Chapter 16:

Chapter 16: Financial Loss

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

After Zac's mother took Zac home and he entered his room, he sighed out of relief and leaned forward like his back was hurting or something.

-Phew! I'm glad I'm finally home from that bullshit community service! That's for sure!

Then he looked down at the Bible, remembering what Hadasa and Mrs. A told him about reading the book. He looked at his bed and walked towards it. He opened the Bible and looked through the pages before he flipped them over.

-This is some borin' ass book, but how long is shit anyway?!...That's a lot of freakin' pages!

He looked at the table of contents, widening his eyes.

-That's a lot of books in one! Jesus Christ! I rather read any other borin' ass book than this shit! Ugh!

He looked through the pages in the book one last time. Then he grinned out of relief.

-At least the chapters in this book are short, unlike any ordinary novel, that's for sure. But still…

He threw the Bible on the bed with his angry face, breathing hard in and out.

-The hell with readin' this damn book anyway! I have to read the entire thing and become a disciple is such bullshit! I'll provide Bibles to people in my own way! You jus' watch!

His memories also haunted him with what Hadasa and his mother said tomorrow morning. His eyes widened even more out of shock and opened his mouth. A drop of sweat was pouring down on his face.

-Oh, great. Not only do I have to do another day of this bullshit community service tomorrow, but I also have to go to Hadasa's hideout with her shitty ass friends. Ugh!

He put his head down for a while. Then he lifted up his head with a vicious smile. Standing up straight, he placed his fingers together, moving his eyes sideways.

-However…I can make both Hadasa and Kayleb's lives so miserable tomorrow. I jus' need to think about how though. I mean, it'll be a blast if I could jus' figure it out how to do it.

Zac tried to think of anything but couldn't do so. He frowned and frustratingly sighed, leaning forward, putting his head down.

-Ah, dammit! I still couldn't think of anything?! What an embarrassment, Zac buddy.

Zac sat on his bed and still looked down below him for a while, putting his hands together. Then he looked around his silent room. He stared at his empty video game spot.

-Oh, man…I'm already starting to miss my video games. Just Eighteen more days to go and I can get my video games back. I can't wait to get out of punishment, so I can play video games again. It's jus' so exhausting at this point.

He turned to the Bible and gazed at it one more time, before he slapped the air against it.

-Stupid ass book!

He stood up from his bed and turned to his closet, grinning with his reddening cheeks.

-At least I still have money to spend some time with.

Entering his closet, opening his vault, he widened and twitched his eyes.

-Wh-What?! What the-?! What the hell?!

There he only saw the little note inside his vault. All his money was gone. Gone!

-No, no, no, NO! This can't be happenin'! What's my life have gotten into?!

He picked up the note and read it. It said:

"Zackie, I've realized from your girlfriend Hadasa that you spend way too much time with money, and not enough with real people. So I took all your money away while you're gone in order to curb your money addiction. From now on, you can only ask for money for lunch time, an emergency or something completely necessary.

-Sincerely, your loving mother"

Zac growled and put his head down.

-Okay, first of all, why does my mom always refer Hadasa as my stinkin' girlfriend. She never has been in the first place, and I'm not interested in her anyway! Ugh!

Then Zac gave his vault his blank stare, dropping the note to the floor.

-Oh, man. This is some bad news. First, I lost my video games. And now I lost my money?! Like why do You have to do this to me, Lord?! Jus'...

He lifted his head up and gazed at the ceiling.

"Nooooo!" Zac screamed with his eyes closed and his hands on his head. He put his head down and started to cry for a while. After that, he angrily breathed hard and put his hands down on the ground.

-Okay, nobody takes away my money! And I mean nobody! Money's the love of my life! Now all I have to say is screw you Hadasa for suggestin' my mother to take away my money, and screw you mother for takin' away my money! I earned it all, y'know! And I deserved it, dammit! Deserved it! I hope they're both gonna be in pain tomorrow!


When Friday morning arrived and Zac got ready for the day, he arrived at the dinner table, sitting down on his chair. His father watched the local cable news while he ate his breakfast. His mother grinned at her son as she handed him his breakfast.

"Good morning, Zackie," his parents said, looking and smiling at him.

Zac put his head down and paused for a moment, glaring at his parents.

-Oh, Lord. Can my parents jus' call me Zac for once?!

Then he lifted his head, closed his eyes and grinned. "Good morning." He looked down at his breakfast, seeing scrambled eggs, a couple bacon and a couple sausages on his plate. "Thank you, mom, for breakfast."

"You're welcome, son," his mother said as she headed back to the kitchen and fixed her plate. "Don't forget to pray for your food."

Zac paused for a moment before he sipped his orange juice. "Oh, don't worry, mom. I won't." He put his drink down and prayed for his food.

Then Zac's dad turned to Zac. "So did you sleep well last night?"

Zac sighed, putting his head down. "No…"

His father frowned at Zac. "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure you'll sleep better next time."

-Yea, I hope so…

"So are you ready to do some community service today, son?" His father asked, gazing at Zac, sipping his orange juice.

"Why, yea, of course I am, dad. I mean, why wouldn't I?" Zac responded after he chewed his food.

-Man, another day of this shitty ass community service. Don't worry, Zac buddy. Seventeen more days and after that, no more of this shit.

"Good," his father said, grinning at his son with his eyes closed, eating his food. "I'm glad to hear that."

As soon as his mother arrived at the table with her plate, she sat down and ate her food as well for a while, watching the local cable news with her husband. Eating and chewing on his food, Zac glared at his mother, nearly closing his eyes. His memories haunted his heart over the vault against his own mother.

-Now as soon as I get done eatin', I can't wait for vengeance against this bitch for takin' my money! I will never forgive her for what she did! Ever!

His mother then turned to Zac. "So I'm jus' going to remind you, Zac, that your father and I will not only take you to your community service today. But we will also drop you off at your colleague's place, after you get done with community service."

After chewing and swallowing his food, he gave his mom his annoyed face. His heart also haunted him with his memories of yesterday morning. He recalled her words back then.

-Okay, you've gotta be kiddin' me. You're also gonna also drop me off at Hadasa's place, not jus' at community service?! Like, Jesus Christ, broh!

Zac's dad noticed Zac's annoyed face. "Hey, don't be givin' your mother that look of yours. You're still under punishment, you know."

Then Zac no longer gave his mother his annoyed look on his face. "And since I got all your money now, I'll give you some money for gettin' somethin' to eat as soon as you get done eatin' your breakfast and be on your best behavior, got it, Zackie?" Zac's mother said.

Zac ignored his mother calling him Zackie in order to avoid getting in trouble with his parents. He put his head down and closed his eyes sideways.

-Look, Zac buddy. Don't give an attitude today. Jus' do it for the money and the video games, nothing else but that, got it?

"Well?" His mother asked impatiently.

"Yes, ma'am…" Zac said, lifting his head up.

"Good, that's our son!" His parents said, eating and drinking their food happily with their son.

After eating breakfast, Zac waited for his parents to prepare themselves for the day. His mother gave him some money for the day as she promised. He leaned back against the wall and crossed his arms with a smirk on his face.

-Okay, now's your chance, Zac buddy. Get ready to steal mom's expensive necklace.

He scanned the room before he turned off the lights and hid behind the counters.

"Mom, dad..." Zac yelled. "I'm headin' for the bathroom."

"Okay, well. Don't be long," his parents yelled back from the master bedroom.

After Zac hid behind the counters, he kneeled down and patiently waited for his parents to come out of their room. After his parents exited the bedroom and the house, while chatting with one another, Zac grinned viciously and stood up from the floor.

-Oh, boy! I can't wait to do some payback from my mom. Big Time. Time to get that necklace.

Zac searched the master bedroom everywhere and finally found his mother's real emerald necklace inside one of her drawers. He grinned viciously when he gazed at it for a few more moments.

-Oh, yea! Now we're talkin', Zac buddy! I'm definitely sellin' this bitch at the pawn shop to make up for my loss last night.

Zac put the necklace in his pocket and studied the master bedroom one last time.

-Alright, Zac. Let's get the hell outta here before my parents become impatient and come back inside for me to get caught.

This made Zac very, very happy when he exited the bedroom and the house in general, for community service with his parents. Selling the necklace at the pawn shop was the plan that he will never forget. Ever.