Chapter 1:



It’s 10pm, a cold Halloween evening. Raven, a young pale girl in a witch costume sits down on a couch.

“T-thanks for letting me in so late, Hawks…” Her voice is trembling, as if still full of fear.

“Well? Tell me what happened!” A slightly overweight boy with blonde hair holds two goblets full of red wine and puts one of them in front of Raven.

“W-Well, I-“ A doorbell interrupts. Hawks opens the door and there he sees three little kids dressed up as a Titan, a Ghoul and a Pirate.

“Trick-or-Treat!” The kids yell synchronized.

“Aren’t you little bastards adorable? Here, take these.” Hawks offers the sweets from a basket. The kids take a piece each and leave. “You sounded really terrified on the phone. So?” He asks Raven impatiently.

“I was… waiting for an extra bacon pizza I had ordered. It happened around three hours ago…”

Raven starts telling a story, a flashback shows her in the same costume at 7pm in her house. A doorbell rings and she opens the door. A small girl with a realistic-looking blood on her face and a knife in her hand says silently: “Trick-and-Treat…”

Raven smiles: “Did you mean Trick-or-Treat?” She gives the sweets to her but the girl continues staring at her.

“I don’t have anywhere to go, I would like to-“ As the girl tries to say something to her, Raven’s phone rings and she picks it up.

“I will be waiting for you! Thanks!” She hangs up and says to the girl: “My pizza’s gonna be here any minute, so thanks for stopping by, see you around! Oh, and a very great mask!” She closes the door.

Back at Hawks’ house, Raven continues: “But then, something unimaginable happened… like straight up from a horror movie…”

At her home again, Raven opens the pizza box and goes pale. “No… this can’t be…!”

Hawks listens to her story with eyes wide open: “W-what was there?” He gulps.

“The pizza… didn’t have the extra bacon!!!!”

“Aaaghhh!!!” Hawks screams frightened. After he calms down, he hugs Raven: “It’s alright. I am here for you and I have both pizza and bacon. You can have as much as you want. The pizza can’t hurt you anymore.”

“Thank you. I need to go to the toilet…” Raven stands up while wiping away the tears.

Hawks notices news in the TV. The TV host says: “Interrupting the program because of a special reportage! There is a young woman in her 30’s with a rare condition that makes her look like a 12 year old child, running in the city with a knife. She tricks the unsuspecting people into treating her to their homes only for her to murder them moments later. There have been two incidents already!”

Hawks has terror in his eyes as Raven comes back from the toilet: “What did I miss?”

“N-nothing!” He quickly turns off the TV as he stares at Raven in disbelief.