Chapter 13:


Brainrot Paradise

Thank you for reading the BRAINROT PARADISE horror anthology.

Some of these stories I’ve had for awhile, some I made the day they first got posted. Horror is my favorite way to get rid of thoughts that get stuck in my system, and this collection has let me express a lot of those sorts of ideas. The night is over. I am hollow.

Some of these chapters may go on to become full novels one day, or other media. I can’t say which ones for sure, but there’s a lot of stories in here that I really care about and wanna do more with.

I hope at least one of these tales scratched a brain itch for someone. And if that’s the case, I hope one day someone reads one of these with a friend. Horror’s probably the most enjoyable collaborative media-eating experience, after all. It’s fun to push yourself in a safe environment.

Please, let me know which of these stories was your favorite or your overall thoughts on the collection below. All feedback is VERY appreciated and I hope you enjoyed reading.