Chapter 14:

Chapter 14: Escapin' Ministry Work

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

When Zac, Hadasa and Kayleb made it to downtown Teratapolis, Zac was carrying a box of Interlinear Bibles. Zac expressed his tired, bored face, all the while Hadasa and Kayleb smiled out of joy. Hadasa and Kayleb held the Bibles in their hands, raising them up in the air.

A lot of buildings were squished together with small, local shops at the bottom and apartments at the top. People mostly walked on the sidewalks in opposite directions, and others stood by the traffic lights to cross the streets. Cars stood by the sidewalks and watched people pass by them.

-Oh, Lord. Why the hell are Ya doin' this to me?! I've had enough of this ministry work shit! And I'm sick and tired of carryin' this freakin' box! How long are Ya gonna get me out of here?!

Then Zac sighed out of relief and smiled at being in a place besides houses.

-But at least I'm not in the suburbs anymore, that's for damn sure. I'll at least give Hadasa that.

"Alright, everybody. Time to get to know and form a relationship with Elohim and His Son to receive grace," Kayleb shouted as he, Zac and his sister stopped by the barbershop.

"Amen to that, my little brother," Hadasa said, looking down at Kayleb with a grin. "Elohim and His Son are desperately tryin' to form a relationship with you!"

While Hadasa and Kayleb shouted the Gospel at people, Zac expressed his annoyed face when trying to hold onto the box. But his arms and hands became so tired of the box's heaviness, that they'll in fact just drop it and become too tired to pick it up.

-Alright, time to drop this bitch. It's gettin' too heavy for me to carry.

So Zac dropped the box near his feet, allowing his arms and hands to rest from carrying that box. People walked past Zac, Hadasa and Kayleb, ignoring their presence. Zac then expressed his relaxed face as he stood there.

-Whew! 'Bout time my arms and hands rest for a bit. Now we jus' have to wait for this bullshit two hour ministry work to end, which can be pretty annoyin' as all get out.

As thirty minutes had passed, Zac, Hadasa and Kayleb noticed people jus' ignored them and never accepted the Bibles. Remembering his goal of getting out of ministry work and community service early, Zac frowned when he looked down at the Bibles in the boxes, then at Kayleb and Hadasa back and forth at the same time.

-Oh, man. This is hopeless…

Then Zac glared at Hadasa and Kayleb.

-'Cause what they're doin' isn't workin'! I gotta do sonethin' to get the hell outta here quicker and earlier, so I don't have to deal with this shit much longer.

So Zac pulled out two Bibles from the box and took a look around him.

-Alright, where the hell do I put these books?

While he looked around for a while, Kayleb looked up at his sister with a frown. "Awe, it's so sad that people don't wanna have a personal relationship with Elohim and His Son. Maybe we should move somewhere else?"

"No," Hadasa said, looking down at Kayleb. "We gotta persevere and keep goin'. That's what Elohim and His Son want."

"But-" Kayleb cried.

"No buts, Kayleb. You gotta obey Elohim's will. That's literally what He wants, never go against it. He knows what's best for us, so you gotta have faith in Him," Hadasa snapped.

"Aah, alright. I understand," Kayleb guiltily said, returning his attention to the crowd, spreading the Gospel.

Hadasa smiled at Kayleb. "Very good, Kayleb. I knew Elohim could count on ya."

Zac glared at Hadasa more than Kayleb when he heard that, opening his mouth with his teeth gritted.

-Look, I hate this kid, but man, does his bitch has a lot of nerve if she thinks we're gonna keep stayin' here for another hour and a half. No freakin' way we're doin' that. I'm jus' gonna pass these books off somewhere whether this bitch likes it or not. I'm gonna do it, dammit!

Once Zac widened his eyes when his eyes spotted small shops behind him, he smirked at them with determination.

-Alright, Zac buddy. Time to deliver these books in these stores and get the hell outta here.

Then Zac walked his way towards the barbershop and entered it, without Kayleb nor Hadasa noticing it. The bell rang whenever Zac entered. Zac saw a couple men doing their customers' hair and some men sat in black chairs. They turned to Zac and smiled at him.

"Well, hello, sir. Welcome to the Pazazz Barbershop. What can I do for you today?" One of the employees asked.

"Oh, I'm not here to get a hair done," Zac responded with a smile. "I'm jus' here to drop these off."

After Zac handed the Bibles to one of the employees, the employee examined the Bibles. He handed them back to Zac. "Oh, sorry, my man. We don't take books except magazines."

Zac leaned back and widened his eyes and mouth when he heard that.

-Oh, man. I better do somethin' to keep these books here quick, before those two little brats finds me. I gotta get outta here. I jus' can't remain here for an hour and a half much longer.

"B-B-But, sir. Please keep them here. I'm beggin' ya," Zac pleaded as he handed the Bibles back to the employee.

The employee pushed the Bibles back to Zac. "Sir, we don't accept books except magazines. If you refuse to accept that, we're going to ask you to leave."

Zac pushed the Bibles towards the employee, but the employee pushed them back against him.

-Oh, c'mon now! Jus' take them already! I wanna get the hell out of this ministry bullshit, so I can go back home early and spend more time with my money!

Zac frowned at the employee. "Oh, please take the Bibles. Please take them. I don't want to remain out here longer than thirty minutes."

Then the employee glared at Zac. "Alright, sir. I'm going to ask you to leave. If you refuse to leave, I'll call the authorities for your arrest."

As soon as Zac reluctantly got the Bibles away from the employee, he glared at him for a moment.

-Man, this is no use. I gotta get outta here before the authorities arrive anyhow. We'll go to the next shop that'll take these damn books anyhow.

"Alright, fine! I'll go somewhere else then! Hmph!" Zac roared when the doorbell rang behind him.

"Zac!" Hadasa's voice echoed from the behind.

Zac widened his eyes and quickly turned around, frowning at Hadasa and Kayleb as the door closed itself.

-Oh, great! Now I got caught red handed by a couple of brats! I'll never get the hell outta here early. Jus' great…

"What are ya doin' here?!" Hadasa roared when she walked towards Zac. Kayleb just stood there and glared at Zac.

Realizing Zac was handing out Bibles in the barbershop, she gasped at first, then growled at him. "Are ya tryin' to force people to accept the Bibles or somethin'?!"

"What?! I jus' wanna leave this area as quickly as possible. There's nothin' wrong with that," Zac replied, crossing his arms, turning his head left with his eyes closed.

Hadasa growled at Zac even more before she chuckled a little, when she saw the employee just standing there. She grabbed and pulled Zac's arm. "Oh, I'm sorry for this guy botherin' ya with a couple Bibles. We'll be headin' out now."

"Oh, thank you so much. I really appreciate it," The employee said, grinning at Hadasa with his eyes closed.

"No problem," Hadasa said as she successfully dragged Zac out of the barbershop without any resistance from him. Zac realized how useless it is to resist Hadasa, when he was already caught and he wanted to leave anyway. Kayleb exited the barbershop with Hadasa and Zac.

Once Zac, Hadasa and Kayleb left the barbershop, Hadasa grabbed the Bibles from Zac's hands to place them back into the box and angrily looked up at Zac. "Okay, Zac. First of all, you need to have a personal relationship with Elohim and His Son by readin' the entire Bible. Second, you need to be spiritually trained and disciplined as a disciple. Then you can spread the Gospel.

"'Cause of your motives for what you did earlier jus' demonstrated to me that you shouldn't spread the Gospel. At all," Hadasa roared, raising her fists up underneath her chin. "I literally can't believe you did that! I'm so pissed off with you right now!"

"Well, if ya, like, spread the Gospel for thirty minutes instead of two freakin' hours, none of this woulda happen, would it now?!" Zac roared back at Hadasa, pointing his finger at her.

Hadasa growled before she and Kayleb grabbed a couple Bibles from the box and turned around. "Jus' stay with us whenever we go on doin' some ministry work! Gosh!"

"Fine! I will!" Zac snapped as he just stood near the box, while Hadasa and her brother spread the Gospel. He glared at Hadasa more than Kayleb.

-I can't wait to pummel this bitch as soon as we get the hell outta here.