Chapter 1:

V1 Prologue-She's A Zombie?!

Dawn Dead

The girl got stabbed, or at least that what she told me.

"I remember a person looking right at me, they had a blade in their hand, it was long and shiny in the moonlight. My eyes went agape in shock and fear by the blade's length. She also had long black hair, and wore a mask." The girl explained to me as she kept looking at me in the eyes. I was getting spooked by it too.

I noticed the girl's eyes looking slightly shocked, as if she was traumatized while telling the story.

"B-before I could even speak, she covered my mouth with her black-gloved hands, and she kept on stabbing me in the stomach, again and again and again. I could remember blood gushing out of my system. The masked murderer then grinned as she uncovered my mouth and left, and all I did was die a slow and painful death." The girl said as she grabbed the water bottle beside the floor and drank it.

"W-wow, are you okay. . .?" I asked with a tone of concern.

"Hmm? Oh. Well. . .YES I AM TOTALLY FINE, I'VE BEEN BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE ANYHOW!" The girl said with a smile on her face.

I comedically twitched and fell down onto the floor and thought, "You've got to be kidding me. But wait, she just said that she's been brought back to life. Wait, does that mean. . .?"

I quickly sprung up and said, "Wait, I never got your name by the way!"

The girl gave me a smile as she said, "My former name was Dawn Motoki, but now, I'm called Dawn Dead!"

"Dawn. . .Dead?" I thought in my mind as Dawn then got up and started walking over to the fridge.

I kept thinking about Dawn in my mind for a bit, and then it slapped across the face: Dawn's not exactly human, isn't she?

I quickly got up and ran over to Dawn and said, "Dawn! Do you mean that your a-"

Dawn interrupted me as she said in a slow and dazed-like tone, "A zom. . .bie? Yes, I am." She then started munching on the sushi that she had in her hand.

"She-she. . ." I felt myself tremble a bit as I then yelled at the top of my lungs, "SHE'S A ZOMBIE?!?!!?!!!!"

And it was on the first day of school, that I, Kosuda Akatsuki, discovered a zombie girl, who's staying with me.

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Dawn Dead

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