Chapter 29:

Chapter 29: Adult Experiments


We followed Ms. Avery as she walked through the forest. “We’ve been walking for a while,” Belle said, “How far do you and your husband live?” “Rather far,” Ms. Avery responded, “We chose this to be hidden from people. It’s worked out this long, so we made the right choice.” Ezekiel interjected, “Belle and I had been living out by ourselves too.” Ezekiel added, “Right sis?” Belle nodded, “Yep!” We continued the walk until eventually came across an old house. A cabin, I believe she called it. “Darling!” Ms. Avery called out, “I’m home!” The door to the cabin opened and a dark-skinned man walked out. He was tall, and muscular, with short blackish-gray hair. He had a slight smile on his face seeing Ms. Avery, but that changed he put his gaze on the twins and me. “Avery? What have I told you about stealing random children into our home?” His voice was mature and had an accent, not Mr. Buck’s but similar. “I didn’t “steal” them. They came willingly, I swear.” She responded, her face red. “So you’ve said the last dozen children you’ve brought out here. Take them back to their families.” “Actually, we did follow her on our own accord.” Ezekiel interrupted. Belle nodded, “Yeah, we were just curious if she lived out by herself.” “Are you her husband?” I asked. He looked at us with an eyebrow raised and back at Ms. Avery who was twirling her hair. “I am. My name is Bose, pleased to meet you three.” He walked over and extended his left hand. “I’m Ezekiel.” He said as they shook hands. Then he shook Belle’s, “Hi, I’m Belle.” And I was last, “My name is Ferral.” “Ferral? Quite the unique name.” He said. “Thank you. Umm, why is your skin black?”

Ezekiel coughed and they all looked at me with surprised expressions. “Ferral!” Belle shouted as she smacked my shoulder. “What?! I just asked why he’s black.” Ezekial punched me in the stomach, “You idiot! Why would you ask that?!” “Because I’ve never seen someone with his skin color. Mostly everyone I know has a white skin color except Leona, she’s a slightly browner color.” Belle smacked me again but this time across the face. “I’m so sorry, he doesn’t exactly get out often.” Ezekiel apologized. Ms. Avery and Mr. Bose looked at each other and chuckled slightly. “I’ve been told many things about my skin color, but nothing quite like that,” He responded, “I’m not offended, it seems like a kind-hearted question. I come from a continent called Africa, and most people that live there have skin like mine.” “Hey, I’ve heard about that place. Wow, so you’re like Mr. Buck who's also from one of those continents. So cool.” Belle and Ezekiel let out a sigh of relief, “Honestly Ferral, you really need to think before you ask something like that.” Belle said. “Yeah, you’re gonna get in trouble if you run your mouth like that,” Ezekiel added. “Right then,” Ms. Avery said, “Are you kids hungry?” Our stomachs growled and looked at each other then back at them. “YES.” We said at the same time. “Well, I got a good haul from hunting,” Mr. Bose said, “So I’ll be cooking today.” They offered us to come inside their home, and we agreed. It was small inside but felt simple and nice. As Mr. Bose started to cook, Ms. Avery sat us down at their small table. She sat down with us, “So kids, where are you from?” She asked. None of us responded….we didn’t even know where we came from. “We’re from Central City, obviously.” Ezekiel said. “Well of course, but what about your families?” The three didn’t respond again. “We…don’t exactly have families.” Mr. Bose turned around, curious at our conversation. “I don’t understand?” Ms. Avery said. “We’re experiments.” I blurted out and the twins looked at me with stern looks. “Experiments?” Mr. Bose asked. Ezekiel sighed, Yeah if you watch T.V. there was a broadcast a day ago where this guy was talking about how he’s been creating experiments. We’re some of them.” The two didn’t respond for a second and Mr. Bose walked over and sat down. “You three wouldn’t be animal-human hybrids, would you?” We looked at them surprised, “Uhhh, yeah,” Belle said, “How do you know?” “We are as well.” Ms. Avery responded. “Y-You are?” I asked, stunned. Mr. Bose nodded, “Yes, we’re experiments that managed to live to adulthood. I’m Experiment 136: Black Panther.” “I’m Experiment: 148: White Peacock.” They got and began to transform. Mr. Bose grew a pair of cat-like ears on his head, his eyes became yellow, and grew dark fur with claws on his arms and legs down to his feet. Ms. Avery’s eyes became gray and multiple white feathers sprouted from atop her head. Her dress fell down revealing white feathers covering her arms, legs, and chest. It was like a new outfit entirely and from her waist, these long feathers that touched the floor further added to the dress look.

We stared in amazement at seeing adult experiments. It felt unreal. “Now that we’ve shown you what we are…” Mr. Bose said, “What are you three?” “Belle and I are Anatolian Black Goats.” Ezekiel said. “And I’m a wolf, but they call me The Failure.” I told them. “Is that so?” Mr. Bose asked, “Well…show me.” I looked at him confused, “What do you mean?” “Let’s go outside and have a little sparring match. So why they call you The Failure.” The twins looked at me, then I smiled. “Alright I accept, I’m always up for a good fight.”

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