Chapter 1:

Prologue ,The day we met

A Starry Night Sky

I remember .... I remeber it was around Christmas when it happened when she told me , Those three word's.Bookmark here

I love you , I also remember our first meeting , That summer 5 year's ago I was only 11 years old When we met you were a cute shy little girl you were hiding behind your mom's back , glancing over when our families were greeting each other when you guy's moved next door , I immediately thought how cute you were , I smiled at you and you just blushed hiding behind your mom right Sagiri ....!Bookmark here

Mahiro: Hi I'm okazaki Mahiro , it's nice to meet you ! Sagiri: kotegawa Sagiri , likewise.Bookmark here

I remember when we started to hang out with each other it's when my friend asagi came over to studie together ,Bookmark here

Me and asagi were studying math at that moment eating pockys and melon soda.Bookmark here

Mahiro: Hey asagi can you help me out with this one ? Asagi: Again geeze your hopeless (Giggle) .Bookmark here

Mahiro: Well math isn't my best subject plus were helping each other out right ?Bookmark here

Asagi: Yeah except I'm helping you more than you helping me ! Bookmark here

As she taught me what to do ! She looked out the window waiting for me to finish ....Bookmark here

Asagi: Hey who's that girl ?Bookmark here

Mahiro: ( Mahiro look's up)Girl what girl ?Bookmark here

I looked out the window and there she was playing by herself ?Bookmark here

Asagi: Is she your new neighbor ?Bookmark here

Mahiro: Oh yeah she moved in the other day.Bookmark here

Asagi: She looks pretty lonely.Bookmark here

Mahiro: Huh oh I guess she does huh ,Bookmark here

(My parent's were always working my mom worked in a bakery all day and my dad worked over sea's so I was basically the same ! Luckly my mom taught me how to cook , I was used to being home alone ! I guess we were in the same position.....Bookmark here

The next morning i thought I should go talk to her , I saw her playing in the back yard making a sand castle.Bookmark here

Mahiro: hey !?Bookmark here

Sagiri immediately jumped up I guess I scared her a bit she turned and looked at me , then she hid behind a tree peeking over at me !Bookmark here

Sagiri: What do you want...?Bookmark here

Mahiro: Um I just thought you know maybe you wanted to play together ?Bookmark here

Sagiri: Huh ? Mahiro-Um well it's just you know you looked like you were lonely.... (It was kind of awkward at first I didn't know how to talk to her but I didn't just want to leave her alone she was such a shy girl.) Bookmark here

Mahiro: Um don't you...have friends ? Bookmark here

She looked at me silently than she looked sadly down.Bookmark here

Mahiro: You know friends you can play or hang out with ?Bookmark here

Every time sagiri talks she stutters a little ?Bookmark here

Sagiri: Um not really I don't...really..have friends...Bookmark here

Mahiro: Huh don't tell me you're being bullied !Bookmark here

Sagiri: No ! Its not like that ! I just...don't know how to anyone really...?Bookmark here

Mahiro: I see....than how about it then just play with me until than okay ?Bookmark here

Sagiri puts her hand to her chest slightly looking away like she wants to say something ? Sagiri: I...just um ....Bookmark here

Mahiro: Oh hey I like your castle it looks nice. Sagiri: Cast...castle ? You mean this it's a house for me and my future prince !Bookmark here

Mahiro: Oh i see ( wouldn't castle be better I thought to myself !) Mahiro:Well than how about I help you with it for now I can be your prince for now how's that ?Bookmark here

Sagiri immediately blushed .Bookmark here

Sagiri: Huh ! Wha..what are you talking about ! Mahiro: Huh was it that strange ?Bookmark here

Sagiri:'s...fine...really um Okay I guess ?Bookmark here

Mahiro: Come on...lets just play together okay !Bookmark here

Sagiri: I..i don't to play with others ?Bookmark here

She looked away as she said it with eyes of slight saddness , I grabbed her hand looking at her with confidence !Bookmark here

Mahiro: Come on than let's play and hang out ok ? That way you can learn how to talk and play with others !Bookmark here

She looked at me for moment and than nodded her head up and down ...Bookmark here

Than a year past and as it past you got used to being around me , When you saw me you would yell my name and hug me with excitement !Bookmark here

You come over and do your homework or even come for dinner , you and I would be together almost all the time !Bookmark here

You would be with there when asagi and me where studying , she seem to like you and have fun with you but I notice you where more awkward around her like you didn't like having her around me ? But same can be said about asagi , you also tried to keep my attention it's funny thinking about it !Bookmark here

You would even try to sit next to me and lean on me , Mahiro: Hey you don't have to lean on me. ( I laughed)Bookmark here

Sagiri: I'm just a little tired !Bookmark here

Asagi : hey you don't have to lean so close to him , Mahiro won't you get her off ?Bookmark here

Mahiro: Hm ?( i tilted my head ) What for ?Bookmark here

Asagi immediately puffed her cheeks looking mad ? Asagi: (turns her head ) hm!Bookmark here

but you didn't stop being friendly to each other you were always kind to each other , but had moments little did I know why yet !Bookmark here

You always had fun with me and my mom was happy you were with me all the time , she must have known I felt lonely most of the time ? Bookmark here

Mom: Ah you're here again sagiri ?(she saids with a smile) it was summer break we were just watching tv and trying to cool off from the hot wheater and listening to the cicadas !Bookmark here

Sagiri: Yeah I just came to do some summer homework and Mahiro said I can come to eat with you !Bookmark here

Mom: well I'm glad your here , your always welcome in our house !Bookmark here

Sagiri: Thank you !Bookmark here

And more time you would spend with me we even went on a beach trip together we spend time splashing in the water , finding seashells and eating watermelon !Bookmark here

As time went on I had more fun with you and my friends , my dad and your dad finally came home around the same time and our parents got to know each other and we played with sparklers in the backyard !Bookmark here

Sagiri: I can't wait till we go see the firework festival !Bookmark here

Mahiro: Yeah but I'll have to go with my friends for the first part but I promise to meet up with you later okay ?Bookmark here

Sagiri: Okay (you said it with a bit of sadness ?)Bookmark here

At the festival I met with my friends!Bookmark here

Mahiro: hey you guys sorry I'm late !Bookmark here

Kaede: Come on man what took you so long ?Bookmark here

Asagi: Come on I want to get cotton candy !Bookmark here

Haruka: I want shaved ice.Bookmark here

Yu: lets just go okay ?Bookmark here

Mahiro: sorry I was getting my yukata put on ! Bookmark here

Asagi: Well lets just go have fun now !Bookmark here

Everyone: Yeah !!!Bookmark here

We went to each stall and played games even though everyone ate I waited till I me with you , yu won a gold fish and haruka got a plush dog and kaede ate takoyaki ! And asagi wanted to go to a shooting stall she pointed and a cut cat plushie.Bookmark here

Asagi: Hey Mahiro can you win that for me ?Bookmark here

Mahiro: Sure why not. (I grabbed the toy rifle and aimed at its head , I shot it and it fell !)Bookmark here

Stall owner- Congratulations you won a neko plushie !Bookmark here

He handed me the plush and I have to you.Bookmark here

Mahiro: Here you go !Bookmark here

(Asagi blushes ! And saids in a shy voice)Bookmark here

Asagi: Thank you Mahiro !Bookmark here

Mahiro: No problem.Bookmark here

Haruka: Hey guys the fireworks will start in half an hour !Bookmark here

Kaede: Come on lets go find a good spot !Bookmark here

I thought back to sagiri.Bookmark here

Mahiro : Sorry guys I got to go meet someone real quick ill make it up to you guys later promise ! Bookmark here

Asagi : Hey Mahiro wait !Bookmark here

Yu : Who does he have to meet ?Bookmark here

Everyone looked confused .Bookmark here

I ran back home and you were waiting inside your home with your mom.Bookmark here

I walked inside and you smiled !Bookmark here

Sagiri : Mahiro(you huged me)Bookmark here

Mahiro : sorry for the wait !Bookmark here

Sagiri : How's my yukata ?Bookmark here

Mahiro : Yeah it looks cute on you ! (I smiled)Bookmark here

Sagiri's mom : Take careBookmark here

We made our way to the festival listening to the music and smell of food being grilled around us !Bookmark here

Mahiro : Hey what do you want to eat ?Bookmark here

Sagiri : Maybe a strawberry crepe !Bookmark here

We went to best looking crepe stall.Bookmark here

Mahiro : Excuse me one strawberry and cream crepe and one choco banana crepe please !Bookmark here

Crepe vender : coming right up !Bookmark here

(We ate the crepes and enjoyed the festival and again I played a shooting range stall to win a prize!)Bookmark here

Stall owner : I see you brought your little sister this time here's you prize !Bookmark here

I got you a flower hair pin.Bookmark here

Mahiro : Here I got this for you !Bookmark here

Sagiri : Thank you ! (You smiled very big when I gave it to you.)Bookmark here

I laughed Bookmark here

Mahiro : it's funny how he thought you were my little sister I guess you are like one !Bookmark here

Sagiri : I don't want that... (You quietly mumbled )Bookmark here

Mahiro : Huh ?Bookmark here

Sagiri- It's nothing really!Bookmark here

The fireworks finally began and we watched them on top of the shrine.Bookmark here

Sagiri : Wow so pretty !Bookmark here

Mahiro : Yeah very pretty !Bookmark here

Sagiri : Hey let's always go together okay ?Bookmark here

Mahiro : Sure !Bookmark here

We watched the fireworks reach all the way to the starry night sky !Bookmark here

Than time pasted It was almost new years !Bookmark here

As the new school term came Sagiri made new friends but despite that she wanted to spend time with me more , she introduced her friends to me Bookmark here

Ai misawa , miyu ayanami and tomoka kakizono.Bookmark here

Miyu : I'm ayanami miyu , its nice to meet you !Bookmark here

Ai : I'm misawa Ai , nice to meet you !Bookmark here

Tomoka : kakizono tomoka nice to meet you !Bookmark here

They all greeted me.Bookmark here

Haru : I'm haru okazaki I'm Sagiri's next door neighbor , nice to meet you all !Bookmark here

Ai : Oh we all know about you.Bookmark here

Tomoka : Yeah that's right sagiri-san is always talking about you !Bookmark here

Miyu: Yeah she always saids about how great you are !Bookmark here

Sagiri completely blushed at that moment.Bookmark here

Sagiri- You guys st..op it , you don't need to say that come on !Bookmark here

I laughed saying it's okay , though I didn't understand at that time either , man just how dense was I ?Bookmark here

Mahiro: I'll get started on cooking okay you guys just wait till than okay !Bookmark here

They all said okay.Bookmark here

I notice sagiri was whispering to them all while looking at me , I didn't think much of it , but you looked at me with such happiness ! They all looked at me smiling.Bookmark here

Mahiro: Hey it's done !Bookmark here

They came over to the kitchen.Bookmark here

Ai: Whoa you made hot pot !Bookmark here

Tomoka: it's so good !Bookmark here

Sagiri: Its delious.Bookmark here

Mahiro: I'm glad you guys like it , what's wrong Miyu ?Bookmark here

Miyu: I can't get the tofu .Bookmark here

Mahiro: Oh I'll get it for you !Bookmark here

Tomoka: Oh don't worry I get it in stead ,you should focus on sagiri instead !Bookmark here

Sagiri: Tomoka-San !!!Bookmark here

Sagiri blushed Bookmark here

Mahiro: It's okay , here what do you want ?Bookmark here

Sagiri: I also want to..fu !Bookmark here

She quietly said.Bookmark here

Mahiro: I also want tofu !Bookmark here

I laughed.Bookmark here

Mahiro: Alright here you go !Bookmark here

I she put her bowl up , as I put the tofu.Bookmark here

Sagiri: Thank you.Bookmark here

Mahiro: No problem.Bookmark here

I smiled at her !Bookmark here

Mahiro: Hey what are you guys going to do for new years ?Bookmark here

Tomoka: we're all busy on the morning , but we want to go make wishes on a ema later on !Bookmark here

Ai: Yeah but sagiri wants to go write one early in the morning , why don't you go with her !Bookmark here

Sagiri: Hey you guys !Bookmark here

Mahiro: I don't mind.Bookmark here

Ai: Than its settled mahiro onii-chan will go with you !Bookmark here

Miyu: isn't that great sagiri ? Bookmark here

She smiled at her.Bookmark here

We all ate and talked , till it was time for them to go home.Bookmark here

New years day , it was finally here !Bookmark here

I woke up at 5:30AM to get ready to meet sagiri to take her.Bookmark here

Mahiro: Morning sagiri are you ready ?Bookmark here

Sagiri: yes , good morning !Bookmark here

She smiled while blushing.Bookmark here

She was wearing a kimono !Bookmark here

Mahiro: Your kimono look it looks cute on you !Bookmark here

Sagiri immediately blushes !Bookmark here

Sagiri: Thank you...Bookmark here

I laughed .Bookmark here

Mahiro: let's get going okay ?Bookmark here

Sagiri: Yeah.Bookmark here

We talked about the new school terms and the things we should do before school starts again , as we walked to the shrine.Bookmark here

Mahiro: Hm.....Bookmark here

Sagiri: What's wrong ?Bookmark here

Mahiro: I'm just thinking of what to write , what are you gonna write ?Bookmark here

Sagiri opened her eyes and blushed , looking away holding the ema near her mouth !Bookmark here

Sagiri: it's a secret !Bookmark here

I looked at her realizing what to write.Bookmark here

We hanged the ema's up and walkedBookmark here

Home.Bookmark here

Sagiri: Hey are you going with your friends later ?Bookmark here

Mahiro: We actually went last night , we all went to make wishes too , and to have fun togheter.Bookmark here

Sagiri: I see !Bookmark here

Mahiro: But I'm glad I got to go with you just now , let's have fun again this year !Bookmark here

Sagiri blushed and smiled !Bookmark here

Sagiri : yeah !Bookmark here

And a few years passed I'm now a second year in high school , I'm also 16 years old now and you were now 11 !Bookmark here

It was also this year where it all began , I would've never imagined all the events that will happen the the things I would discover , who would have thought one love confession would bring so much random events but thinking back it was almost like something out of a story !Bookmark here

But I guess it is , this is our story right sagiri !Bookmark here

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