weakly

The cold rain of the night began slowly dripping down on the city, the midnight breeze blew steadily in the air, in the serenity of the night a figure stood on top of a tall building, her short white hair gently swaying in the breeze, the water from the rain was gently rolling off her cold metal mask that covered the lower part of her face. her black leather trench coat which covered most of her body was damp from the rain. 

she had her red eyes fixed on something below her. 
"Targets located, commencing purge" 
The mysterious girl turned 180 on her heels, she drew her arms out of her coat revealing two crimson coloured revolvers she held them out at her sides in a T pose. without hesitation she leaped in backwards somersault off the top of the building. 

The girl landed on the ground perfectly, stood in front of her were 3 white eyed Depraved to her back was a girl slumped up against a wall below the building she had just jumped from. 

"Wha-what is this" one of the Depraved called out. 
"She-she cant be human but she isn't a Depraved like us" another Depraved noted 
"That means she must be one of the Six" The third Depraved said with a shaky voice. 

"Prepare to die" The white haired girl said calmly. 

"YOU THINK WE ARE AFRAID, THERE IS 3 OF US AND ONE OF YOU!" one of the Depraved said before quickly lunging forward towards the white haired girl. 

in the blink of an eye he had reached where the girl had been standing however his aggressive lunge had missed its target. 

"Huh, where did she go" 


in a flash the girl had appeared behind him, she brought her leg up high above her head before driving it down on the Depraved's neck, with his neck pinned to the ground by her foot she pointed one of her Crimson revolvers at the back of his head. 


Two shots ripped through the Depraved's head virtually destroying it, a mix of red and white blood poured out of the now gaping wound. 

"SHES OPEN NOW GET HER" Another Depraved yelled as he two was lunging towards her from above. 

The white haired girl had not flinched at her new attacker descending upon her from the rooftop she simply raised the Crimson Revolver in her other hand and pointed towards her foe. 
She shot the man three times through the chest sending White and Red blood along with small mechanical parts from inside the Depraved flying into the air. The Depraved dropped to his knees.  

The white haired girl walked up to the Depraved who was still on his knees hunched over in pain, she placed one of her guns back in her black trench coat, she used her now free hand to raise the Depraved's face up to meet hers. 


The white haired girl twisted the Depraved's head completely off its body a fountain of blood shot up to greet the night sky. The girl turned her attention to the last Depraved. 

He was shaking violently "please..... please spare me PLEASE" 

The final Depraved began running down the alleyway they had originally came in from. The white haired girl watched him run down the alley for a moment before reaching into her trench coat and pulling out a blade which looked like an old school Katana.  She quickly threw the Katana in the Air as the blade reached its apex and was making its way back down to the ground the white haired girl span around and with a slight jump on the spin kicked the handle of the falling blade with immense force. 

The blade rocketed down the alley with great speed and precision until 


A scream echoed throughout the alley confirming the blade had reached its intended target the fleeing Depraved was now pinned against a wall by the sword which had pierced him through the gut. 


two bullets accompanied the sword on its travel and struck the Depraved in middle of the head killing it instantly. 

The white haired girl lowered her Crimson Revolver.

"Purge complete" 

She turned and walk towards the human girl who was still slumped up against a wall, she knelt down in front of her. 

"Hey girl you are safe now"  

The human girl raised her head to look at her saviour all she could see was the girls white hair, metal mask and crimson eyes.

"Who are you" she asked 

"I'm a member of the organization of the Six, you were attacked by creatures part Vampire and part Machine called the Depraved, but you are safe now"  the white haired girl did her best to reassure the human girl 

The human girl slowly rose to her feet. 
"Yes i know what they are, those bastards are the reason my family are dead" 

"i see" the white haired girl said nonchalantly as she turned to walk away from the human girl. 

"Wait, i never thanked you for saving me, my name is Clare what's yours?"

" My name is Scarlet "  

*Authors note* 
This chapter is meant as a semi prologue to introduce readers to some of the characters and the world. more details and characters will be covered in later chapters