Chapter 0:


Everything is an ocean

Everything is an ocean the winds we feel is the waves the birds and bugs in the sky are the fish the storms are the hurricanes, the forests filled with life are the reefs the deserts are the wide vast oceans
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space itself is an ocean so deep and filled with islands known as planets I wonder what it'll be like when we set sail for that ocean!Bookmark here

I don't know who's these words are ? They are too far away to be mine? all I hear are waves crashing in the near distance and the sound of seagulls in the all-around and my mouth so dry and tasting nothing but salt! my back is so filled with pain and a warm feeling from it? Bookmark here

I hear the sound of someone yelling out, hey someone over here!!! Bookmark here

after that, I was being dragged and the feeling of sand all around my body? I looked back and saw a trail of red sand followed as I was being dragged, I remember that this world is ending!Bookmark here

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