Chapter 13:

Chapter 13: Eating Out Again

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

By the time Zac, Hadasa and Kayleb arrived at Seafood Bay, they looked around and saw some people were either sitting at the blue tables with the clam designs on them, getting their drinks or waiting in line. The chatter among the crowd echoed across the room along with some children's screams. The workers there were trying their damnedest to send meals to their customers as fast as they could.

Zac's face was quite surprised when he saw this. Kayleb and Hadasa talked to one another with a smile.

-Whoa, this place must be buzzling in here. I'm gonna enjoy this. I jus' hope I don't do anything to get us kicked out like last time.

Then the siblings turned to Zac.

"So, Zac. Are you ready to eat and drink here?" Hadasa asked.

"Hell yea, I am!" Zac exclaimed, raising his fist underneath his chin, closing his eyes with a smile. "I'm starving!"

-Oh, yea! I can't wait to eat and drink, bruh!

"Good!" Hadasa also exclaimed. She also closed her eyes with a smile and placed her hands together while they waited in line.

"You seem to curse a lot, do ya?" Kayleb asked, looking up at Zac.

Zac annoyedly looked down at Kayleb. "Yea? So what? Do ya have a problem with that, kid?"

Kayleb growled at Zac, raising his fists up underneath his chin. "Hey, you don't need to be a jerk about it, y'know!"

Hadasa sighed, put her head down, and clenched her fists. "Alright, that's enough, you two. We don't want to be forced out again, do we, Zac?"

"'Again?'" Kayleb asked as he turned to Zac with his eyebrow raised.

"It's a long story!" Zac roared, closing his eyes, crossing his arms, turning his head left. Hadasa glared at Zac for a while and Kayleb growled at him more, putting his fist down.

Zac, Hadasa and Kayleb waited in line for ten minutes, wondering what's taking the service so long to accept orders. People remained in line and grumbled among themselves. Hadasa and Kayleb gave the counter their curious faces when they both leaned slightly to the left. Zac on the other hand gave the workers his impatient, angry look on his face, clenching his fists.

"Uh, what's goin' on over there?" Kayleb curiously questioned. "What's takin' 'em so long?!"

"Oh, I don't know," Hadasa replied. "That's a pretty good question though."

-Okay, seriously though, what the hell, man?! I don't have time for this bullshit! They better hurry the hell up with the food, or I'm outta here and go somewhere else!

One of the workers stared at the line. "Sorry, everyone. One of the machines for the seafood burgers is currently down right now, so it'll take a bit longer to get the food out once you order. So please have patience as we get the machine runnin' again."

"Uh-oh, that's not good," Kayleb said.

"Yep," Hadasa agreed, looking down at her brother.

Zac frowned and sighed as he heard some customers grumbled against the employees and moaned there.

-Oh…you have gotta be kiddin' me…I mean, seriously?! Really?!

Then Zac gave the workers his pissed off face while some customers left the restaurant. Well, Zac couldn't blame them. He would want to leave too.

-Okay, that's it! I'm outta here! I'm goin' to get something to eat else where!

Zac turned to Hadasa and Kayleb. "Alright, we're goin' somewhere else to eat. Let's go."

"Wh-What?!" Hadasa asked. "There's no way we're leavin' right now, Zac. We're goin' to patiently wait and order here since some people left here, meaning less people in line. You should wait too if you're that concern about long lines, y'know."

Once Kayleb thought about it for a while, he agreed with his sister, "Yep, Hadasa does have a point."

"Uh, we still have to wait for our food for a long time, even with less people," Zac roared. "So we're goin'."

"Okay, but where though?" Hadasa asked. "Do you have anything in mind then?"

Zac looked up at the ceiling. "Well…uh…um…"

-Damn, bruh. You can't even bother to think of anything?! Like seriously?! Think, Zac, think!

"Hmmm, can't think of anything, huh?" Hadasa asked.

"Oh, I'm thinkin' of something. Chillax, bruh," Zac responded.

"Okay, then. I suppose I'll jus' give ya more time," Hadasa said.

Zac relooked up at the ceiling. "Uuuuh…uuuuum…" He then frowned all the sudden.

-Wow, you still couldn't manage to think of anything. How embarrassing…

"Looks like Zac couldn't think of anything after all," Kayleb said, chuckling a little bit.

Zac quietly growled and glared at Kayleb.

-I'm ready to strangle this kid. Like for real, bruh. Jus' you wait, kid. Jus' you wait.

"Alright then. I guess we'll go to Big Burger," Hadasa said, looking down at her brother.

Zac frowned and put his head down.

-No way. We're seriously goin' back there?! Really, Hadasa?! That's all you're gonna pick?! Seriously?!

"You can't be serious. Do ya really have to pick that place?" Zac roared. "You couldn't pick any place other than that?"

Hadasa annoyedly looked Zac in the eye. "Well, I couldn't think of anything else other than Big Burger. And you failed to pick a different fast food joint. So…"

Zac's eyes broadened and his mouth was opened a little when he heard Hadasa said that.

-Oh, my God. This girl can't be for real.

Images of the memories in his heart flashed about the last time he went to Big Burger for a while.

"Plus, it's closer to our community service anyway," Kayleb agreed.

Hadasa looked down at her little brother. "C'mon, Kayleb. Let's go."

"Mhn," Kayleb said, closing his eyes, shaking his head.

Then Hadasa turned to Zac, giving him her serious face. "And when we get there, Zac, I expect ya to not get us in trouble like you did last time."

Zac sighed as he exited Seafood Bay with Hadasa and Kayleb. He leaned forward and put his head down.

-Oh, Lord. This is gonna be my nightmare. Let's hope it doesn't become like last time.


When Zac, Hadasa and Kayleb finally arrived at Big Burger, they looked around and saw the place wasn't as busy as last time. Zac sighed out of relief as he saw the line was shorter this time. People's chatter still emitted across the room.

-Wow. This place doesn't have a long ass line like last time. I'm impressed. That means that we should be getting our orders sooner.

Hadasa noticed Zac's relaxed face. "Ah, looks like someone's finally not complainin' about Big Burger. That's a relief."

Zac annoyedly looked at Hadasa in the eye.

-Yea, a relief my ass!

"So you ready to order up?" Hadasa asked.

"Sure, why not," Zac responded. "Of course, I'll do it, especially in a shorter line like this."

Hadasa closed her eyes and placed her fingers against each other with a smile. "Oh, that's good to hear, Zac."

After Zac, Hadasa and Kayleb ordered their food and filled up their drinks, they scanned the room to find a place to sit. Once they found an empty table near the door of where they entered, they sat down and waited for their orders to arrive. They all sipped their drinks before they began to chat with one another.

"So, Zac…" Hadasa began to speak first.

"What?" Zac responded.

"Are ya ready to visit my friends tomorrow after community service?" Hadasa questioned.

"At your freakin' place?" Zac asked back, sipping his soda.

"Well, not jus' that, but tomorrow morning's community service as well, silly," Hadasa answered. "Remember when I told ya that my friends only work on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday?"

Zac remembered what Hadasa told her a couple days ago.

-Oh, yea. I remember her tellin' me that.

Then he expressed his annoyed face.

-And no, I definitely am not excited to see her dumb ass friends. Hell, I'm not even excited to see Hadasa nor her bratty ass brother in the first place.

"Uh, Zac? Are you gonna answer me or not?" Hadasa questioned, raising her eyebrow at Zac while Kayleb sipped his drink.

"Oh, right," Zac responded. "Sorry 'bout that. I do remember you tellin' me that a couple days ago. And no, I'm not excited to see your friends again tomorrow morning."

Hadasa growled at Zac. "Would ya not be an ass to anyone?! Jus' this once?! Or are ya still mad 'bout gettin' caught last time."

Zac breathed hard while putting his head down. "Oh, my God. Why do ya keep bringin' it up?!"

"'Cause ya still mad at us 'bout gettin' your butt caught red handed. I mean, if you haven't done these things, none of this would've happened. We wouldn't even see each other," Hadasa said. "Maybe stop thinkin' 'bout that for once, and I won't even mention it. Besides, I don't even want to have this discussion with ya. I want to help ya out to overcome your sins, yet ya have to still think 'bout that. Do ya, Zac?"

Zac growled while putting his head down.

-Look, once I get my vengeance on her little brother after community service today, she's next. Like for real!

Once Zac, Hadasa and Kayleb received their orders, they ate and drank it all before they left Big Burger, returning to the community service for ministry work. And because Zac enjoyed his time there at Big Burger, it was his first time he liked being there and would want to return there in the future.