Chapter 0:

prologue: part 1 : crimes and system

savvy: the age of crimes

The year 2053,the modern technology reached it's peake,in a way that everything became as easy aspressing a button, Everything became a part of a system called O.n.R program(organic and robotic program),this program was designed to Calculate points on people's data so that everyone becomes a part of this system ,the o.n.r was a great help to The modern civilisation , helping every single individual determining his own path,and byknowing each person's Capabilities the world was in peace , or that's what we thought , The year 2055, there was a strange recod on the internet that shows a masked man killing over 20 person in a brutal Way,torturing them while laughing , who's this? , how come the system didn't notice he's behaviors ??, is the system even Working ?? , those questions sowed suspicion in people's hearts . Days has passed and the mysterious murderer,didn't show up,nor peoples and nor government knew who he was ,how he did it And why he did it , and finding this killer wasn't the only problem for the police , because after that video's leak , many people Got inspired by it , which increased the crime's rate over 40% higher than before . The year 2060, the government couldn't find any clue about the culprit of that horrible video ,or any of the other serial killers , The crime rate this time was over 60% above average , which made the world a dangerous place to live in , the government decided to take A serious action against those crimes so it gathered the top 6 geniuses of that era, "the savvy", Savvy was a name given to them by every single person in the world , those people were natural born geniuses , with an iq level higher than Any of the historical famous scientists ,they were the world's last hope. After the meeting between savvy members and the government 5 of savvy members agreed to help if just the government gives them the authorities To do anything they want to the serial killers they catch, of course the government had no choice but to agree , but the last member of savvy claimed That he's not the so called hero and he have no interest in saving the world because if he'll interfere nothing good will happens , and the more Criminals he'll catch , the more will appear .