Chapter 1:

Areth Wants War

Areth Wants to Come Home

The sky is filled with dark smoke from the sea of flames consuming the houses, trees, even the people. Within the fire a little girl is trembling on the ground her brown hair and blue dress are covered in burn marks. Barely breathing she looks up with teary eyes sees a woman wearing a weaponize armor suit flying above her. Her red eyes and pink hair glare down at the fire, she points a big canon down to the ground right where the little girl is. Preparing to fire, a man with glowing white hair flies between them, they both yell at each other the little girl can’t hear what their talking about. They start to fight each other their clash sends shock waves across the sky during their fight a stray shot heads for the little girl, the man teleports in front of her. The light is so bright that everything goes white.

The bright sun shining down on the ocean, the sounds of the water hitting the warm sand a teenage girl brown hair, yellow eyes wearing a small white scarf, dark green jacket, light blue shirt, black pants, and brown boots is standing on the beach staring up at the sky. She reaches up to grab the sun then smiles big. On a cliff over the ocean an academy where students learn to becomes pilots, engineers, many other opportunities given at the academy. In the main hanger by the launch bay a student engineer in blue coveralls he’s black hair and green eyes are covered in dirt. Him and many other engineers are working on armor suits and their weapons, another student wearing a long black jacket, brown shirt, black glasses, dark blue pants, brown shoes, blue eyes, and purple hair walks over to the student laying down on a wooden board underneath a yellow armor suit. He lightly kicks the student’s black boot, he comes out from under the suit.

“Huh? Alf your back. When did you return?”

“Just this morning, plane landed early.” Alf

“Still repairing Ginia’s suit? She sure did a number on it. She needs to be more careful with it.” Alf

“No, no Alf I’m just doing some finishing touches on it.”

“Always doing an excellent job, Iven. I can always leave my suit with you.” Alf

“Thanks Alf.” Iven

“By the way have you seen Ginia or Diaz?” Alf

“I couldn’t find either one to say hello.” Alf

“Diaz was here an hour ago, Ginia hasn’t shown up yet.” Iven

“Guess I’ll go find Diaz knowing Ginia she probably overslept or dozed off looking up at the sky.” Alf

“She really loves the sky, doesn’t she.” Iven

“She rather be up there than down here on the ground.” Alf

“See you later, Iven.” Alf

“See ya.” Iven

The intercom over the hanger turns on.

“Alf and Iven report to the headmaster Earl’s office.”

“I repeat Alf and Iven report to the headmaster Earl’s office.”

They’re both confused, but head for the headmaster’s office, walking inside Diaz is already waiting for them.

“Diaz.” Iven

“This is where you were.” Alf

“Alf welcome back.” Diaz

She hugs Alf

“Thanks Diaz.” Alf

“Headmaster good to see your still growing old.” Alf

“Haven’t lost your charming touch, Alf.” Headmaster Earl

“Headmaster, is there a reason why you called us here?” Iven

“Yes, but where is Ginia? Is she not with you?” Headmaster

“Sorry sir, but…” Iven

“We honestly don’t know where she is.” Iven, Alf, and Diaz

Ginia is running on the sidewalk by the beach sand.

“Man, I’m so late. Headmaster is going to have my head!” Ginia

“Thankfully Alf hasn’t returned yet.” Ginia

Making her way to the academy she spots a boy around her age standing by the ocean with a dazed look, his white shoes by him. He takes a few steps into the water, surprised she runs towards him.

“Stop! Don’t do it!” Ginia

She tips on the sand and pushes him into the eater. Ginia bows and apologies multiple times to him.

“I’m so sorry! Please forgive me!” Ginia

He rings out his red shirt then brushes back his blue hair and dust off the sand on his gray pants.

“Will you stop saying that. I heard you the first ten times.”

“So sorry. So sorry. So sorry. So sorry.” Ginia

“More than that why did you push me into the water?”

“Oh! Well, you see, I thought that you were…” Ginia

“You thought I was.”

Ginia looks away, standing back up he helps her up.

“How stupid. I was just taking a drip in the water.”

“Well, how about a change of clothes?” Ginia


“The place I work at has clothes there so you don’t have to wear those wet clothes.” Ginia

“That’s alright, I don’t need…”

Ginia stares at him with puppy dog eyes, big and wide.

“Fine, fine. Just stop staring at me.”

“Really? Yeah!” Ginia

Walking a few more miles down the beach there’s a big wooden house on the beach the sign says Hutside BeacH, inside are snacks, tourist items, some games, and a rental shop; surf boards, jet skis, and other beach supplies.

“Jason! Are you here?” Ginia

Jason comes out from the back.

“Ginia your early for your shift.” Jason

“Jason is the owner of this place. It’s nice sense it’s by water.” Ginia

He sees her and the boy who is soaking wet.

“I’ll go get some new dry clothes. I hoped you said your sorry for getting this poor kid wet.” Jason

Ginia lowers her head. Jason gives the boy the clothes he goes to change.

“Seriously what’s the story? What did you do?” Jason

“I don’t know where to start.” Ginia

He comes out of the changing room in a white button shirt, blue pants, and black shoes.

“Looks good on you.” Jason

“Yeah, you look great in them.” Ginia

His white eyes looks at the clothes that he is wearing.

“How much?”

Huh?” Jason and Ginia

“How much for the clothes?”

Don’t worry about it since Ginia ruined your clothes she’ll pay for them.” Jason

“Yeah… wait what?” Ginia

“Come on Jason, how am I going to pay for them?” Ginia

“With your next paycheck.” Jason

“What! Please Jason at least give me a discount.” Ginia

As Jason and Ginia argue he looks down with a sad look.

‘Is it really okay for me to?’

“I’ll…accept this. Thank you.”

“That settles it.” Jason

“Eh! Not you too!” Ginia

The boy smiles a bit.

“Hey, I never did ask for your name. What is your name?” Ginia

“It’s Kia.” Kia

“Kia, huh. It’s nice to meet you Kia.” Jason

“How long have you lived here in this city, Kia?” Ginia

“Hmm… I don’t know.” Kia

“What do you mean?” Ginia

“I don’t remember anything about my past or about myself.” Kia

“Really? Wow, I never would have guessed.” Ginia

“Is it amnesia?” Jason

“Don’t know. Sometimes memories come back, but disappears the next day.” Kia

It goes silent, no one speaks a word then a phone rings. Ginia pulls out her phone as she answers.

“Hello…” Ginia

“Idiot! Where are you? I’ve been calling you for two hours!” Alf

“Alf? When did you get back?” Ginia

“Get here in ten minutes, got it.” Alf

Ginia turns pale, panicking; she runs as fast as she can leaving Jason and Kia alone.

“If you're not doing anything, would you mind helping out here at the shop?” Jason

“Sure.” Kia

Ginia almost makes it to the academy in ten minutes, dashing through the hallways right up to the headmaster’s office. She swings open the door.

“Sorry, I’m so late!” Ginia

Alf grabs her head and squeezes very hard.

“You finally got here, Ginia.” Alf

“Yes….” Ginia

“Alf your squeezing too hard.” Ginia

“Oh, am I.” Alf

He squeezes harder.

“I’m very sorry, please forgive me.” Ginia

She grows even more pale.

“Calm down, Alf. We still need to learn more about our mission.” Diaz

“Fine.” Alf

He lets Ginia go, she falls to the ground.

“Don’t think your off the hook Ginia.” Alf

“Yes, sir. Thank you Diaz.” Ginia

“Now that you feel better Alf, let’s continue with our conversation.” Headmaster Earl

“Alright.” Alf

Ginia remains on the floor while everyone else continues to talk.

“The mission that I am assigning to you is to protect and escort a young noble girl around the city and through her trip here on Earth.” Headmaster Earl

“What do you mean on earth? Is she not from Earth?” Iven

“She’s from Areth, right.” Diaz

“Correct. On her own request she wishes to talk to the leaders to bring this war to an end.” Headmaster Earl

“Not the first time someone wanted to stop this war.” Alf

“She says she’s the daughter of the Safire family.” Headmaster Earl

Ginia gets to her feet wobbling a bit.

“Safire family? The ones who are leading Areth?” Iven

“Yes, this may be the key to stopping this war or starting a whole new one.” Headmaster Earl

“When does she get here?” Diaz

“She should be landing at our base in five minutes.” Headmaster Earl

A small spaceship that looks like an airplane flying over the ocean. A young girl with long blonde hair and black eyes stares out the window wearing a pretty pink dress and a small jacket, light pink gloves, crystal earrings, red high heel shoes, and a white closed lily in her hair.

“My lady, we’ll be landing soon.”

“Okay, thank you Lantz.”

Her guard is wearing a brown leather jacket, white shirt, black tie, dark brown pants, black shoes, and carrying a small gun on his waist.

“When we land we should be greeted by our escorts.” Lantz

“I wonder what they’ll be like? What are they wearing?”

“Will they accept us since we’re from Areth?”

“I don’t know about that Ms. Nadia, but I will do my best to protect you.” Lantz

“Thanks Lantz, but I’ve told you not to call me Ms.” Nadia

“Sorry, my lady.” Lantz

“Just Nadia, is fine.” Lantz

“Alright, Nadia.” Lantz

The spaceship prepares to land on the base Alf and his team are waiting for them. Landing safely the door opens, lowering down to become stairs Nadia is the first one off followed by Lantz.

Headmaster, why just a small team to protect this girl? Why not a bigger escort or a more experienced one?’ Alf

Someone will try to stop these negotiations from happening. A small team like yours are more moveable then others and who knows who may have a grudge against Areth.’ Headmaster Earl

Wanting to make this trip of her’s fail is not an option, understand Alf.’ Headmaster Earl

Nadia and Lantz walk up to them then bows their heads.

“ Hello my name is Nadia Safire. This is my guard Lantz, we are in your care.” Nadia

“My name is Alf, this is my team we will be protecting you and your guard from now on.” Alf

“Thank you.” Nadia

“Please right this way.” Alf

They walk to the entrance of the base where a car is waiting for them.

“Me and Iven still have some work to do, so Ginia and Diaz will be accompanying you.” Alf

“Sorry, but I have something to do too.” Diaz

“Then Ginia you’ll be guarding her alone til Diaz can join you.” Alf

“Yes, sir.” Ginia

Nadia, Lantz, and Ginia get in the car then it drives off.

“Diaz find out if she was followed.” Alf

“Yes, sir.” Diaz

“What about that something you had to do?” Iven

“I don’t know what you're talking about.” Diaz

She chuckles then walks away.

“Guess I’ll go finish my touch ups.” Iven

“What about you, Alf.” Iven

“I want to look something up then I’ll follow behind them.” Alf

“You mean spy on them.” Iven

“You make it sound so wrong.” Alf

Driving through the streets Nadia looks at everything passing by.

“Is there a place you want to visit, hmm.” Ginia

“You can call me Nadia, Ms. Ginia.” Nadia

“Ginia is fine. May I can you Lantz?” Ginia

“Yes, Ginia.” Lantz

“As for where to go…” Lantz

“Ocean! I want to see the ocean!” Nadia

“Okay, I know the best spot.” Ginia

The car pulls over as they get out of the car the ocean is shining bright with the sun above it. Both Nadia and Lantz are amazed by the view; they can’t take their eyes off it.

“What do you think?” Ginia

“It’s more beautiful than I ever imagined.” Nadia

“Yeah.” Lantz

“Why not get a closer look?” Ginia

“Really?” Lantz

Nadia runs ahead of them.

“Wait for me, my lady.” Lantz

He runs after he Ginia smiles making her way to them. Nadia takes off her shoes, splashes in the water, Lantz gets down on one knee, cups his hands together, and scopes up some of the water. Nadia splashes Lantz, laughing he tries to splash her back. Ginia sits on the beach watching them play in the ocean happy to see them having a good time. Back at the academy Diaz walks into the control room with lots of people on computers with a big screen in front of them.

“Diaz, what can we do for you?”

“I want to see if our guest was followed by anyone or happens to have an uninvited visitor aboard her ship.” Diaz

“Right away.”

They all scan the area around Nadia’s ship as well as the route she took to get here. Diaz’s phone rings.

“Hello.” Diaz

“Find anything?” Alf

“Not yet, I took a look through her ship. Found nothing suspicious, about to see if anyone from Areth followed her.” Diaz

“What about you? Anything on Nadia or her guard?” Diaz

“She was born and raised on Areth as for her guard he came from Earth then traveled to Areth. Don’t know how he got off Earth without being notice. He’s family has killed during the war twenty years ago says he blamed the army for their deaths.” Alf

“Did Nadia come here to make peace or to kill more people?” Diaz

“No clue, lets keep an eye on her just in case.” Alf

“Right.” Diaz

“Also don’t…” Alf

“Don’t tell Ginia, right.” Diaz

“Right, I’ll inform Iven later.” Alf

“Okay, bye.” Diaz

She hangs up.

Up on the screen shows the Earth and the surrounding areas. The sun starts to set Nadia and Lantz collapse on the beach.

“You two finally had your fill?” Ginia

“Yes, it was so much fun.” Nadia

They hear a growl coming from Lantz’s stomach.

“So hungry.” Lantz

Nadia and Ginia chuckle, Ginia helps Nadia up.

“There's a place near here with really good food. Let’s go there.” Ginia

“Okay.” Nadia

“Yeah.” Lantz

He jumps to his feet. They arrive at the Hutside BeacH is busy for it being so late in the afternoon.

“I’ve never seen it this busy before, wonder what happened?” Ginia

“Ah! Ginia, been a while.”

“Arika, you’re working today?” Ginia

She is wearing a white shirt, blue skirt, black shoes, and a black tie.

“Jason called and said that you were running late again.” Arika

“Excuse me.”

“Yes, be right there.” Arika

“You work here, Ginia?” Nadia

“Sometimes to earn a little more money.” Ginia

“Hey Jason! Jason!” Ginia

“Stop yelling, your disrupting the customer!” Jason

“Sorry.” Ginia

‘Yet he is yelling as well.’ Lantz

“If you're sorry, hurry up, change, get out here and help!” Jason

“Yes. You two go find a seat. I'll be there soon.” Ginia

Ginia runs to the back to change Nadia and Lantz takes a seat by the wooden rail with a view of the sea.

“The ocean is pretty even from far away with the sun setting on it.” Nadia

“It’s much more beautiful than the one back home.” Lantz

“I hope everyone back home can see the same view one day.” Nadia

“Yes, one day.” Lantz

He looks at the menu

“There’s lots to pick from Nadia, have a look.” Lantz

She picks up the menu.

“Sorry for the wait, can I get you something to drink or to start with?” Kia

“Water is fine.” Lantz

“I would like…” Nadia

Nadia looks up her eyes grow pale. She suddenly stands up out of her chair.

“What’s wrong?” Lantz

“Are you alright?” Kia

Nadia tries to speak, but no words leave her mouth. Ginia finishes changing, she sees Nadia trembling, she goes over to them.

“You okay Nadia?” Ginia

“Ginia.” Kia

“Kia, are you helping out?” Ginia

“Yes, Jason, ask me when you left.” Kia

“Oh! Sounds like him.” Ginia

“Ginia, do you know him?” Nadia

“Y-yes, kinda, we met today on the beach.” Ginia

“She ruined my clothes so she brought me here to get new ones” Kia

“You didn’t have to add that part.” Ginia

“Oh really? It’s true, isn’t.” Kia

“Well, yeah…but..” Ginia

“Excuse me, but are you..” Nadia

“Kia, can you take table 4?” Jason

“Yes! Arika can you take table 6 for me?” Kia

“Yes!” Arika

Kia runs off to take care of table 4 Nadia calms down after Kia leaves.

“How about some food?” Ginia

“Yes, let’s see.” Lantz

“I recommend this here. This is also good.” Ginia

“Ginia, you're drooling.” Lantz

“Sorry, everything looks so good.” Ginia

Nadia watches Kia.

‘No doubt. He has to be.’ Nadia

The sky turns dark, stars and moon appear in the sky and on the sea. Jason closes up, Nadia and Lantz wait outside.

“Thanks for your hard work Kia, Arika.” Jason

“Thank you.” Kia and Arika

“What about me, Jason?” Ginia

“See you tomorrow Arika.” Jason

“See you tomorrow.” Arika

“Don’t ignore me!” Ginia

“Good night Arika.” Kia

She walks away.

“Do you need a ride, Kia?” Jason

“Actually..” Kia

“Wait.” Nadia

Nadia and Lantz walk up to them, they seem really serious.

“I wish to talk to you.” Nadia

“Me?” Kia

“Then I’ll be going. See you tomorrow Kia.” Jason

“Yes, see ya.” Kia

“So what did you want to talk about?” Kia

“Let’s go somewhere else.” Nadia

“Ginia.” Nadia

“Huh?” Ginia

They're all sitting in Ginia’s apartment at a small table in the living room Ginia makes some tea then serves it to them.

“Thank you, Ginia. Sorry for the trouble.” Kia

“No, no it was just as a surprised to me as it was to you.” Ginia

‘I wonder why Nadia wanted to talk to Kia? And why it had to be in my apartment?’ Ginia

“I apologize for bringing you here all of a sudden.” Nadia

“I to apologize.” Lantz

“I don’t know why she wants to talk to you.” Lantz

“I’m to am curious.” Kia

“Me too.” Ginia

“Kia, are you from Areth?” Nadia

“Huh?” Kia

“Huh?” Ginia

“What did you say?” Ginia

“Are you or not?” Nadia

“Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t know.” Kia

“You don’t know?” Lantz

“Kia has amnesia.” Ginia

“Really?” Nadia

“Yes, except for my name, everything else is a blur.” Kia

“Nadia, why do you think Kia is from Areth?” Ginia

“I don’t think I just know. I can feel a connection with Kia.” Nadia

“A connection?” Kia

“Yes, a connection that connects us to our god and to all who are born and raise in Areth?” Nadia

“Your god?” Ginia

“Lord Karinana the god of machines and lightning. He help create our home Areth. After the chaos that took place out lord went to sleep and was never seen again.” Lantz

“Oh! I didn’t know Areth had a god.” Ginia

“I thought the people of Areth made their home.” Ginia

“Is the reason you came here is for your god?” Ginia

“Yes, I want to end this war and bring our god home.” Nadia

Kia smiles.

“You really like your lord.” Kia

“Yeah, I actually got to meet him.” Nadia

“Wow! Really?!” Ginia

“I got lost when I was little walking through the forest.” Nadia

“Oh.” Ginia

‘They have a forest?’ Kia

“I found a shrine that was abandoned, I visited everyday. I didn’t realize how late it was so I stayed there until someone came for me.” Nadia

“You must’ve been scared.” Ginia

“It was, it started to get really cold. I tried to keep warm by huddling up, but I was getting sleepy.” Nadia

“As I was passing out I saw someone standing in front of me with glowing white hair. I tried to reach out my hand to them, but my eyes closed.” Nadia

“We found her by the door of her family’s house, sleeping soundly.” Lantz

“The last thing I felt was a warm touch carrying me back home. I just know it was lord Karinana who saved me.” Nadia

Sniff “He sounds like..” Sniff “A great god.” Ginia

“Right, that’s why I want to bring him back home like he did for me.” Nadia

“I truly hope your wish comes true. I may not remember where I came from or who I am, but I know your god is happy to know you care a lot about him.” Kia

“Thanks, Kia for your kind words.” Nadia

“No, thank you.” Kia

“Huh? Why?” Nadia

“I don’t believe I come from Areth or maybe even earth for now I wish to live my life where I am and maybe some day my memories will come back.” Kia

“I would like to tell you about my home, is that okay?” Kia

“I would love that. And some day I would like to show you Areth.” Nadia

“I’ll even give you the grand tour.” Nadia

“Sounds amazing, I look forward to it.” Kia

“Ginia, Lantz, you will join us, right?” Nadia

“Of course!” Ginia

“It would be an honor.” Lantz

Kia looks up at the clock it’s past 9 pm.

“I should be getting home.” Kia

Kia stands up.

“You can stay if you want.” Ginia

“No, it’s fine Jason asked me to come in early tomorrow to help out.” Kia

“So you’re getting used to the job already.” Ginia

Ginia stands up.

“I can at least walk you to the door.” Ginia

“Thanks, you have a good night Nadia, Lantz.” Kia

“Yes, good night.” Nadia

“Night.” Lantz

Ginia walks Kia to the door, waves goodbye as he heads for home.

“Are you sure you didn’t want to ask anything else?” Lantz

Nadia shakes her head.

“If he doesn’t remember we shouldn’t push him too much.” Nadia

“Memories can be painful when remembering something you shouldn’t, right.” Lantz

Ginia walks back into the room.

“Why don’t you two stay here tonight? Your hotel is quite far from here.” Ginia

“Is that alright?” Nadia

“Yeah, it’s more fun with more people.” Ginia

“Then we would love to stay.” Nadia

“Great, I’ll start making dinner.” Ginia

“I’ll help.” Lantz

“Really? Thank you.” Ginia

Happily watching Lantz and Ginia she thinks about Areth’s god, hoping her hard work will pay off. Walking home Kia quietly stares up at the night sky.

‘Is it true that I’m from Areth?’ Kia

Then looks down at the street and the houses passing by.

‘Or do I come from Earth?’ Kia

“All I remember is standing by the water asking myself, who am I?” Kia

Kia chuckles a bit.

“Maybe it’s best I don’t remember. Though I would like to see Areth with Nadia and the others.” Kia

“I wonder what Areth is like?” Kia

Up in space a giant spaceship as big as a whale heading towards earth, standing by a window up towards the top two men in white military suits, black trimming with two stars on each shoulder; one with brown hair and blue eyes, the other with blonde hair and green eyes Atreus down at earth.

“We’re finally here.” Man 2

“Ready the pilots for landing.” Man 1

“Yes, sir.” Man 2

The order is broadcast to the whole ship, the hangers and to all hallways. A soldier knocks on a door, it slides open.

“Lieutenant Commander Fania, your suit is ready and waiting for you.” Soldier 1

A woman with pink hair finishes putting on her dark purple suit, she turns around looking at him with her red eyes.

“Alright, tell the others to get to the hanger immediately.” Fania

“Yes!” Soldier 1

Fania heads for the hanger, all the soldiers are suited up, ready, and waiting. Fania puts on her armored suit. The spaceship begins it’s descent to earth.

“Remember our mission is to capture lady Nadia alive! If she refuses take her by force, understand!” Fania

“Yes, sir!” All Arethian soldiers 

The next day on the beach Jason readies to open shop Kia and Arika meet up on top of the stairs, walking down they see Jason ready to work. Kia notices the sky turning dark; Ginia, Nadia, and Lantz are eating breakfast together Nadia sees the clouds turning dark. Headmaster Earl sitting at his desk sees the weather changing dramatically.

“I don’t like this, Chloe contact Diaz and get everyone ready to fight something is coming.” Headmaster Earl

“Yes, sir.” Chloe

A siren goes off all around the academy, everyone hurries to their stations. Iven gets Ginia’s, Diaz’s, and Alf’s suits ready. Diaz hears the siren going off as she gets a call from Alf.

“Alf! What’s going on?” Diaz

“Don’t know, just get to the hanger as fast as you can.” Alf

“Got it.” Diaz

Another sirening goes off in the control room.

“What happened?” Diaz

“An unidentified spacecraft is trying to enter our atmosphere.”

“What?!” Diaz

“Diaz? Diaz? What’s going on?” Alf

“Looks like we got trouble, something is coming.” Diaz

“Order the evacuation of all citizens to the safe zone, now!” Diaz

Diaz hangs up, she runs out heading for the hanger. Alf walks out of a room trying to call Ginia. Ginia, Nadia, and Lantz walk into the academy hearing the siren Ginia’s feels her phone ringing.

“Hello.” Ginia

“Ginia! Where are you?” Alf

“We just walk into the academy. Why is the siren going off?” Ginia

“There’s an emergency to get to the hanger bay right now!” Alf

“Yes.” Ginia

Ginia hangs up

“What’s going on, Ginia?” Nadia

“I don’t know, but you guys should go to Headmaster Earl’s office.” Ginia

“Is it that bad?” Nadia

“Don’t worry we’ll take care of it. You two just get somewhere safe.” Ginia

“Alright, we’ll head there right away.” Lantz

Ginia nods then runs off Lantz leads Nadia to the headmaster’s office. The sky starts to roar Jason looks up.

“Looks like a nasty storm is coming.” Jason

“Hey guys let’s close up til the storm passes.” Jason

“Okay.” Kia and Arika

Lightning crashes down, the people on the beach scream.

“Hey! It’s too dangerous here, get out of here!”Jason

They all ran for the streets or their cars, Jason sees some people to scared to move.

“Kia, Arika! We need to help these people!” Jason

“Right!” Kia and Arika

The three of them split off, warning as many people as they could to leave the beach. Ginia gets to the hanger Alf and Diaz finish putting on their armored suit Iven helps Ginia get her’s on. They all walk out onto the platform the storm keeps getting worse then it suddenly stops. Their all on edge, Diaz spots something up in the sky.

“Alf, look up!” Diaz

They all look up a giant spaceship is breaking the sky apart. The doors to the ship’s hanger opens.

“Shields up!” Fania

A force field is put up around all the soldiers and Fania, they detach then fly down to earth. Alf sees people coming out of the ship.

“Ready the shield and the canons.” Alf

A force field lights up around the academy, three large canons are brought up to the platform. Fania sees the canons preparing to fire.

“Half of you go to the city! The rest of you are with me!” Fania

“Yes, sir!” All Arethian soldiers

Alf receives a call from the control room.

“The enemy is splitting up and heading to the city.” Control room

“Got it.” Alf

“Ginia, their heading for the city take some men and protect the citizens til they evacuate everyone.” Alf

“Right away.” Ginia

“Let’s go!” Ginia


Ginia flies off with a few other pilots, Fania tires to shoot at them.

“Fire!” Alf

The canons open fire it takes down some of them, but their shields are strong, the shield around the ship is even stronger.

“Aim for the pilots, we’ll deal with the ship until the evacuate is complete.” Alf

Fania quickly flies towards them Alf takes out a laser sword ready to fight Fania. Jason, Kia, and Arika are almost finish getting people off the beach when Arika sees someone coming.

“Jason.” Arika

Jason looks and sees them too.

“Run! Run!” Jason

The soldiers start to fire at the citizens.

“Arika, get down!” Kia

He pushes her down to the ground dodging the lasers, Jason runs back to them.

“You guys alright?” Jason

“Yead, you okay Arika?” Kia

“Yes, thank you.” Arika

Kia and Arika get to their feet making it to Jason’s car. Hurrying inside the car Jason hits the gas trying to get away. Kia looks up at the broken sky and the soldiers attacking the city, he grabs his chest.

‘What is this feeling? Why does it hurt so much?’ Kia

While the city is under attack Nadia, Lantz, and Headmaster Earl are watching from his office.

“This is awful.” Nadia

“Why are they here? We never told anyone about us coming here?” Lantz

“Is this my fault?” Nadia

“My lady.” Lantz

“Don’t blame yourself. They would have come if you were here or not?” Headmaster Earl

“I have to stop them.” Nadia

She tries to run out the door, Lantz stops her.

“Please let me go Lantz! I can’t let them kill those people!” Nadia

“My lady, please calm down.” Lantz

“But Lantz.” Nadia

“They might be here to take you back or possibly to kill you.” Headmaster earl

“K-Kill me?” Nadia

“They wouldn’t dare she is the heir to the Safire family.” Lantz

“If they make it look like we’re responsible for her death then they would gladly go to war with us. There’s no way out of this without bloodshed.” Headmaster Earl

“Sorry, that’s the fact of this situation.” Headmaster Earl

Nadia goes silent, Lantz tries to comfort her. Ginia and the other soldiers fly as fast as they can to the city, more explosions happen all around the city. Ginia gets more angry, tightening her fist. Jason, Arik, and Kia are driving to the city’s edge where the safe zone is, Arika looks to the side mirror, one of those people is right behind them.

“Jason their right behind us. One must have followed us.” Arika

Jason and Kia looks to see.

“Shit.” Jason

He tries to go faster, the soldier is going to fire at them.

“Jason he’s going to fire!” Kia

The soldier fires Jason moves right to left avoiding the bullets.

“Jason, watch out!” Arika

Jason sees the debris laying in the road, he tries to dodge it. It hits the side of the car swerving side to side it flips on its side. The soldier lands away from the car, Jason slowly crawls out of the car.

“Kia, Arika, are you guys okay?” Jason

“Yes, but Kia is knock out. I can’t move there’s too much broken glass.” Arika

Jason gets over to them he uses his apron to cover the broken glass. Arika moves across the apron Jason pulls out Kia Arika helps him. The soldier points his gun at them.

“Hold it! Don’t move!” Arethian soldier 1

Jason gives Kia to Arika; he puts himself in front of them.

“What do you want?” Jason

“Why are you attacking us?” Jason

“Shut up! Answer me!” Arethian soldier 1

“Tell me where Lady Nadia is?” Arethian soldier 1

“I don’t know who that is?” Jason

He shoots a bullet pass Jason’s ear.

“Jason!” Arika

“Shut up, girl!” Arethian soldier 1

Arika holds Kia close with tears in her eyes.

“Leave them alone.” Jason

“We really don’t know who this Nadia is.” Jason

“We never seen or met her.” Jason

The soldier tires to fire again, Ginia falls down from the sky screaming she waves her laser sword at him.

“Ginia!” Jason

“Hey, you guys go protect the citizens! I got this!” Ginia

“Yes, sir!” All pilots

“Ginia!” Arika

“Hurry get out of here!” Ginia

When they try to leave the soldier shoots at them; Arika screams.

“Hey! Let them go! They have nothing to do with this!” Ginia

“Not until I get what I want.” Arethian soldier 1

“And what is that?” Ginia

“Where is Lady Nadia?” Arethian soldier 1

“Nadia? What do you want with her?” Ginia

“So you know her. Where is she?” Arethian soldier 1

“Sorry, but she is a special guest. I can’t give her up to a stranger like you.” Ginia

“Is that so?” Arethian soldier 1

He opens fire Ginia blocks the bullets with her sword to protect Jason and the others. Out of bullets he tries to reload Ginia rushes towards him he pulls out a knife to block her blade, but she cuts it in half. He pulls out a small gun and shoots her in the stomach, Ginia groans then he kicks her.

“Ginia!” Jason and Arika

Her suit protected her from the bullets she tries to get up, but he points his gun to her head.

“Where is Lady Nadia?” Arethian soldier 1

“I’ll never tell you.” Ginia

“Fine.” Soldier 1

He pulls out a grenade then looks at Jason, Arika, and Kia.

“If you don’t tell me I’ll throw this at them.” Soldier 1

“You crowd.” Ginia

“What will it be?” Soldier 1

“Even if I did, you would still kill them, wouldn’t you?” Ginia

“I won’t tell you nor will I let you kill them!” Ginia

“Have it your way.” Arethian soldier 1

He removes the pin, throws it, and fires his gun. Ginia hits his hand making him miss, she tries to grab the grenade, but he grabs her hair missing the chance to grab it. Jason holds Arika and Kia in his arms, Ginia grabs the soldier’s arm, flips him over her head, and looks as the grenade goes off.

“Jaosn! Everyone!” Ginia

Filled with shock and despair Ginia can’t believe what happened.

“You should have told me, if you did they maybe would have lived.” Arethian soldier 1

Ginia holds a gun to his head.

“Then you can apologize in the afterlife.” Ginia

The soldier grins, but they hear a small spark coming from the smoke. They both look up as the smoke disperse Jason, Arika, and Kia are okay.

“You're alright!” Ginia

“Not could..” Arethian soldier 1

Jason coughs from the smoke, opens his eyes to see that they are alive.

“What happened?” Jason

“Jason.” Arika

“Arika, you okay?” Jason

“Yes, I’m fine.” Arika

“Goo, how is Kia?” Jason

He looks at Kia with a surprised look, Arika looks too, his hair is glowing.

“What’s going on?” Jason

Arika tries to touch Kia’s hair, but it shocks her.

“Ouch!” Arika

“What’s wrong?” Jason

“His hair is electric.” Arika

The soldier pushes Ginia away, he tries to shoot them again, Ginia gets to her feet then cuts him in the back with her blade. He falls to the ground bleeding out; Ginia runs to them.

“Jason, Arika!” Ginia

“Ginia.” Jason

“I’m glad you’re alright. What’s going on with Kia?” Ginia

“We don’t know after the smoke lifted he just started glowing.” Arika

“For now let’s get you guys to safety first.” Ginia

“Okay.” Jason and Arika

Ginia helps Arika up as Jason lifts Kia over his shoulder, out of the corner of his eye his face goes pale.

“Ginia.” Jason

“What is it, Jason?” Ginia

He points behind her and Ginia turns around, more Arethian soldiers appear ready to fire on them and the other citizens still in the area. Ginia transforms her right arm into a cannon, she points it at them. Ginia tires to aim, but there’s too many.

“It’s no good I can’t get them all. My cannon is too small if only I had a bigger one I could get them all.” Ginia

Kia’s hair glows brighter and the electric grows stronger.

“What?!” Arika

“What the heck?” Jason

Ginia looks over at them, the lightning spreads all over the debris, it starts to come together melding into one.

“What is that?” Ginia

It flies towards Ginia.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” Ginia

She closes her eyes after a few seconds she opens them feeling a spark coming from her right arm. Ginia sees a bigger cannon flowing with lightning.

“What is this? A new weapon?” Ginia

Both Jason and Arika are shocked as Kia’s hair stops glowing.

“I have no idea what happened, but I’ll gladly take it.” Ginia

She readies to fire.

“And send them all flying!” Ginia