Chapter 46:

Chapter 4 - Part 11 (Book 1 - Fantasy World)

Creation: The Path of a God

"My older sister's husband said that he'd be able to get work easily at one of the nearby villages or towns, close to the capital since he works as a guard," Amory smiled at the happy thought.

Cally and Mel's mouths opened wide, hearing what Amory had told them. They moved closer to their friend, eyes shining with curiosity.

Bethany was pulled out from another unusual wave of lust after hearing what Amory had said. Not worrying about how she had experienced another episode, her ears perked, wondering what the girl would say. She did know that a few of the workers at the inn had relatives connected to the guards and other village officials, considering the opportunity to interact with nobles at their establishment. So she was curious about what type of news was being spread during this time.

"Did your brother-in-law say anything about the soldiers coming here?" Cally's lip trembled slightly.

Bethany knew Cally's situation was not as well off as Amory's. Just like there were workers that had numerous opportunities, many also had family dynamics where they were the breadwinners -- having someone depend on them. Mel took care of her younger sister, while Cally had a younger brother. It was likely why the two had reacted to Amory's words in such a manner.

Currently, both Mel and Cally's siblings were waiting inside the employee rest area. The owner, having a kind and understanding heart, allowed people who were the only ones able to take care of their kids or younger siblings to bring them to the inn. On top of allowing younger kids to wait in the inn, the owner would feed them a meal with some snacks to help their mood. They even provided help with reusable diapers, allowing the workers to use the washing facilities to dry out cleaned diapers.

Since there was always an employee in the resting area at any given time, workers would take turns looking after the children.

The treatment wasn't unusual at Leaf Village since many knew one another at different businesses. However, it still made Bethany happy to be a part of such a caring business that cared for its workers.

Amory shook her head, "He rushed to the inn once he found out about the Empire soldiers, telling me to stay at the inn so he can send my sister and niece here. But I haven't heard from him in a while." She wiped away a few tears that formed, "But when my sister arrived, she said that it would be okay and not to worry about him."

Cally and Mel gave Amory a hug after hearing the news.

"Your brother-in-law is correct that staying here is a safe choice. The inn is rather sturdy, so there should be no concern about the chaos outside coming inside." Bethany lay a hand on Amory's wavy blonde hair, gently brushing the girl's hair.

Footsteps were soon heard, making Bethany look back towards the stairs. Turning back to the three girls, she motioned with her hands, "The three of you should get back to work."

Though Bethany understood that the girls were dealing with emotionally heavy problems, she worried that a guest would complain and the three would get in trouble. Though the owner was kind, it was a different story if a guest were to cause a raucous about the quality of the service.

Hearing the footsteps indicating a group of guests making their way down to the lobby, the three girls quickly used their uniform aprons to wipe their faces.

"Yes, miss," The three gave a quick bow to Bethany before they quickly made their way to their tasks.

Bethany walked back to her station, rechecking her outfit to make sure that she was presentable. Unfortunately, there were some areas of her uniform that she'd typically think unacceptable if seen by other workers, but there wasn't enough time. She hoped that the guests would understand the unusual circumstances.

It was then that she noticed the carriage that the young noble had arrived in, waiting in front of the inn. Though the people running past weren't as many as before, with the evacuation slowly progressing, it was still unusual to see such an opulent carriage and the chaos around it.

Raising an eyebrow, her thoughts were soon replaced with a curiosity about who was making their way downstairs. Looking out of the corner of her eyes towards the stairs, Bethany's eyes widened upon seeing that it was the young noble with his entourage, slowly emerging as they walked down the steps.

Bethany's face turned slightly red, seeing the young noble -- memories resurfacing related to her earlier behavior.

Once they all stepped into the lobby, Bethany realized that only a part of the entourage had arrived. There was no longer the village woman or the merchant family with the young noble. This time, it was only the noble and the three ethereal women.

Compared to when they first entered, the outfits were elaborate and shared a common theme.

Bethany couldn't help but stare at how they appeared and the eldritch metal that flowed on their clothes. Her mind told her that such material didn't exist, but it only caused her to want to look closer.

With how they appeared, Bethany wondered if even the Emperor of the Lunar Empire would be able to find a tailor with enough skill to produce such reality-bending clothes.

Catching herself and tearing her mind away from the distraction caused by the young noble and his stunning women, Bethany quickly regained her faculties and moved from behind the counter. As if caught in a motion that couldn't be halted, she reached out toward the young noble. There was no thought about the potential consequences of laying hands on the nobility. Instead, there was only panic as she wondered if the man didn't think of the current circumstance to be dangerous.

"My Lord! You need to leave this village! Lunar Empire soldiers are approaching! The village has been preparing to evacuate those who can!" Bethany shouted out uncharacteristically.

The red-haired lady wearing the most revealing of the three outfits snapped to look at Bethany. Her eyes were full of fury and wrath, enough to burn down the Slumbering Traveler instantly.

But despite facing such heat, Bethany didn't feel her thoughts were her own, only thinking of the young master placing himself in danger. She couldn't believe how the Lord didn't flee quickly from the horde of bloodthirsty soldiers slowly approaching the near-defenseless village. It was as though she were merely a conduit as the thought consumed her and allowed her to disregard the obvious danger.

Seeing that Bethany wasn't going to cease trying to talk to her Lord, the red-haired woman raised a hand with fingers like talons belonging to one of the many monsters stalking the night.

Bethany felt her throat tighten and found it difficult to breathe.

Despite being shorter, the black-haired woman glanced at the furious demon of a woman.

Immediately, the air around Bethany no longer felt viscous. She placed a hand on the counter to stabilize herself. But immediately lowered her hand as the young noble turned to look at her.

His gaze slowly brushed against her body, making the sensation she had felt earlier a minor inconvenience. Bethany was able to stop herself from smiling, enjoying how he looked at her with desire.

"There is no need for you to be concerned for our safety. We merely wish to greet the soldiers and give them a gift." The young noble smiled as though he had little concern about what was happening outside.

"But," Bethany took another step forward, slowly reaching out again as though wanting to forcibly stop the man from making an error.

“Our Master is safe with us. We appreciate you showing such concern.” The black-haired woman looked at Bethany before nodding slightly and following the young master.

The white-haired woman didn't pay her any mind as she followed her Lord.

On the other hand, the red-haired woman threw a sneer that oozed with contempt at Bethany, not hiding what she thought of her.

Bethany watched the group walk out of the inn as though nothing had happened, and it was like any other night. Though he appreciated her concern, she thought about how the Lord exuded complete confidence.

"Please, be safe, young master," Bethany whispered towards the carriage that began moving in the direction of the entrance where danger lurked.