Chapter 17:

Chapter 17: Another Usual, Boring Ass Day

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

When Zac's parents dropped their son off at the community service, Zac's dad said to his son in his driver's seat, "Now be good and stay out of trouble."

"I will, dad. Bye!" Zac responded, waving his parents good-bye.

"Bye, Zackie!" His parents waved back at Zac.

Zac quietly growled at his parents, putting his head down, clenching his fists.

-Can my parents not be so obnoxious 'bout sayin' my preferred name already?! It's gettin' annoyin' really freakin' fast, bruh! Ugh!

"And don't forget we'll drop you off to your friends' place and pick you off from there, once you get done with your community service, okay?" Zac's mom said.

"Yea…of course…" Zac said with a frown.

"Uh, it's 'Yes, ma'am,' Zaccai, not 'Yea…of course…'" his dad annoyedly corrected, leaning forward from the car window.

-Ugh! These annoyin' ass freakin' people!

"Yes, ma'am," Zac replied with his annoyed face, moving his eyes right, slightly turning his head right.

Ignoring Zac's bad attitude, he leaned back at ease. "Good, that's better. See you later, Zackie."

"Yea…you too, mom…dad…" Zac replied as he watched his dad drive the car away from him. Then he angrily placed his hands on his hips and looked down below him, tapping his foot on the ground.

-Man, my parents are so freakin' annoyin', that's for damn sure!

Then he viciously grinned when he pulled and stared at the necklace he stole from his mother out of his pocket.

-Luckily, I stole this necklace from my annoyin' ass mother. I can't wait to sell this bitch to the pawn shop and earn some extra cash!

"Zac!" Hadasa's voice yelled behind Zac, along with her footsteps vibrating.

Zac widened his eyes and moved his eyes left.

-Oh, shit! It's Hadasa! Better hide this shit quick before she sees it!

"Zac!" Hadasa's voice reechoed behind him as the sound of her footsteps inched closer to him.

He quickly rolled up the necklace like a ball and placed it back into his pocket. Then he turned around and looked at Hadasa in the eye.

"Oh, hey, Hadasa," Zac said in a tiring tone, waving at Hadasa slowly.

"Um, Zac? Are you okay?" Hadasa curiously questioned, raising her eyebrow at Zac. "You look like you're tired."

"Well, of course I am," Zac responded, still being pissed about his money situation last night.

-I'll never forgive this bitch for not only encouragin' my mom to force me to go to your stupid hiding place, but also encouraged my mom to take my money away from me. My babies! My lifeblood! I'll try to get ya back for this once I got my vengeance against my mom's completed! Then I'll be gunnin' for ya next!

"I didn't get a good night's sleep last night, thanks to you!" Zac then snapped at Hadasa.

"Ah, Me?!" Hadasa roared back at Zac, giving him her confused yet angry face at the same time, pointing her finger at herself. "What the hell did I do?!"

"If it wasn't for you mentioning 'bout my money to my mom, none of this shit should've happened," Zac responded. "It's your fault that my mom took all my money from the vault last night!"

"Ohhhh…I see…" Hadasa angrily closed her eyes, clenching her fists, putting her head down. "So you're still mad 'bout yesterday, huh?" Then she opened her eyes and glared at Zac. "Well then, it's"-she pointed her finger at him-"your fault you mentioned your money problem that caused ya, to have a severe lack of social skills a couple days ago, don't ya remember that?!

"If you hadn't mentioned that, none of this shit wouldn't even happen, would it?! I wouldn't even mention my hideout if you hadn't even mentioned it, would it?!"

She sighed when putting her head down, then returned her attention back at Zac, glaring at Zac. "Look, Zac. I don't wanna fight ya, but I'm not here to hurt ya. I jus' wanna help ya become a better person, not become the worse version of yourself." She frowned at Zac and swung her hands downwards. "Don't ya see that?!"

"Nope, I don't see that," Zac responded, walking away from Hadasa toward the building's entrance, pointing his finger upwards at the sky. "Nor do I care!"

"Ooooooh!" Hadasa closed her angry eyes, slightly turned her head right, and clenched her fists with her frown, before angrily returning her attention back to Zac. "You know what? Fine, be that way, ya bitch! See if I care anyway! Ugh!"

"Well, that works with me," Zac sang with a cocky smirk on his face, moving his eyes left, still listening to her moanings.

-Jus' Seventeen more days, Zac buddy. Seventeen more days, and I won't have to deal with this bitch anymore.

Zac and Hadasa entered the building to get busy with their work within the community service.


Entering the clothing section within the building, Zac and Hadasa encountered Hadasa's little brother and her friends. They waved at Zac and Zac waved back at them. He expressed his annoyed face whenever he saw them.

"Good morning, Zac!" Kayleb and Hadasa's friends said.

"Good morning as usual, I guess…" Zac muttered.

-Jeez, look who I jus' encountered today…It's Hadasa's bratty ass brother and her stupid ass friends. Can't wait to get this shit started. Yay…

Kayleb and his sister's friends nearly closed their eyes while they gazed at Zac.

"You really can't stop thinkin' 'bout gettin' caught red handed by Hadasa and Kayleb, can you?!" Yosef asked, glaring at Zac.

"Eh?!" Zac glared at Yosef. "Hey, would ya, like, stop bringin' that shit up?!"

Yosef glared back at Zac. "Well, if you stop bein' a jerk, and quit thinkin' 'bout it, I wouldn't even bring that crap up, would I?!"

Zac growled at Yosef, putting his head down, clenching his fists.

-I can't wait to beat the shit outta this kid. He's jus' so goddamn annoyin'. Jus' you wait, kid! Jus' you wait!

"Alright, guys. Alright. Time to get back to work on our charity services," Hadasa yelled as she broke up the fight between Yosef and Zac.

"Yea, I guess she's right, broh. Time to get back to business," Yosef said as he returned his attention to the clothes beside him and arranged them in certain bags.

"Uh-huh," the rest of Hadasa's friends as well as Kayleb agreed as they got back to work.

Zac scanned the room for his spot in position, and he walked towards the box in between Uriah and Atara. He looked through the clothes and arranged them in certain bags like the rest of his colleagues. After fifteen minutes, his eyes were constantly blinking and bobbing his head, like he was about to fall asleep.

He studied his surroundings and also saw his colleagues full of energy and were happy to work. In comparison to him, not so much. He stopped working and placed his hands on the box edges, holding onto a red, flimsy shirt.

-Man, I've done this shit for fifteen minutes and I'm already tired. I jus' wanna go back home and get back to bed. But my parents probably won't even let me, so that's not gonna happen anytime soon...ugh!

Hadasa noticed Zac's lack of movement out of curiosity and stopped working. "Um, Zac? Are you alright?"

Zac ignored her and still gave the clothes inside the box his blank stare. Hadasa's friends and Kayleb also curiously looked Zac in the eye and stopped working.

"Zac?" Shifra asked.

Still no answer from Zac.

So Uriah tapped on Zac's arm a couple times. Zac finally responded and angrily turned to Uriah, touching and rubbing on his arm as he felt a little bit of pain. He glared down at Uriah. "Hey! What the hell was that for?!"

"Hadasa was callin' ya, so you don't need to be a total jerk, y'know!" Uriah snapped back, raising his fists underneath his fists.

Zac growled at Uriah. "Well, stop tappin' me in the arm already?!"

Uriah growled back at Zac. "If you answer Hadasa's call, I wouldn't have to tap ya in the arm!"

Then Zac frowned and moved his eyes left, slightly tilting his head left. He sighed out of guilt.

-Alright, alright. Maybe they got a point there, Zac. Maybe I've gotten things a bit too far.

Zac turned his attention to everyone in the room with his guilty face. "Look, everybody. I'm sorry I acted out of hand earlier. I was jus' tired and I didn't sleep well last night, that was all."

Hadasa, Kayleb and her friends forgave Zac for his behavior earlier, no longer glaring at him. Hadasa sighed out of relief with her eyes closed, returning her attention to Zac. "You're forgiven, Zac."

Then Zac and everybody else returned to work. Once they got done with their community service, they left the building and returned to Mrs. A's office and let them know that they completed their tasks. Zac began to explore the rest of the building to hopefully take revenge on Hadasa and Kayleb.

Then he entered the storage room and found a bag to put things in and hang it on the ceiling. This pleased Zac a lot more than ever before. This is an opportunity for him to tape Kayleb's mouth and placed him in it.