Chapter 0:

Chapter 0

Code Fantasy

Tell me what happened to a person who likes the adventure of discovering things and places?
Finding a mystical place far-far away from anyone. A place where you can ease the mind and be yourself.
I also wanted to find such a mystical place where anything can be possible. A place I can be myself.
That’s how I found a door to another world, ‘CF’. CF is known as Code Fantasy, an MMORPG Game that promises you to experience a different world physically.
This game isn’t easy to find, or should I say, you should know what you are searching for?
This world is full of adventures, magic, beasts, mystical creatures, and some mythical places and I have a chance to experience it all.
A world yet to be seen, A adventure yet to be traveled, and fights yet to happen.
This is how I live my life in another world while searching for a reason to live.