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Halloween Murderhead

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Halloween Murderhead

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Halloween John Murderhead (Halloween, 1989 - November 1, 2022) also known as the Pumpkin Bastard, was a filmmaker and costume designer who, after posting 31 of his own, previously unreleased feature horror films to his YouTube channel, Murderhead Films, (now removed)  tragically died in a shootout with California police following his murder of six convicted felons on Halloween, 2022.

Born- October 30, 1989

Died- November 1, 2022 (aged 33) Yountville, California, US

Cause of Death- Shot dead by police

Resting Place- George C. Yount Pioneer Cemetery

Other names- The Pumpkin Bastard, Halloween Man, Mike Murderhead

Victims- 7

Country- United States

State- California

Immediately following the murder of his first six victims, he told a seventh- who he had already bludgended with an axe- that he would “leave him alive” because “six is a badass fucking number.” The man would die from blood loss only seven minutes later. Upon confrontation with authorities, Murderhead was immediately aggressive, wielding a chainsaw and shouting, “You can’t kill me” and “I’m America’s first slasher.”

In life, he would repeatedly claim his birthday to be “Halloween” (October 31st) despite all official records showing his actual birth date to be October 30, 1989.

^ Background

Halloween Murderhead (then Mike Johnson) was born October 30th, 1989 in Yountville, California and would spend his entire life there. According to his father, Murderhead was obsessed with patterns and colors from a young age. This interest was quote “far deeper than that of a normal child,” as Murderhead would often give names to certain combinations and arrangements of visual information, such as giving the moniker “Danny“ to the aesthetic of red-on-black combined with polka dots or other circular shapes. While his father saw no cause for concern in this quirk of his, Murderhead’s mother was worried that her son may have had a developmental disorder or other such condition. However, very little was discovered upon seeking help, as though his actions were certainly atypical, the boy narrowly evaded all specific identification, and was “in no need of medical intervention or special care.” While Murderhead himself would never receive psychiatric examination after this point, later in life he would self-identify as autistic and of having ADHD.

In his teenage years, many of Murderhead’s more defining characteristics began to take shape. His fascination with the holiday of Halloween, which, though he claimed to have always been obsessed with, was not seen until this point. His interest was to the point in which he would here first take up the name “Halloween” and begin to seemingly form his entire self-identity and worldview around the concept of “Halloween.” It was here he began to claim he was born on Halloween, and he would refuse to watch any films outside the genre of horror, though would frequently consider films not fitting this description to be such if they had enough Halloween-related elements. He aspired to make his own films, and also quickly became skilled in creating elaborate costumes, reliably winning local contests and garnering some fame as “Mike Halloween.” His room was always decorated as if it were Halloween, and when he purchased his own home, the same principle would be applied to the entire household. After this point, he would be considered a solitary, quiet individual by the neigbors around him, and would only ever be seen outside to pick up packages of supplies for costumes and creations, though he would on occasion have large amounts of people over, likely to act in his films.

^ Film Career

Murderhead began producing his own original feature films at the age of 15. He would direct and star in all of his work, usually portraying a “slasher” character. He would create casts entirely out of family and friends, begging them relentlessly to fill the roles of his victims. Strangely, Murderhead would consistently refuse to show his work in any context, often lying that he would watch the finished product with the crew when it was done before claiming the whole thing had been lost after it was completed. This would, of course, be proven definitely false when all 31 of his films were uploaded to his YouTube channel on the day of his real-life killing spree.

His films all share many connective elements, from their impressionist style to use of common horror and slasher tropes. All are explicitly violent, though the portrayal of these aspects have been noted as “oddly two-dimensional” by analysts online, one video speculating that “Murderhead wasn’t really into violence and probably didn’t even understand how it worked- he just liked the sound of the word.”

Complete Filmography:

Blood-Red Slasher (2004)

The Terrible Pumpkin Man (2005)

Evil Cries (2005)

Knife Shock (2005)

Skeleton Remover (2006)

Dead Babies Deluxe (2006)

Lobotomy Forcer (2006)

Hide (2006)

He Just Kills And Nothing Else (2007)

Return of the Terrible Pumpkin Man (2007)

Ribcage Rampage (2008)

Evil Lives (2008)

My Heart is Full of Murder (2008)

Wrought Souls (2009)

And Darkness Prevails (2010)

Evil Forever (2010)

Hell Massacre Destruction (2011)

Circumciser (2012)

Nobody’s Here (2012)

Halloween Murderhead (2013)

Rigor Morris (2014)

Dr. Devildemon (2014)

Last Halloween (2015)

He Kills and Eats and Never Apologies (2016)

Ribcage Rampage (Remake) (2017)

Serial Masterpiece (2018)

The Color of Murder (2018)

Halloween Murderhead Pt. 2 (2020)

Resurrectionist (2021)

Ruiner (2021)

Halloween Murderhead Pt. 3 (2022)

^ Mental Downfall

In adulthood, Murderhead took up many pseudoscientific beliefs about the power of art and “the aesthetic.” He claimed that, if there was such a world in which he would die violently, he would be reborn- resurrected, just as the typical slashers he portrayed always would be. As he put it, “I’ve spent so much time pretending to come back after being killed, at this point I can’t see myself staying down if I was.” This hypothesis turned to full-blown delusion in 2013, presumably following the filming of the original Halloween Murderhead, when Murderhead, in addition to taking up his infamous last name, created a fully detailed doctrine he called the Impressionist’s Clause, describing the inner workings of his belief system. According to Murderhead, artistic expression was akin to a supernatural energy- clumping around those who would wield it until it began to take effect on them, their aesthetic expression turning into “reality incarnations.” While very detailed and wordy, much of Murderhead’s writing on this subject is vague at best- characteristic of similar conspiracy theories and cult-like writings stemming from delusions. At most we can discern that he believed in art as a tool to literally alter reality just as one’s perception could be changed upon viewing a creative work. “Because I gave myself to Halloween…” he states in a journal found in his home, “…Halloween has in turn given itself to me. I am the night, the monster, the color orange. I am the slasher, cause that’s what I wanna be.”

^ The Costume

It took a very long time to make. He wears a pumpkin on his head, and is armed with many classic horror implements, from an axe, a machete, to a chainsaw, and even a large scythe. These are all secured with chains placed over the robe made of skin. It was originally fake, but for more accuracy, he purchased real materials online. It was supposedly ethically sourced, which he chose to be polite, though it’s still not accurate and could be replaced. Many other accessories are found on the costume, from Halloween decorations like lights, cobwebs, and bones, to a few large dead spiders stretched across the joints. Make no mistake, this man is Halloween, from head to toe.

^ Victims

Nobody of note

^ Fallout

Do you really think any of this is real? If that’s true, start believing in yourself. That’s the only thing that’s ever going to make any sense. Your world is what you make of it. As soon as you start listening to other people, it stops being any fun. Let’s say blood was your favorite word- the most pleasing combination of letters. It doesn’t make any sense not to try and drink some. I mean, make something of yourself for once. Be someone. I did it, can’t you? Listen. I’ve got two things to say to you: nobody ever got anywhere without a name, and Tetsuo was a way better iron man than Tony ever was. You hear me?

^ Motivation

He JUST did it cause he wanted to. Does there have to be an explanation? This was what his whole life led up to. It’s all he wanted. He killed literal criminals, it’s not like anyone who actually mattered got hurt. If anything, it was an artistic expression of sorts. Doesn’t anyone get that?

^ Ressurection

He’s BACK. I’M back. I TOLD you I would come back. I said it so many times and yet nobody believed me. Well, I’m here. I’m editing this page right now, and you had better not undo it, or I’ll come for you next.

When I sprung out of that expensive casket mom and pops paid for, I wasn’t even a little surprised. I felt the rotting flesh hanging from my bones, and squealed like a schoolgirl. I’ve finally become who I was always meant to be- Halloween Murderhead! America’s first slasher! Isn’t that so fucking cool? I don’t get how some people just can’t seem to understand me. All I’m doing here is painting a picture. If you don’t wanna paint your own, you might as well just sit back and watch. Because I’m here to stay. And from here on out, I plan to kill as much as possible. I’ll stick to criminals, I guess, because I really have no evil intent in doing this- I just want to kill people. That’s my aesthetic. It’s who I am. And if you think for a second I’ll give that up, you’ve got another thing coming.


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