Chapter 56:

Chapter 4 - Part 21 (Book 1 - Fantasy World)

Creation: The Path of a God

Helania and Queen stared back at Valessandria as though the numbers she quoted weren't an issue, making her feel as if her sanity was slowly seeping out of her ears, dribbling down her body.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to explain the situation better. Turning to the young noble, "Yi..., my Lord, though I may not have direct experience with costs associated with students, especially nobles, when it comes to calculating costs for attending our Academy, it would not be unreasonable to estimate that my Lord may end up paying several million IACs. This is not something that can be scoffed at, being serious numbers for even ducal families."

Valessandria raised the cup of tea with trembling hands to her lips, attempting to imagine such figures in her mind. With several million IACs, it wouldn't be outlandish to think an individual would be able to build a large portion of the Kingdom's capital. What made things worse as she tried to slow her breathing was how the millions were how much the young Lord would be obligated to pay each year. Her mind felt detached from her body, floating towards the skies where the gods lived.

If someone had presented her with such a bill, fainting would be the least of her worries.

"I would also like to inform you that you need to make a sizable deposit due to the amount of work involved in setting up your living space. This would be non-negotiable due to the considerable risk on our end. Even royalty would be unable to avoid such costs." She wondered if the deposit would get a reaction from the young noble.

Yi placed a hand on his chin, his eyes staring at an empty area across from him.

Seeing how the young noble behaved, Valessandria nearly launched herself from the couch and jumped up and down with joy. She even struggled to keep the corners of her mouth from twitching into a large grin. For the first time during her encounter with the mysterious young noble and his attendants, she felt as though she were on top of the situation.

Placing a hand over her mouth as she lightly coughed, "I understand having to pay such a large deposit would be difficult..."

"Would there be any issues if we were to pay for it now?" Helania's face had a faint shadow of a smile.

Stopped as she was explaining her empathy towards the young noble, Valessandria paused before staring vacantly at the woman. She was sure that she had misheard Helania. "Sorry?"

"Would payment in full be an issue?" Helania asked as she raised her cup to take a sip as her eyes observed the Lady Knight. Helania's eyes were like a giant serpent slithering out of the shadows, catching its prey off guard as it enjoyed the smell of fear flowing from the shivering creature.

Valessandria held a closed hand to cover her mouth as she coughed into it. She couldn't help but feel as though an oily viscous black tar was slowly creeping up her body as she sank into its depths while under the gaze of the woman. Coughing again, she tried to get the sticky fluid to clear in her throat.

"You would like to pay the deposit?" Valessandria felt her smile beginning to wilt like a flower under the intense heat of the desert's sun.

Helania shook her head slightly, her flowing black hair casually swaying in the air. "We would like to pay the full amount." The last few words slowly flowed like a sea of fog engulfing a small seaside town into its eldritch clutches.

What made it worse was seeing the slow smile that grew. Even if it wasn't large, the slight smile was haunting for Valessandria. A chill slowly traveled down her spine like someone had dropped an ice cube inside her armor. She involuntarily shivered.

Without waiting for Valessandria to answer, Helania raised a hand to one of the maids. This time a cute dog beast woman, her fur short and brown with black spots, stepped forward. "Yes, Mistress."

"Bring the security chest inside the Master's sleeping chambers to the Lady Knight." Helania tenderly ordered the woman before giving a gentle wave of her delicate hand.

Bowing to Helania, the maid headed towards what was likely the main bed chamber. Another maid, who appeared to be a human girl with long flowing brown hair, joined the dog beast woman.

While Valessandria sat, feeling as though she were fading from existence due to the absurdity of everything, the bunny girl who served her the tea earlier came out with a tray. The difference was how instead of just standing next to where she sat, the maid went around the couch to reach the table in the middle.

As the tray was placed on the table, Valessandria's eyes widened to see what was presented on the tray. She couldn't help but drool at the mounds of various types of meats, some delicately sliced to such a degree that they were nearly translucent. There were also sausages, neatly cut into smaller chunks with a small wooden spear stabbed into each one. Even thick slices of bacon were presented.

Seeing how juicy the meat was, Valessandria couldn't help but think of times when she ate at official dinners to entertain donors. She didn't believe the food served could even come close to what existed on the platter.

"Please let me know if you wish to have more or if there were other types of meats you would care to try." The bunny girl cutely curtseyed before making her way back.

Wanting to try some of the food, Valessandria reached out to take one of the tiny wooden spears.

Immediately upon lifting the sausage, it was clear that the meat wasn't dry. She tried maintaining her composure as she placed the food into her mouth. Upon tasting the item, she first noticed the smoky flavor mixed well with the juices. There were hints of herbs and spices inside, likely mixed together when making the sausage.

While eating the food, Valessandria didn't notice the large metal chest carried by the dainty voluptuous maids.

Having removed one of her armored gloves, not wanting to get it greasy, Valessandria held one of the thick slices of bacon, enjoying the taste of the fatty meat. Her eyes then noticed the movement of the maid and the massive chest they were carrying.

The two maids slowly placed the chest on the table.

The table protested under the immense weight of the chest.

Seeing the chest be several feet tall and nearly twice as wide, Valessandria began violently coughing.

With one hand covering her mouth and the other pounding her chest, Valessandria tried to clear her throat.

"Please," The voice of the bunny maid called out to her, offering a tall glass of water.

Desperately grabbing the cup, Valessandria poured the contents down her throat as quickly as possible.

While Valessandria was attempting to recover from her coughing fit, the maids slowly began undoing the latches on the chest.

Finishing the water, Valessandria coughed a few more times until her body felt better. She took a few deep breaths to make sure everything was good.

"I apologize for surprising you," Yi said.

Valessandria snapped her eyes to look at the young Lord, scanning his face for any signs of deception. Her face was bright red, never before having caused such an ugly scene in front of others. If others had seen her, she was sure they would've snickered at her, especially the nobles at the Academy.

"Please. Have another cup." Yi motioned his hand for the maid to bring another cup of water for Valessandria.