Chapter 27:

Chapter 26 – Yes I’m setting the forest on fire

Reincarnated with an omniscient grimoire

“Nathan.”Bookmark here

I heard someone calling out to me.Bookmark here

Himiko?Bookmark here

That didn’t make any sense.Bookmark here

She wouldn’t be here.Bookmark here

It must be a dream.Bookmark here

Still, I could clearly see her face in front of me. Her short black hair, that was cut down to bangs.Bookmark here

It was like one of those dreams where you knew it was a dream, but just brushed it off, because the dream was so far better than your reality.Bookmark here

Reality ...Bookmark here

“Nathan.”Bookmark here

Again the voice called out, and I realized who it belonged to.Bookmark here

“Raven.”Bookmark here

I had opened my eyes and came to face with my weirdo Incubus servant.Bookmark here

I wanted to puke, fall into a coma and smash my head into a wall because it hurt so much at the same time.Bookmark here

Wow, what the fuck.Bookmark here

“What happened?” I asked him, because what else should I do.Bookmark here

“Well, Shelly told me you came crashing down into the town square while they were discussing their strategy to defend the town.”Bookmark here

Oh right.Bookmark here

All at once my drowsiness faded and I was fully awake.Bookmark here

“Shit, what happened after that, where are they?”Bookmark here

“The villagers capable of fighting and magic have headed out with Shelly and Misha towards the gate to apprehend the priest, it seems. Everyone else is hiding below the town in the labyrinth systems.”Bookmark here

“Oh god, how long have I been out?”, I asked.Bookmark here

“Not that long, maybe two or three hours?”Bookmark here

“Hours?!” I jolted upward and looked for a window. I didn’t really notice before, but for some reason we were in our room inside the inn. I looked outside the window and indeed it was dark outside, the room only illuminated by a lamp somewhere.Bookmark here

“We need to help them!” I exclaimed and threw the blanket I was under off of me. A dull pain in my right arm made me flinch.Bookmark here

My arm was wrapped in a fresh bandage, but this time something was different: It was actually encased in some sort of hardened material.Bookmark here

Wait ...Bookmark here

“Is that a cast?” I asked with a bewildered expression.Bookmark here

“Oh yeah, when you crashed you seemed to have broken your arm. Luckily this town seemed to have a fairly competent medic. Also, I’m not sure if you noticed, but...”, Raven, who by the way was sitting on the opposite end of my bed, reached out and touched my carotid artery. The moment he did, an uncomfortable sensation crept through my entire body. The spot was sore as heck, and I felt the urge to scratch it open like a victim of Hinamizawa syndrome. Though I was pretty convinced there weren’t any maggots or the like crawling under my skin.Bookmark here

Raven continued his explanation.Bookmark here

“... you lost a lot of blood on the way here, so I had to give you a blood transfusion. If that bastard of a priest crosses my path, I’ll rip his guts open and slowly let him bleed out.”Bookmark here

That wasn’t an image I necessarily wanted to have in my mind now, but there was something more important I needed to ask.Bookmark here

“First of all, absolutely pro revenge here, but wait, you gave me a blood transfusion?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I am an incubus after all. Just a bite and I can give anyone who needs it my blood. I have too much of it after all.”Bookmark here

Okay, so that’s just a thing incubi do.Bookmark here

“That’s interesting”, I tried not to hang to long on the image of him sucking my neck, “but you should know, it wasn’t really that pastor’s fault. I used up to much mana, trying to get to the village in time.”Bookmark here

“Master Nathan! If that’s the case, that was really reckless!” Raven complained, sounding like some butler named Alfred or something.Bookmark here

I wondered for a second how long it took for me to reach the village. My memory of the past hours has become rather blurry.Bookmark here

Speaking of which ...Bookmark here

I softly clapped my cheeks with both hands and remained in that position.Bookmark here

“Oh wow, my fever seems to have disappeared. That’s incredible, Raven, was that because of your blood?”Bookmark here

Raven who was still pouting after his last statement suddenly averted his gaze.Bookmark here

That ... was odd.Bookmark here

“Raven? Are you good?”Bookmark here

“No”, was his faint answer.Bookmark here

For a second I reminded myself, that I could probably just give him an order to tell me the truth. But that was unethical. I didn’t like playing that dirty. Especially on people close to me.Bookmark here

“Look Raven, I don’t know what the matter is, but I’m pretty sure I’m making you feel bad right now so ... am I right?”Bookmark here

He sighed and just opened his mouth, searching for the right words.Bookmark here

“You have had a fever over the past few days.”Bookmark here

I simply gave him an affirmative nod and he looked me in the eye.Bookmark here

“Well, I didn’t know about that. I am not mad at you, it’s more that I am mad at myself for not having noticed it.”Bookmark here

He averted his gaze again, his face showing bitterness.Bookmark here

“It’s not you fault”, I tried comforting him, because that seemed to be the obvious thing to do.Bookmark here

“It is! You know, how fast I healed you, if I had noticed, I could have helped you.”Bookmark here

“Look, I’ve kept it from the others, that I am sick, because I am not good at magic, and being sick, I was even more useless.”Bookmark here

“What, but you are amazing!” He inched uncomfortably close, as he said that.Bookmark here

“Of course I am ...”, I muttered, awkwardly looking on the floor. Because of course he would only think the best of me, even though I am total trash.Bookmark here

The conversation still demanded something to be said, but none of us seemed to be sure, what exactly it was, so I looked for another topic to change to.Bookmark here

“Ah, right”, I exclaimed when my gaze fell onto the grimoire, I for some reason shared a bed with.Bookmark here

Ahh, yes my darling Grimoire-tan have you rested well~?Bookmark here

[Ara, ara, master. Your maid didn’t expect you to be a big spoon ️(^ᴗ❛❁)]Bookmark here

Oh wow, have you devolved into an A-Type Onee-san? Or possibly a C-Type?Bookmark here

[Why don’t you spread my pages and find out?]Bookmark here

Yikes, please god no, we agreed to keep this story PG-13 with the occasional dick joke thrown in for good measure. Also a 14-year old having sex with a book would be the most pathetic thing ever. Anyway, what is my current status?Bookmark here

[Your MP have been completely filled up.]Bookmark here

[Also you have leveled up.]Bookmark here

[Level: >>3<<]Bookmark here

[HP: >>335<<]Bookmark here

[MP: >>110<<]Bookmark here

[You’re ability to take damage has been severely enhanced.]Bookmark here

[I assume this is due to the incubus’s blood transfusion.]Bookmark here

That ... is amazing. I have no idea what to do with any of this, but still, I am impressed.Bookmark here

I had all these numbers, but without having any actual comparison to other people I couldn’t really tell, if my stats were incredibly low, or maybe just average.Bookmark here

Anyway ...Bookmark here

Do you know, where Raynard and Aurelia are?Bookmark here

After all, I couldn’t just leave them out there fighting for their lives.Bookmark here

[This inquiry- search complete.]Bookmark here

The grimoire interrupted itself.Bookmark here

[Raynard and Aurelia are in the forest.]Bookmark here

The grimoire showed me the mental image of a map of the forest, though honestly everything looked the same, so I still have no idea where they were.Bookmark here

However ...Bookmark here

“Since they aren’t at the gate anymore, does that mean they have actually managed to defeat the pastor ...?”Bookmark here

[I cannot find the pastor.]Bookmark here

“What, what does this mean?”Bookmark here

[I use magic signatures for my search.]Bookmark here

[If I am unable to find a certain magic signature, it could mean the searched person is dead, unconscious, or has used up all their mana.]Bookmark here

All of those options seemed rather unlikely, the more I thought about it.Bookmark here

I rapidly got up and tried ignoring the sudden headache and vision loss due to iron deficiency, as to not worry Raven.Bookmark here

“Master Nathan?”, he obviously asked.Bookmark here

I walked around the room looking for my clothes, that were just lying around. Well considering I was on the verge of dying due to blood loss, sorting my clothing was the least concern, when I was brought up here. I would have stored them in the grimoire, just saying.Bookmark here

“We have to help the others”, I said while picking up a shirt. Raven was looking the other way, but clearly still stealing a few glances. I was naked, but that didn’t bother me.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Maybe I was an exhibitionist after all.Bookmark here

I thought there was no use of him turning away, if he was still looking. Also, wasn’t he flirting with me before we headed out of town?Bookmark here

I figured that his flustered behavior must have just been for show. And honestly it kinda worked, he looked cute blushing like that.Bookmark here

“Master, I have to remind you that you shouldn’t seek battle in your condition.”Bookmark here

I moved a bit to be able to meet his gaze. I hated not being able to look a person in the face, when talking to them, and also I wanted to tease him a little.Bookmark here

I wanted to disagree him, but then I realized, he was right actually. I had a now broken arm, and after my last encounter with the priest I have used up all my mana and half my blood running away.Bookmark here

So I proposed the next logical idea.Bookmark here

“Then you fight in my stead.”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“You’ll fly us through the forest and help the villagers out while protecting me.”Bookmark here

“Do you want me to fight for you?”Bookmark here

“Erm, yes?”Bookmark here

His fake uncomfortable expression gave away to a smile, and he suddenly moved forward, leaning on his arms.Bookmark here

His excited squeals were equivalent to a keyboard smash and I halted in the middle of putting on my shirt.Bookmark here

“Raven, are you good?”Bookmark here


His excitement elicited a chuckle from me.Bookmark here

“Alright then, time to go”, I said, after having changed and put the grimoire in my rucksack.Bookmark here

Raven stood up, and hugged me from behind, before leaving the room through the window.Bookmark here

We dove down for a short second, while Raven spread his wings and after a spectacular dive soared high above the buildings in this village.Bookmark here

We flew over a couple of villagers that were stationed at the edge of the forest as guards and I waved at them, as they nearly flew on their butts in surprise.Bookmark here

This time the forest was even darker, than when I left it, and I had to rely on my grimoire to navigate. I confirmed the locations of several villagers, before telling Raven where to fly to. I decided it was best to first meet up with Misha and Shelly as they kinda were the leaders of this whole operation.Bookmark here

Luckily the grimoire was able to track their position, so I could find them without a problem.Bookmark here

After a while I was at their position, according to the grimoire, but the forest was so thick I couldn’t actually see them from above.Bookmark here

I ordered Raven to just blindly land somewhere near.Bookmark here

We sort of just fell for a couple of seconds, somehow avoiding thicker branches. Raven seemed to shield me from getting any scratches, but I could clearly hear the rustling leaves attacking him.Bookmark here

Shortly before landing he spread his wings to create an upwind, preventing a hard collision and making it seem more like a feather gently gliding towards the ground.Bookmark here

The wind he caused made every leaf and grass stalk churn, while also directing the attention of our targets towards us. As well as a few unwelcome guests.Bookmark here

“Nathan?”, the older woman shouted when she realized who had joined them.Bookmark here

She had drawn her sword and I realized that was probably the first time I had seen her engage in actual combat.Bookmark here

“What are you doing here?!” Shelly asked, turning the back to the Zombies that were steadily getting closer to her and Misha. The latter only gave me a quick side glance, but kept her full attention towards the enemy.Bookmark here

“I came to help”, I answered, though I wasn’t quite sure what that help would entail. But I thought it would be best, if I simply asked her for a quick status report. “So, how’s the situation?”Bookmark here

“Raven, didn’t I tell you, to keep him away from the fights?”Bookmark here

Great, not only was she ignoring my question, but now she was also shitting on Raven.Bookmark here

“Shelly, look out!” Misha warned her, and with a swift motion, Shelly cut off the attacking zombies head. I wasn’t quite sure whether she just randomly lashed out or whether that was her talent speaking.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, Miss, but Nathan gave me orders, and he is rather hard to resist.”Bookmark here

“I’m really sorry Shelly, but I don’t need you babysitting. Anyway, do you need any help or ...” My voice slowly trailed off, as I noticed a shadow slowly rising up behind her.Bookmark here

What the fuck?Bookmark here

I just stared at the headless, tattered corpse of the zombie Shelly had just chopped the head off of climbing onto its feet, my eyes just growing bigger and bigger, unsure what to make of this.Bookmark here

Shelly of course noticed my stares, and while she at first was waiting for me to finish my sentence, she realized what was going on. She lunged forward, spinning at the same time, and smashing he sword at the corpse like a baseball bat.Bookmark here

“Those bastards just keep coming back!”Bookmark here

She was indeed just lashing out in frustration.Bookmark here

“Wait what?” I took a moment to fully process what she just said. “They keep coming back?!” Well they are zombies so it kind of makes sense they are coming back, but ...Bookmark here

“Yeah, even if you smash them to tiny pieces they just merge into another monster altogether!” Misha confirmed.Bookmark here

Wow, that’s just way to OP.Bookmark here

Shit, what are we supposed to do?Bookmark here

“Have you any idea, how to permanently kill them?” I asked tentatively.Bookmark here

“No”, Shelly replied.Bookmark here

“We tried, brute force, magic, everything!”, Misha replied.Bookmark here

“Does your magic thingy maybe have an idea how to kill them?”Bookmark here

“Your magic thingy?”Bookmark here

Misha of course didn’t know, what we were talking about.Bookmark here

But Shelly was right, and for a second I felt stupid I didn’t have this idea myself, but of course I immediately asked the grimoire for help.Bookmark here

Do you know how to defeat these zombie thingies?Bookmark here

[This appears to be an unknown species.]Bookmark here

[I’d need to analyze them to give you a list of viable strategies.]Bookmark here

What does analyze mean? How do I do that?Bookmark here

[You simply need to establish contact between me and a specimen.]Bookmark here

Contact? Do I have to touch those things?Bookmark here

[You don’t have to.]Bookmark here

[Only I have to touch them.]Bookmark here

“Okay, listen up, I need to get close to one of these bitches, close enough to be able to touch them.”Bookmark here

“Eek, you want to touch these monsters?” Misha exclaimed.Bookmark here

“Not exactly...”Bookmark here

“Here, take this!”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

This eager offering came from behind me. Raven was standing there, his wings spread, offering me a zombie head like an apple.Bookmark here

Does this work for you?Bookmark here

[Yes, this should suffice.]Bookmark here

“Well, thank you I guess. Just please don’t bring any of those into my house as a present, like a cat.”Bookmark here

Thankfully Raven took this statement with humor.Bookmark here

“Everything for my master.”Bookmark here

“Alright ...”Bookmark here

I took the grimoire out of my bag, and slowly approached the zombie head. Honestly it didn’t really feel disgusting. I guess, this situation felt too surreal for me to register as messed up.Bookmark here

I could see slight movement coming from the jaws, that were held shut by Raven.Bookmark here

And then I established the contact.Bookmark here

I don’t know, what exactly I expected to happen, probably some cool loading sound effect, or the information being sent to the grimoire neatly visualized. But mostly, it was just me and Raven with outstretched arms, letting the objects on our hands touch each other.Bookmark here

It was almost like The Creation of Adam.Bookmark here

I wanna wanna touch your ...Bookmark here

[Body, body, body, body, body, body!]Bookmark here

Wait, why do you know that song?Bookmark here

[I have access to your memories.]Bookmark here

[Dare I say, you have interesting tastes.]Bookmark here

I feel like you already know this, but interesting doesn’t really sound accepting ...Bookmark here

[Data collected.]Bookmark here

Way to change topics ...Bookmark here

[It appears that burning the >>Zombies<< is the most effective strategy.]Bookmark here

“Fire ...”, I muttered. “Of course, if they don’t have a body, they can’t reform!” I turned around leaving Raven and his head alone. Shelly and Misha have been crushing the same zombie over and over again, it seemed. Oops, guess I was a bit preoccupied.Bookmark here

Anyway ...Bookmark here

“Misha”, I called out, “haven’t you tried using a fire spell to burn the monsters down?”Bookmark here

“A fire spell? No, we’re in a forest in a middle of summer. Do you know how easily that could cause a forest fire?”Bookmark here

Why is everyone always doubting what I say.Bookmark here

“Look, either we have a forest fire, we can actually put out, or we are overrun, by those undying zombies, alright?”Bookmark here

Misha just looked at me in bewilderment, while that zombie was bracing for it’s eleventy-seventh time.Bookmark here

Fuck it.Bookmark here

“Firebolt!” I shouted, shooting off a spell, I had just downloaded from the grimoire on a whim.Bookmark here

The zombies chest exploded and it went down with a horrific gurgle, it’s corpse slowly burning on the ground, casually setting a bit of nearby grass on fire.Bookmark here

We waited a couple of seconds, but it did not move.Bookmark here

“There you go”, I said, content with my work.Bookmark here

“It worked ...”, Shelly responded in bewilderment, while the corpse laid on the ground slowly burning away.Bookmark here

“Do you know, where the other villagers are?” I asked the both of them.Bookmark here

“We told them to spread out, but stay close to the edge of the forest”, Shelly responded.Bookmark here

“Can you get a hold of them and tell them to leave the forest?”Bookmark here

“If we split it shouldn’t take to long, but why?”Bookmark here

“I am going to set this forest on fire.”Bookmark here

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