Chapter 1:


Angels cry for help

 ...People are always afraid of what they don't know.They fear the unknown more than anything,but they fear themselves just as much...

"People just despise me,but i also despise them." tought the girl with a tired face as she put her head on the table ready to sleep.

 That girl was Key and she was just 14 when the most horrific event in human history happend.Not only her life changed from that point on,but the whole world changed.

On that day,a place of horror with creatures that only desire to kill,named the Tartarus pit has risen above the capital of Japan,Tokyo. Those creatures were said to be dark angels,but they were only myths found in books until that day. The day she lost everything...

 The military created a defensive bubble for the situation in no time.It was like they were prepared for this.It was like they knew what was going to happen,but one thing they didin't know till later was that the whole place was just a prison for the worst types of dark angels and it was guarded by something on the inside.Something they also didin't know untill later is that some of them have eacaped.

 In those myths it was said that those monsters had the powers to posses humans to create a dark archangel.A devil with a human mind that has the first instinct to kill if they are angry,sad,scared or feel any other emotion and they have special powers to control,destroy and create.

 "I never belived in those myths,but like most kids i still loved to think what it would be like if they really existed and enjoyed the stories about them.

...I don't think i will ever enjoy something like that now...because on that night as i was staying in my bed trying to fall asleep,one of those horrific beeings came into my room.I was so scared i didin't know what to do,feel,think.I remained unphased,but my parents heard the noise that monster made and came into my room.As i stood there unable to do anything my parents were getting masacred by the beeing.As i stood there doing nothing the angel killed the most important persons in my life. I somehow had the power to move my eyes and after i saw them covered in blood on the ground i almost fainted,but out of the blue the angel approached me and started to strangle me with his gigant shadowy hands but then he sudenly stopped and opened my mouth .He entered it little by little as i stood there unable to move.He entered my mouth... .I could feel him... inside me.After all that i fell on the floor of my room from my bed.I closed my eyes...and that was it.Everything that happend that night remains imprinted in my memory, but i can't remember well what happend afterwards. I might have went on a killing spree,when the police came into my house, the day after that to check on the residents of the city that could have been hurt.The only thing i truly know is that i was left on the streets at just 14 running from everyone. I never finished my education and never went to school again.All of the people i knew...i couldn't see them again,because i knew that what i have become is a dark archangel... a monster." remebered Key as she was laying down on the table.

That was 3 years ago.Key's life was changed forver and just like right now, she falls asleep and remembers the events of that day,she remebers it all like it was yesterday.Now she can't even show herself in the world,so she wears a mask and says that she has a disease to everyone that asks about it.She also has a work place now,because she needs a place to stay and food to eat.She works at a coffee shop and tries everyday to not attach herself to other people,because she doesn't want to hurt them or even worse,kill them. She has to live in fear...

"Wake up Key! You fell asleep at work again! It is the third time this week" said a tall girl with blond hair that was looking down at Key.                                             "Aaaa!I am so sorry Chisata!"                   

"Oh! You don't have to be sorry silly! I can guess you might have not slept this night at all.That is just a tought tho." said Chisata with a big smile on her face. 

 "No no! You got it wrong i was just day dreaming and i guess i fell asleep. You don't have to worry about me!"   

"I will still worry tho!After all we are great friends and that is what friends do! Either way we both now gotta get back to work!"

"I understand,i understand.I am on it!"

Even after all that happend and even if she tried to not attach herself to people she still failed.Chisata is just her friendly partner with blond hair and blue eyes at the coffee shop and they talk all the time there.Key needed someone to comunicate with and Chisata was always there to take her mind off of things and talk with her,but she never got really personal with her.They never talked about what they really do after work or where they live and Key always left work 10 minutes early so she could get home without no one following her or knowing where she really lives but today it was different as Chisata wanted to go home 10 minutes early too and hang out a little bit with Key.

Key tought that maybe Chisata got really attached to her now and she wants to know more about her and not be just work partners but friends.

As they were walking down the street Key and Chisata started taking about their usual stuff like books and movies.Chisata loved mistery novels and Key loved fantasy ones as her life is pretty much a fantasy to most.At one point Key asked "I think we have been walking for some time and it's starting to rain.When are we getting close to your home?".

"We should be close very soon,but is your home even in this way or do you want to spend more time with me too? If that is so it would be really cute of you."responded Chisata with her sparkling eyes.

"Well if i want to be honest i also want to spend more time with you even if i shouldn't really get attached to others... but my home is also this way"

"Why that?Are you afraid of something if you get attached or..."

Chisata didin't even finish that sentence as a man covered in black cut their way,pulling out a knife he started making demands like "Give me all your money!Give it to me now!Right now or i slice you both!" with a scary looking face.

The girls were frightened and didin't know how to react.The man was so impulsive so Chisata started taking out her purse,but right at that moment Key snapped.

Her eyes lit up with a red flame and her mind became all chaotic.In a second a dark hand appeared from her back and sliced the robbers body in half.Chisata that just witnessed all of this got so scared she wanted to run but in a moment of rage the hand severed her head.

Key didn't even realize what she had done ,until she saw on the ground,the bloody head of the woman she wanted to call a friend.

It started to rain.The dark violet hand dissapeared leaving Key all alone looking at the head of Chisata and the sliced body of the robber.Tears started pouring down from her eyes just like how the water started to pour from the clouds.She couldn't believe what she had done.This was worse than a nightmare for her.All of the good moments she had with Chisata at the coffee shop,every conversation they had,the relationship that was made, it was all gone thanks to a moment of rage.

"I am truly a monster... and i am afraid...afraid of myself" murmured Key with a wheezy voice through all those tears.