Chapter 2:


My little devil.

            30 minutes later Bookmark here

"Kokoyami" "I wasn't expecting that I mean I know were dating but...." said Mizoko "I know, I'm sorry I couldn't help myself I was just so horny" I said "It's okay as a matter a fact I think we should it more often, I was horny myself" she said Bookmark here

"Well you should go take a shower I mean we are covered in cum" I said "Come with me" she said "Okay" I said we got in the shower.Bookmark here

"Stop that" she shrieked  as I tickled"Never" I said she laughed.Bookmark here

We got changed into our matching outfit which was plain white tee-shirts and booty shorts. We got ready to go to eat."Where do you want to go" I asked "How about McDonald's" said Mizoko "Sure, why not" I said.Bookmark here

                                                                At McDonald'sBookmark here

"Hello what would you like" asked the cashier "Two large Sweet Tea's and two Big Mac's Please" We said in unison.Bookmark here

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My little Devil

My little devil.

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